Beyond Pink Slime: More Disgusting Food-Chemical Combos

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McDonald’s acknowledged earlier today that’s it’s out of the pink slime game: It says it stopped last August using ammonia hydroxide to convert otherwise inedible scrap meat into for-sale burgers.
A quick ammonia hydroxide profile: it’s used in household cleaners, fertilizers and homemade bombs and has similar chemical properties as the urea found in human urine.
So add the ammonia hydroxide, mix it with the scrap meat, forming a pink slime, then flavor and color and, yes ma’am, you get a quarter-pounder. (At least till last August.)

Now, courtesy of the International Business Times, more disgusting food-chemical combos:

Ammonium sulfate: Similar in chemical composition to the wash for meat trimmings, this substance is used as a dough enhancer in some commercial bakers. The chemical feeds dough-rising yeast and makes a more consistent bread.

Propylene glycol: This chemical is very similar to ethylene glycol – dangerous anti-freeze. This less-toxic iteration prevents products from becoming too solid. Low-free ice cream has the ingredient; otherwise you’d be eating ice.

Carmine: Commonly found in red food coloring, this chemical comes from crushed cochineal, small red beetles that burrow into cacti. Husks of the beetle are ground up and forms the basis for red coloring found in foods ranging from cranberry juice to M&Ms.

Titanium dioxide: This whitening agent is used in sun screen, but is also added to skim milk that
is normally bluish in color. This chemical doesn’t have to be listed as an ingredient, so you may not know if you’re drinking it or not.
Shellac: Yes, this chemical used to finish wood products also gives some candies their shiny sheen. Plus, it comes from the female Lac beetle.

L-cycsteine: This common dough enhancer comes from hair, feathers, hooves and bristles.

Lanolin (gum base): Next time you chew on gum, remember this. The goopiness of gum comes from lanolin, oils from sheep’s wool that is also used for vitamin D3 supplements.

Silicon dioxide: Nothing weird about eating sand, right? This anti-caking agent is found in many foods including shredded cheese and fast food chili.

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