2014 Already?

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Elizabeth Esty has barely warmed her seat in the U.S. Congress but she\’s already thinking about reelection in 2014.

Bracing for what will likely be a hotly contested race, Esty sent out the following fundraising plea:

\"esty\”I know what you\’re thinking: \’Already?!\’ the email states. \”But we cannot wait. The 2014 mid-term election is right around the corner and we can\’t be caught off guard. The Republican National Committee has targeted me for defeat as part of their 2014 \’Offensive Strategy,\’ there are rumors already circling the district about who my opponent will be, and having been an outspoken advocate for gun violence prevention means I am sure to be hit with attack ads from the get-go.

\”I must begin rebuilding my campaign immediately. Please help by setting up a recurring contribution of $25, $50, $100, or as much as you can do per month starting right now. Your support last year was critical to our narrow victory in November, and I look forward to working my tail off every day I have the privilege of representing you. I hope that\’s for a long time to come!\”

It\’s yet another reminder of the endless fundraising slog that members of Congress have to engage in.


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5 thoughts on “2014 Already?

  1. rally for gun reform Feb 14 at capital at 11 bill

    Our elections system is so not cool. If significant campaign finance reform… nah. That’s too simple to do. The system forces the office holder to take time away from the reason they were elected in order to prepare for the next cycle.

  2. Curious Republican

    Daniela, as a Republican who lives in CT5, I would ask you to follow up with Congresswoman Esty about who this ‘person’ is rumored to be. I have asked several high profile Republicans who should know if there was a candidate and all said they did not know. I for one am sick of politicians on both sides putting out these fundraising requests using things like this. I am also sure that her being targeted for being an ‘outspoken advocate for gun violence prevention’ will not make her an early target. I can’t think of a single person who isn’t looking to end gun violence, period. Please also ask her what people are against GUN VIOLENCE PROTECTION, meaning that they are Pro Gun Violence. Words are important and as a Republican I am tired of these types of things going unchallenged by party leadership. THANKS!

  3. Connecticut is Dying Too

    I understand that campaigning is a necessary evil. That said, an Esty fundraiser after less than one month into a new job? Wow- a new record- even for a Democrat.

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