10 Most Violent Video Games Ever

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The folks at PCWorld have compiled a list of the most violent video games. A legislative committee today will consider a proposal to fund a state study of the effects of these violent games on children.

Here\’s the PCWORLD breakdown:

\"violent1. Dead Space

2. Resident Evil

3. Silent Hill

4. MadWorld

5. Fallout

6. Gears of War

7. Mortal Kombat

8. Soldier of Fortune

9. God of War

10. Condemned 2: Bloodshot

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One thought on “10 Most Violent Video Games Ever

  1. richard

    Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. I do hope they find a living Hydra.

    Youtube is full of tips on how to kill the thing in “God fo War”. Should anyone at work watch this I remind you your wives and co-worders are not Hydra and should not be dismembered with a scimitar style battle axe.


    They could study poverty and violence but that creates a whole other set of problems with the minimum wage and robust job creation and full employment obigations. Much easier to play Tipper Gore and ban video games and pretend society is now better.

    Further proof taxes are too high when they can’t prioritize.

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