70 Years Later, A Purple Heart

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\"purpleFrank Bennett was a 19-year-old sailor when his ship, the U.S.S. Little, was attacked and sunk by the Japanese at Guadalcanal in the South Pacific. Bennett was stranded in the water for 11 hours before he was rescued.

Today, Bennett, an 89-year-old Ledyard resident, will receive the Purple Heart for his injuries 70 years ago. U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal will make the presentation Thursday morning at Bennett\’s home.

On the Little, 62 members of the 200-man crew died. Bennett, along with 26 others, suffered shrapnel wounds and burns when his clothing caught fire in the engine room of the sinking. After a one-month recovery. Bennett returend to active duty aboard the U.S.S. Frankfort. He retired from the Navy in 1960.

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17 thoughts on “70 Years Later, A Purple Heart

  1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    Congrats Mr Bennett! As a fellow vet, I am sorry that your medal had to be presented by someone who lied bout his war record to garner a few more votes.

  2. Tombolinda

    Not to detract from Mr. Bennett’s stature in any way, note that the Purple Heart is awarded for being injured in combat, not for bravery, There are other medals used to recognize bravery.

    1. James Kerwin

      The Purple heart medal is one of confusion. You can do heroic thing –attack and enemy get wounded and you are awarded ( you didn’t win it) the purple heart. You can be in the wrong place at the wrong time and suffer an injury and you may get a purple heart. I think if your ship was blown up from under you and you are hit my US or Jap shrapnel, you’ve done enough to be awarded the Purple Heart.
      To me and others who lived thru that time–Jap is the nasty SOB’s trying to kill my brother, and cousins and uncles–I make no apology for it.
      Guadanal Canal, in the “slot” was a most dangerous place for our under supplied sailors–I would have wanted a Silver star for just being on a DD–they take the brunt of the action, it’s their job to be sunk before the big ships and to make torpedeo runs against Capital ships of the enemy.. Sorry it took the Navy so long…

  3. Blumenthal Rocks!

    Why did it take so long and why now? My guess is his family got in touch with Blumenthal and requested that he look into the issue. He, or his staff, had to look up the details of the case and maybe persuade people that this medal be awarded. Senators do this sort of thing and he is our senator. Hate him, call him names, he is our guy until Jan 2017. Suck it up. He’s a Senator. One of the highest offices in the land. You’re a wise-ass know-nothing anonymous poster on a stinking blog.

    1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      I may be a wise ass but I know enough to know that a Senator who misrepresents his war record is a scoundrel and a fraud. And you, sir, are a turd for voting for said fraud.

      1. Blumenthal Rocks!

        OK. I put you in the “call him names” group. That was easy. Do you also want to be in the “hate him” group as well?

        It went down *exactly* as I guessed:

        “Sen. Blumenthal’s staff, acting at the request of Bennett’s family, researched Bennett’s eligibility for the medal and filed the appropriate paperwork with the Navy.”

        “… and to those who say I am a scoundrel and a fraud, I say go F yourself.”


        1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

          Put me solidly in the group who has no respect for someone who lies about military service.

          I put you, Billy, in the turd group for voting for him.

          Who said anything about hating Blumenthal?

          1. billy boggs


            I now have no respect for you. First, for being so dull witted. If I wanted to call you a major fucking jerk, I would call a spade a spade and not just use the “F” letter.

            So, you are a real major big fucking jerk. A real fucking asshole. You don’t even have the decency to put your ignorant attitude down around the nation’s birthday.

            I won’t waste my time responding to you again. Why? Because you are a real fucking asshole.


          2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

            Wow Billy. Such language. Imagine if one of us non liberals used that language. dont stroke out on us dude. This is a just a blog.

            I was only kidding about the free lobotomy thing. I assumed all along you paid top dollar for yours.

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  6. muhammad

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