Is Connecticut Sales Tax Really That Bad?

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The 6.35 percent state sales tax feels like a big hit every time we open our wallets, but it’s not that bad when you factor in additional local taxes residents in other states pay. Tennessee, for instance, has a 7 percent state tax and an average local tax of 2.44 percent — a staggering 9.44 percent rate that makes it the highest combo state-local taxes in the country.
Here’s a list compiled by the Tax Foundation that breaks down state/local taxes in every state.

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One thought on “Is Connecticut Sales Tax Really That Bad?

  1. Richard Slinnaire

    No. It’s not that bad… if you’re employed and receiving good wages. Unless you feel another job lay off coming from your wonderfully thoughtful employer or how about the new company that purchased your old company, their need for self satisfaction in cutting employees. Sort of like how Mr. Hunt paying his CT’s 6.35 % sales tax and another 4% in CT income tax for a total of 10.35 % in taxes. That’s perfectly fine with him… then there’s the GASOLINE tax Mr. Hunt fails to mention and the additional cost of living increases never mentioned by the liberal news media. What’s up with that?

    Contrary to what the liberal media thinks or believes… moderates are not on their side. Moderates are hoping the GOP will change their ways by truly standing up for the working class, not by false representation, but by presenting the American people with a worthy senatorial or a 2016 presidential candidate(s).
    Intelligent Politicians must RESCIND Corporate Tax Exemptions when corporations and big businesses continue to lay off THOUSANDS of their employee(s) in the guise of maintaining profits from laid off employee wages, which benefit only the shareholders, who lack the moral fortitude towards strengthening the health of the US economy.

    Millions of workers wouldn’t be unemployed if every American citizen DEMAND from their representatives new federal labor laws be enacted to protect them from unscrupulous employers, those who practice fraudulent lay offs to reduce their employee’s wages up to as much as 50 percent.

    Democrat & Republican politicians have failed the working class by rescinding or amending employee state labor laws which allows BIG Businesses to greatly benefit from reduced employee protection due the working class for medical, sick, vacation, holidays and wage benefits. Big Businesses will eliminate a department by reclassifying it with a new department or job title and force a lay off to an already member of their company to reapply for the same job with their falsely claimed lay off, this is a fraudulent job lay off. Both political parties (TOGETHER) can enact new federal labor laws to protect the employee(s) from an illegally unjustified lay off(s). The term lay off should only apply if the job NO longer exists and not by reclassification of a department or job title.

    Every falsely created jobs lay off should have politicians up in arms and cause them to enact a new federal labor law making it FRAUDULENT, a CRIME and ILLEGAL to falsely eliminate a job or department title and offer a reclassified job as the same job, even if they add one or several new job requirements, the job is overall the same. Our federal labor laws sorely need upgrading and a new federal labor law enacted to PROTECT every employee from fraudulent lay offs practiced by unscrupulous employers.

    In addition to a new federal employer labor law… Employers can not require a fraudulently laid off employee(s) to reapply for the ‘same work’ reclassified job or re-titled department, since they were already an employee of said company. Companies must offer them the new reclassified job(s) without lay offs or lost scaled wages earned by senior employee(s).

    There is something seriously wrong with our politicians… politicians who side with unscrupulous big businesses that practice laying off their employees falsely without just cause. Politicians have become as corrupted as unscrupulous corporations and small businesses, many who have perfected this fraudulent wage reduction method against NON-UNIONIZED employees.

    State & town politicians CAN NOT themselves reclassify their UNIONIZED Police, Fire & Public Works Department or their job titles and lay off those employees, later to inform them they have to reapply for the same jobs under a new department or job title. There is NO EQUAL or FAIR JUSTICE from our political system to penalize private employers, because a fair employee labor law would in fact penalize themselves (state & town governments).

    Query Detroit’s politicians were all the money went. Let’s see… D.O.T and Park Dept employees get $23 dollars per hour to sit on a riding mower and cut highway or park grass everyday, all day long (there are millions of workers who would gladly mow grass for 10 dollars per hour or less), Police receive an additional $48 plus per hour to direct traffic at a roadside construction job during off duty hours. State & LOCAL town governments CAN empower properly trained security guards to perform these roadside construction jobs instead of utilizing Police who indirectly effect and increase everyone’s taxes, electric lines, phone lines, TV-internet cable, or water utilities cost. Fire fighters get $32 dollars per hour lounging around in the fire house while waiting for a fire call or vehicle accident. I personally know a few fire fighters who work the night shift (sleep all night) and then play 18 holes of golf the next morning. Where is the cost effective reductions in these areas of tax increases from our politicians?

    Tax rates, health care costs, GASOLINE, electricity, water, food, auto insurance and rent… continues to go higher for lower middle class workers, those who live WITHOUT YEARLY COST OF LIVING INCREASES, they don’t have the luxury of a middle class savings account when the lower middle class live from paycheck to paycheck.

    “By far the most dangerous foe we have to fight is apathy – indifference from whatever cause, not from a lack of knowledge, but from carelessness, from absorption in other pursuits, from a contempt bred of self satisfaction” –William Osler

    Absorption in watching your favorite sports, continue with your picnics, cook outs and enjoy your vacations wealthy people… while the true health of the US economy slowly returns to stagnant pre-2009 crash results in the following years… 2014, 2015 & 2016!

    The difference between wealthy and lower middle class workers is that lower middle class workers aren’t scheming ways to keep wages lower for the wealthy class of working people.

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