Dealer Can’t Diagnose Lexus Engine Noise: Must Owner Reveal Problem In Private Sale?

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Some days The Bottom Line is mediator, counselor or one-man help desk. Today, TBL is resident ethicist.

Lester Baum of Ellington says he’s ready to sell a Lexus ES 350 he purchased new in 2007 from an area dealer but he’s concerned about a noise coming from the engine.

“At 60,000 miles,” he says, “I brought the car to [the dealer] for a transmission oil change. At that time I reported an unusual noise emanating from the engine. Their service man stated he could not hear the noise. The noise persisted and I returned the car for a second time. They still couldn’t hear it.”
So Baum brought it back a third time and left it for four days. “I asked them to drive it until they could hear the noise,” he says.
They never heard the noise.

His friends and family have heard it. A local mechanic heard it, too, but could not diagnose it.

Now Baum is left with a Lexus with 88,000 miles he wants to sell and this ethical quandary: “I would like to purchase a new car and am reluctant to do so without being honest about the problem with this car. I am completely frustrated and am seeking help from any and all.”

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One thought on “Dealer Can’t Diagnose Lexus Engine Noise: Must Owner Reveal Problem In Private Sale?

  1. Professor Poop

    Well sell it back to the dealer since he can’t hear the noise, he should offer you the standard low screwball price. You could also mention if selling privately that you thought you heard a noise but the dealership did extensive checks and no noise was found. have the dealer put it in writing and give it to the prospective new owner. i save all of my service calls and give them to the new owner of any car I might be selling.

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