Massachusetts Company Introduces Flying Car

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Terrafugia will introduce the Transition Roadable Aircraft Friday. (STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Terrafugia, a small Woburn, Mass., company, will introduce its street-legal Transition Roadable Aircraft, otherwise known as the flying car, Friday at the New York International Auto Show.
The light-sport aircraft, as it’s classified, is a two-seater with wings that fold out for flight. It’s expected to sell for $279,000, the company says, and could be a available within a year.
Terrafugia, an aerospace company (translation from the Latin: “escape the earth”) founded by pilots and and engineers from MIT, said this week the aircraft/vehicle has completed its first flight. (Watch the video below.)

The Transition could reduce the rush-hour from Avon to downtown Hartford, but what about insurance? Scott Simmonds, an insurance consultant, told SmartMoney annual premiums could cost as much as $60,000.
“It’s the flying aspect of the car,” Simmonds told SmartMoney. “That’s the exposure with hair on it.”

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3 thoughts on “Massachusetts Company Introduces Flying Car

  1. JK Greyfriars

    As entrepreneurs, I wish them well. However, the annals of aircraft are littered with “flying car” concepts, models and companies that went… nowhere.

    A moment’s thought will reveal the ridiculous nature of these hybrids. They’re lousy cars, lousier airplanes and where EXACTLY are you going to drive a bit, fly a while, and then drive a bit again? Does your home or office have an airstrip? Nearby, even?

    And the cost – up front, fuel, insurance, maintenance – mean they’ll never, ever be anything but a rich fool’s plaything.

    Hope the developers had fun, though.

  2. Phil

    I guess this is another great reason to make a lot of money. What a great looking air craft guys. Congrats. Can’t wait to see it.

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