‘Exploding’ Pyrex And Now An ‘Explosive’ Lawsuit By Glassware Maker

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Pyrex glassware. (MCT)

The maker of Pyrex glassware is apparently getting sensitive to criticism from consumers about its products “exploding” — it is suing the American Ceramic Society after what it called a “sensational” article in the groups monthly bulletin in September.
Here’s a report from Consumer Affairs.

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13 thoughts on “‘Exploding’ Pyrex And Now An ‘Explosive’ Lawsuit By Glassware Maker

  1. Joan Slaughter

    I used a Pyrex glass pan to bake my home made lasagna this Christmas, 2012. I pulled it out of the oven, a few minutes later I went to move it and it exploded in my hands. Luckily I didn’t get hurt , but it ruined our dinner and I was traumatized!!!

  2. Laura McKenzie

    On Christmas Day I had a Pyrex dish explode in my new gas oven after roughly three minutes at 375 degrees. The dish was filled lemon picatta chicken breasts with olive oil on the bottom of the pan to infuse the meat as well as meet the liquid requirement for cooking items that may leak juice while cooking. The pan was at room temperature and placed into the oven on the second rack roughly an hour after the other Pyrex dish; both dishes were purchased at a local Vons grocery store about an hour prior. After three minutes the dish with the chicken exploded sending the olive oil and class shards all over the other food dishes that was baking in the oven at the same time. Since I have a gas oven I saw what I thought was flames shooting out of the oven’s bottom while the fire alarm went off for roughly ten minutes. I turned off the oven and took pictures after we pulled the food items that were causing the oven to continue to smoke. It took me over 6 hours to clean the oven but there are large shards in areas of the oven that I cannot reach. I notified Vons and Whirlpool the maker pf the oven. Since it is not a defect of the oven, repairs are not covered under my warranty. Whirlpool located a repairman to open up the oven and clean out the shards of glass that remains and run a diagnostic on an oven that is less than two months old to ensure it works correctly. I closed on a house that was new construction and the building was completed on 24 October of 2012. This explosion concerns me since I may have a be oven tht is ruined and will be an out of pocket expense. Additionally, the repair visit is anticipated to run me roughly $130 to start. I told the grocer they need to pull the dishes and I am in the process of contacting Pyrex.

    1. shelby

      My Pyrex just exploded in my hands!! I took out $60 worth of Lobster Tails and before I got it to the counter it shattered in my hands. I wasn’t badly hurt but was cut from flying glass. It did however get glass all over and in my oven and damaged cabinets! I am very upset and tramatized!!

    2. chris

      I just had the baking dish explode on me!!!! I was cooking salmon at 300 and when it was done I took it out and put it on top of stove. I turn around to get plates and boom glass everywhere! I cut my hands cleaning up!!!! It was amazing I had to Google to see if it happened to anyone else. Wow I’m not the only one. I’ll never forget it!!!

  3. phil

    HELP, I had a measuring cup explode in my hand just after pulling it out of the microwave.. FREAKED ME OUT, burned my hand, had to go to the ER.. Anyone else out there thinking of a “LAWSUIT”, I sure as hell am..pm

  4. Courtney

    I was making baked tacos yesterday, the Pyrex casserole dish was sitting on top of the cook top which was warm on the oven preheating. I’m placing warm taco shells in the Pyrex with tongs and was lucky to be looking down (even though my face was a foot from the dish). I heard a pop then an explosion getting shards to the face. I only had a few pieces stuck between my brows and in my neck (small, and I wasn’t harmed). I was really lucky though thatnI didn’t get any in my eyes. There were shards all the way in my living room (8-10 feet away). It was violent! I’m really lucky that a ruined dinner and hours of cleaning was the worst that happened.

  5. Briana H

    I just had a Pyrex baking pan explode in my face. Just a few seconds ago!!!!! I was cooking butternut squash. Maybe the article wasn’t so sensational.

  6. J

    Like so many others that have posted incidents on here, I’m not surprised to experience what happened to me tonight. Cooking chicken breasts in the center rack at 400 degrees, my dish did literally explode in the oven after 45 minutes.
    There was glass everywhere in the stove and when I opened the door, pieces fell all over the floor creating another hazard. Pyrex can claim they didn’t change anything, but my family has used the product for decades and never anything like this.
    Makes you wonder why they have a two year warranty on a glass product! Their testing probably shows after a certain period, the glass becomes volatile. Last time I checked, glass doesn’t degrade at a certain period.
    I’m done using pyrex!

  7. Robin

    I too just had a 13×9 with portobello mushrooms in it literally explode in my hands right as I was taking it out of the oven. Using it to broil the mushrooms with the baking dish 8″ from the broiler. Pulled it out and had it about chest high as I turned away from the oven it exploded sending glass and everywhere. Luckily I was not hurt. Maybe they’re getting sensitive because it’s looking like it’s true. I pretty upset about this.

  8. Yvette Hoganson

    I had Pyrex 8×8 pan on my stove. I had baked a peanut butter and jelly dessert the night before. My dog nudged it off the stove and I thought a bomb went off. It literally exploded into a million pieces! It scared the hell out me! What’s going on? I’m scared to use it.

  9. Lisa Ahringer

    i was baking a chicken pot pie, peeked in the oven, closed the door…then bam…my anchor hocking glass wear exploded…thank God i had closed the door, and my face was not cut…now i find all this on anchor and pyrex….it should be taken off the market for good.

  10. Donna

    I made a big bowl of guacamole in my large Pyrex bowl and covered it with plastic wrap. I left it sitting at room temperature on the table and it just exploded! No temperature change at all. Guess we’re not having guacamole for the Super Bowl.

  11. Katrina

    I too just pulled dinner out of the oven and had my Pyrex explode. I was so traumatized that I started crying. It really is scary. Thank God I only have a cut on my thumb because the Pyrex was in my hand. The food was wasted due to shards of glass. This could have been much worse. Won’t be using these again.

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