2014: GOP Can\’t Wait

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\"foleyRepublicans are feeling their oats and it\’s only 2013 — more than 18 months before the next big election here.

Today, in a striking change-of-strategy from 2010, businessman Tom Foley appears at the state capitol to lobby in favor of a bill that makes it a felony for a public official to do more than $1,000 in business with the state.  This  long shot legislation would make felons out of \"petera number of state employees and legislators. Foley made a name for himself that last time around by largely ignoring the people in the Legislative Office Building. He\’s taking a different route this time, including funding his own think-tank to churn out policy papers.

\"markAlso at the capitol, Peter Lumaj — who makes Foley seem liberal — will make an announcement Monday about a \”state-wide run for office.\”  He ran for the U.S. Senate in 2012. Here\’s his website, which doesn\’t mention what he might be running for.

Meanwhile, perennial 5th District candidate Mark Greenberg told the Courant last week he \"LindaReince\"was running again for the seat now held by Democrat Elizabeth Esty.

And never-say-die Linda McMahon, who has spent more than $100 million to become a household name in Connecticut, continues to sniff around another run for office, possibly in the 4th District against Democrat Jim Himes. McMahon was spotted most recently with Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus.


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6 thoughts on “2014: GOP Can\’t Wait

  1. We are doomed

    Snarky article on Republicans from Rick Green- check.

    Article pushing the liberal agenda from Rick Green- check.

    The sun rises in the east and the liberal drumbeat at the Courant goes on.

  2. RedRover

    Let’s hope Linda will not run and lose again! I’ve had enough of her, I’ve been a Republican all my life and will never vote for her!

  3. justme

    There are too many people in the North East that want their free stuff for any party that wants free agency to win.

  4. Greg

    “This long shot legislation would make felons out of a number of state employees and legislators”

    Similar to how some current proposed legislation would make felons out of thousands of law-abiding citizens, but nobody seems to care about that.

    Anyways, can’t Linda just take her $$$, move to Florida, and quit this jihad for public office already? 0 for 2 and $100M spent should be a big enough hint that it’s time to retire.

    1. wildbill

      Greg: No, she has hinted to me that she will run for something else but this time she goes to Minnesota to run against Michele Bachmann in a three-way.

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