2014 Race For Governor: Zingers Already Flying

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Tom Foley, the GOP\’s candidate for governor in 2010 who nearly beat Dannel Malloy, might find a little more competition for the nomination next year.

Foley, running hard for the job again, told Dennis House during a taping of Face the State this week that he might have fared a little better if he had a female running mate instead of Mark Boughton, the mayor of Danbury. Boughton, a popular Republican with ambitions of his own, had this to say about his former ticket mate:


Could it be that Boughton thinks that running somebody who reminds voters of Mitt Romney again isn\’t the kind of Republican who can win in Connecticut? Maybe things really will get a little more interesting as Connecticut Republicans plot their comeback.


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10 thoughts on “2014 Race For Governor: Zingers Already Flying

  1. Richard

    Romney had the chance to add Susanna Martinez to the ticket. That and a solid urban housing renewal policy.

    Get the zGOP passionate about urban renewal targeting the cities with a population between 25,000 and 100,000. Poor money into blue collar housing, 2000 transitional housing vouchers, and small business incentives and loans. Tell Hartford to spend wisely.

    Think Susanna Martinez and Jack Kemp and Jerry Brown’s pension reforms and vouchers.

  2. Jason Campbell

    Mayor Boughton clearly intends to run for Governor in which case it will be interesting to hear the justification for his support and endorsement of Lisa Wilson Foley in the Congressional race.

  3. Chucky_Dee

    Thanks for not playing into the hands of the “Conspiracy Nuts” who still remember the “BridgePort Shuffle” and vote counting mysteries by saying “Tom Foley, the GOP’s candidate for governor in 2010 who beat Dannel Malloy…” – Wouldn’t want them coming back out of the woodwork now ! Hats off to you! Who wouldn’t look forward to another close race now we know more about Malloy?

  4. Charlie Lynch

    Boughton couldn’t even raise enough money on his own to qualify for the taxpayer handout. Boughton admits publicly that he “finds it hard to raise money” which is either just plain laziness or an inability to connect with the voters.

    Not that Tom Foley’s money raising abilities are the only key to winning a race, it’s a component that Boughton is woefully lacking. Plus, lots of the locals in Danbury aren’t too keen on him, those who know him best, know him most. Those who know him best aren’t exactly enamored with him.

  5. Palin Smith

    If the ticket had been reversed – Boughton on the top and Foley on the bottom, Governor Mark Boughton would be calling the shots today.

  6. Objectivity Matters

    Of course Foley would have done better with a competent woman as his running mate. Much better.

  7. Da Troof

    The sun rises again in the east and Rick Green again “reports” another “bad Republican” article.

    How about a little balance Rick?

  8. Steve Mehlman

    Hey now, lighten up on Tom. I’ll betcha he’s got a whole binder with good women candidates. LOL.

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