Newtown Families, Gun Control Advocates Demand Action

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Newtown residents and gun control advocates held a press conference at the capitol Friday to call on legislators to act quickly. They delivered a letter to legislative leadership voicing support for Gov. Dan Malloy\’s gun proposals and asking leadership for a vote.

Rabbi Shaul Praver, of Newtown, who said that the tragedy forced him into learning about gun and took him from a \”very private synagogue into public life.\” He asked lawmakers to consider how they would be responding if this had happened in their own community:

Nancy Lefkowitz, who organized the Valentine\’s Day March for Change rally, said that \”Legislative leadership has done nothing. They have promised, but they have done nothing.\”

Erin Nikitchyuk, whose son, Bear, 8, stood just feet away from the gunman but was pulled out of harm\’s way, said this was not a political issue, but a public health issue.

\”A bullet does not know your political affiliation when it hits you,\” she said.

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38 thoughts on “Newtown Families, Gun Control Advocates Demand Action

  1. Scott

    Yes, please hurry. This will allow you to make a decision based on emotion rather than logic.

  2. Truthseeker

    What Part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” is Hard to Understand? Connecticut is the Constitution state.

    1. Mel

      Clearly it is you who does not understand the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment, like all constitutional rights, is subject to limitations and restrictions. This is what the U.S. Supreme Court stated in 2008:
      “Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited . . . we do not read the Second Amendment to protect the right of citizens to carry arms for any sort of confrontation, just as we do not read the First Amendment to protect the rights of citizens to speak for any purpose . . . nothing in our opinion should be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.”
      D.C. v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008)

  3. Truthseeker

    In the Heller case we all know about prohibiting the carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons. That is not what I am talking about. What is “in common use at the time” weapons. Like the AR-15 owned by over 5 million people, thats what I mean.

    1. Mel

      The AR-15 is precisely the type of inherently dangerous weapon that may be lawfully restricted under the 2nd Amendment. It has no use other than to kill large numbers of people very quickly. And if you want to say that it can be used for target shooting and “competition,” then you are morally bankrupt. No person’s alleged “right” to target shoot with an AR-15 should outweigh every other person’s right not to be slaughtered with an assault weapon.

      1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

        Unfortunate for you then Mel that you have lost and this will not even be offered for a vote in the Senate. Last I heard was that Majority Leader Reid said he could not cobble together even 40 votes agianst AR-15’s.

        1. Mel

          Unfortunate for you that you value killing machines over human lives, especially those of children. We’ll get the ban at the state level. Hopefully you are packing your bags.

          1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

            Unfortunate for you Mel that you will not accept my previous post. Any ban at state level will be short lived. Wheels of Justice and litigation are already in motion. Our legislators know this. If they were going to ban them they would have done so already. They are appearing to stuggle just to give you the glimmer of hope. Harry Reid said it best. The votes are not there no matter what you may think. I do not value any thing more than a human life. You are blind to what happened in Newtown. May you be able to find peace someday in your life.

      2. Ravac

        I’ll agree to a ban of AR-15s and other “assault weapons” when the police no longer carry them. If they’re good enough for the police to use for personal protection, they’re good enough for citizens to use for the same purpose.

        1. Mel

          Why don’t you become a police officer then? Oh wait, you have to actually pass a test for that and go through tons of training. Something the average “citizen” doesn’t have to do before buying an assault weapon. Your argument is ridiculous.

          1. Mel

            Thomas Jefferson, if you valued human life, you would not value assault weapons that are designed for the sole purpose of taking it. I think you are pathetic. Please do us all a favor and pack up your miserable little life and move to a “red” state where people are free to blow each other’s heads off with AR-15’s. Clearly that is what you want out of life. The blood of children is on your hands. May God have mercy on you.

          2. johngaltwhereru


            No matter how often you, and people like you declare the “sole purpose” for an AR-15 is to take human life, it will not become true.

            Yes, people like you will readily allow yourselves to believe that lie is the truth, but alas, it will still be a lie.

            AR-15’s can be used to deter, defend, wound, shoot recreationally and counter tyrannical governments among other uses.

            And yes, they can additionally be used to kill. It would have been nice if a legal AR-15 owner would have used his weapon to blow Adam Lanza’s head off the moment he walked into a school carrying his already illegal weapon.

      3. Steve (CT)

        Mel, if that’s true about the AR-15 then why is it the most common ‘patrol rifle’ used by police officers? Do they train to kill large numbers of people very quickly?

        You are the one who is morally bankrupt by suggesting that safety is more important than an enumerated right. Which of the other 10 amendments are you willing to forgo in order to gain some belief that you are more secure?

        FYI, the AR-15 fires one time for each pull of the trigger. It is not a machine gun & operates exactly the same as any other semi-automatic rifle. Their modern, flexible design allows them to be used for a variety of competitive matches as well as hunting when paired with the proper caliber.

        It sounds like you have been uncritically accepting the propaganda put out by the anti-gun organizations.

  4. Thomas in Pain

    With respect to all sane movements to improve the safety of citizens, if laws cannot be enacted by the current crop of lawmakers, then it moves to the political realm and popular opinion will vote out those who resist change and new representatives will proceed to enact laws demanded of by the people.

    It is called majority rule.

  5. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Mel, I hope you can live with your pain, reveal it to yourself and set yourself free. The reality of all this will not be good for your health if you let it bother you this much. If you need the services of a fine firearm like the AR-15 someday just leave a note on a blog and we will come and help you.

    1. Mel

      It is the 26 families of Newtown who are in pain, not me. If Adam Lanza didn’t have an AR-15, that number would most certainly be less. Why don’t you look within your own black soul and reflect upon what has made you so callous to human suffering. Your are worthless as a human being.

      1. sam

        How do you know it would have been less? What are you basing this statement on? You dont know that for fact. You have no clue what you are talkig about.

      2. Jeremy

        Mel, you realize that many but now all of these NRA supporters have no soul. They are heartless, ignorant and hopefully childless so they don’t breed this their disease.

        We are on the right side and they are on the wrong side. This battle will roll into a political fight and since we have the numbers and much more money, we will out vote them and in the end, we will win.

        More people will be killed in the interim. But in the end, we will win.

        I have a feeling that some of their mothers mated with snakes because they crawl like them.

      3. Henry Salo

        Mel, you said if Adam Lanza didn’t have an AR-15, that number most certainly be less? Lanza had other weapons plus 2 handguns. Even if Lanza didn’t have the AR-15, he could have used the other weapons. We don’t know what the number would been. When killers kill, they use whatever means. McVeigh used ammonium nitrate and nitromethane inside a truck to do his killing. Andrew Kehoe (Bath School Massacre- 1927) used 500 lbs. of dynamite and pyrotol to do his killing.

    2. Thomas in Pain

      Fake Thomas:

      Get off my boat or I will call your father, Lucifer, to come and git you.

  6. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Good night Mel, I will pray for you tonight that you can someday be free of your pain.

  7. Truthseeker

    Why the name calling gun control people are so quick to anger. When you are wrong its time to get the facts. With training you could kill with a knife just as quickly we saw that in china, do we ban knives. Its time to help people and stop blaming the tool. Family values are just going away and people just don’t care.

    1. The Conn-servative

      The Marxists are capitalizing on Newtown for one thing: the elimination of private firearms ownership.Period.If the state of CT was really so concerned @ gun control legislation,then they wouldn’t have been entertaining Bushmaster to move @ 25 executive positions to Stamford with financial incentives before Newtown.Did they not remember Aurora CO,Virginia Tech,and Columbine,which by the way,occurrred during the first fed awb. Of course they remembered these tragedies.They just didn’t want egg on their face.If the guns were so bad for Newtown,then why not these other occurrences?Why are you gun control advocates NOT questioning his Excellency Malloy and Mike Lawlor on blatant hypocrisy?

      1. Jeremy

        Conn-servative; you may use words such as “Marxism” to make you sound educated but you are obviously not. Obviously a mistake was made in your family when your daddy forgot to use family planning nine months before you slithered out.


        1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

          Jeremy, why did you not tell us you are Mel? Just because you have lost on AR-15 ban your anger towards this issue is uncalled for and causing you to insult people rather than discuss it. Hissy fits do not change the facts.

          1. Jeremy

            Fake, but I am not Mel although you all think we anti gunners are all the same. Wake up and smell the coffee. We are not. We don’t need to hum… Fake it.

            But when I read push button words like “marxism,” my fuse shortens. I noticed you have been gentleman-like on this string and I respect that.

            Fake, I am not surprised that we are suffering some set backs. I half expected it. Sometimes politicians are slow to wake up to new data. My side has a vast majority and lots of financial backing far greater then NRA like groups and we will exercise our power beginning in 2014. You may take that to the bank and draw dividends.

          2. Progressivism is a Mental Disorder

            Jeremy, is this yet another personality from the BillybongJimmySybil stable of personalities?

  8. American citizen

    Huh…channel 30 reported on how there’s been an increase in pistol permit applications from Newtown. Wonder why that’s not getting more press? Makes me think that the anti-gun crowd is a minority in this state. It’s too bad that their emotions prevent them from understanding that these proposed laws would not have prevented the tragedy. Until people get their emotions in check and begin to lobby for the real issues of mental health, enforcing the existing laws, and stronger penalties for offenders, then this is nothing but feel good legislation for a few and penalizing legislation for the many.

  9. Saul

    “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

    That is the second amendment. Clearly it is a a right under to the constitution to keep and bear arms. And clearly under the constitution it is a right and responsibility of the Government to well regulate this right. It is all about balance. That is why the second amendment has a right and a counter balance to that right. The problem is that the current NRA has done a good job in getting people to believe that only the second part of the amendment exists and is important. For every time somebody screams, “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” The majority of citizens in the USA should shout back, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state.” There is no question in my mind that the NRA has put us in a state of imbalance vis-a-vis guns in America and the correction and restoration of balance is occurring right now.

    Moreover, anybody that knows and is honest about what they know, and are not just trying to mislead the general public, knows that with a slight alteration, the semi-automatic guns can fire rapid fire like a machine gun. You pull back a lever manually with one finger and then when you squeeze the trigger, and the bullets come out “pop,pop,pop,pop etc” in an automatic fashion. The rapid fire capacity is the the bottom line. The gun is than acting like the banned machine guns. And so, people can split hairs all they want, the bottom line is the rapid fire of these military “styled” assault weapons never should have been on the market in the first place for the general public.

    The NRA has been very sneaky in removing a few insignificant features such as a hand grip, a scope, a bayonet, etc. so as to remove it from the category of Military assault weapons in name alone. And they knew fully well that a slight alteration could be done to get it to perform like a machine gun. That’s what I don’t like about the NRA today,, it’s all sneaky stuff. And I don’t like how they market guns to children; and how they market them in violent video games. And so, a child is playing a violent video game when suddenly a pop up placed by the NRA, appears. The pop up is essentially saying, now you can buy the real gun. For people that think this is OK, I really don’t know where your soul is. Because you have no moral ethical issue with this kind of marketing behavior means you yourself lack morality and ethics.

    In conclusion this is about the full version of the second amendment and it’s about being a wholesome sentient human being that has concern for public safety and respect for the sanctity of life over selfish blood drenched monetary profits.

    1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

      Saul, did you know that the AR-15 has been sold to the public for 50 years. Did you know that rifles that operate just like the AR-15, smei-automatically have been on the market for almost 100 years? No one has been trying to sneak around anyone. This is just a horrific event that has been hijacked for political purposes by a liberal, socialistic, communal political theology.

  10. The Conn-servative

    “The NRA has been very sneaky in removing a few insignificant features such as a hand grip, a scope, a bayonet, etc. so as to remove it from the category of Military assault weapons in name alone. And they knew fully well that a slight alteration could be done to get it to perform like a machine gun.”
    With all do respect,the likes of Feinstein,Schumer,Mikulsky,Boxer, et. al. were the architects and champions of the 1994 fed assault weapons ban,and THEY were the ones who determined that these characteristics and others,were evil parts determining an assault weapon,NOT THE NRA. Secondly,altering a firearm from semi-automatic to fully automatic is ALREADY ILLEGAL under federal ATF code. Can it be done,yes. Is it illegal to do so. Yes.

  11. Tominct

    Mel – You are stupid and misguided if you honestly believe that gun bans will stop crazy people from acting out and hurting people. The problem is not the guns, its the hundreds or maybe thousands of wack jobs walking the streets of CT unsupervised. Say what you will about mothers against drunk driving but at least THEY DONT BLAME THE CAR. Before you say its not the same, check out the number of auto deaths every year. How would you feel if you were asked questions like “do you really needs an SUV, they are only designed to protect the drunk behind the wheel”. Or “sorry – your car is now illegal because its built like a tank. You cant honestly need that device, can you?” Imagine how you would feel if people viewed you through the same lens as criminals, drunks or nut jobs? Think you would like that?

    The premise of gun banning is anti american! People buy what they want in this country. If MADD applied the kind of faulty logic that we see in the gun control crowd we would all be riding horses again. Really sad that you want to jettison constitutional freedoms to satisfy your guilt. Do us all a favor and move to UK, sure they have 2x the number of assaults, rapes and burglaries but at least they don’t have guns! Its sickening how the gun control crowd are leveraging the tragedy to move an agenda that is fundamentally flawed since it does nothing to deal with the root problem – mental illness. How many guns were used on 9/11? How many in the Tokyo subway? How many in Oklaholma city?

    One last point. The thought that AR-15s are only being good for killing are are inherently dangerous is childish nonsense. What exactly do you expect of it or ANY firearm, needlepoint? The fact is that the AR15 is a remarkably flexible design. A single rifle can be easily adapted to handle everything from long range precision varmint hunting to any big game on the continent. I dont believe that you have an open mind or are willing to learn, but I needed to give it a shot.

  12. Jeb Potchagalloop

    Tominct: It is ignorant to say someone is stupid for expressing an honest opinion. The problem is the wack job but the problem is also the gun that gives the wack job empowerment.

    If you think that e every social misfit and criminal can be incarcerated or institutionalize, the thought is naive.

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