9 Sandy Hook Families Write U.S. Senators On Gun Control

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Writing under a Sandy Hook Promise letterhead, nine families of victims from the Newtown school massacre — representing nearly 100 relatives — have written all 100 U.S. Senators requesting that any gun control legislation should expand background checks, limit the sale of large capacity ammunition magazines and make firearms trafficking and straw purchases a federal crimes.

The Senate is scheduled to take up gun legislation next week.


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24 thoughts on “9 Sandy Hook Families Write U.S. Senators On Gun Control

  1. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Every libertard mother of child bearing age should be sterilized. That is the way I feel about liberals.

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      Nice try billy. You misspelled a key word. It’s “libtard,” not “libertard.”

      Make sure you take your meds tonight.

      1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

        I hug my guns so often that last night I went to bed with my long rifle and made love to it. I don’t need a woman any more now that I have old iron Betsey.

        After enjoying a good stroke and a poke, I observed my rifle smoking.

  2. The Conn-servative

    Their real and final goal is to disarm fully,the armed citizen. If they were so concerned @ Newtown, they would have started all of this gun and clip ban GARBAGE after pick one: Columbine,Virginia Tech,AZ/Congressional meet + greet shooting,Aurora,CO movie theater showing,and all major cities like Chicago w/500+ homicides in 2012 alone! But no, 4 days before Newtown the slimy vermin running(should be ruining) our state were entertaining to bring @ 25 Bushmaster jobs to CT. So if this gun ban garbage is good for Newtown Danny and Lawless(Lawlor), why wasn;t it good for any of the other massacres throughoput the US? BLATANT hypocrisy folks. With all do respect to the Newtown families who lost loved ones,our political leaders care, but they don’t “care”.It’s a shame you were pawns.

  3. A Great Day

    So great that the greatest AG in State history Dick Blumenthal and our new Senator Murphy, soooo glad it was not Linda McWrestle, listened and will honor these little angels in heaven.Why do the Fascist NRA members need guns? What are you compensating for? They should look for Tom Foley on a milk carton like Roy O. posted. He would never have the guts to save the children like Dannel Malloy did. Such a great day for a more safe and ethical Connecticut. The full ban will be closer and will be had after 2014!!

    1. ben shapiro

      How does disarming the law abiding citizens of this country honor the children murdered in Sandy Hook? The folks who will follow these laws, are folks who would not have committed such atrocities in the first place. From the other side of that coin, those who wish to commit such atrocities are going to break these laws to do so anyway. So in the end, these laws do not save anyone. All they do is grant more power to those who want the government to control our lives.

    2. Joey

      “He would never have the guts to save the children like Dannel Malloy did.”
      Sorry, can you give more details on this event. I didn’t see anything on the news about another shooting. How many did he save?

    3. truth

      of course ‘a great day’ is billy. Calling those who support freedom ‘fascists’ while supporting the true fascists – those who are working to destroy our rights – is classic wildbill.

      1. wildbill

        truth: Naw, I don’t use words like “fascists.” But i agree with him 100%. There are more of us then you think there are. don’t think just because most posters are right wing nuts that it represents the real world.

        Couch potatoes the lot of you.

  4. Needed a gun

    10 years ago after leaving the military I was working on a project in the basement with my son who was in cub scouts. I heard my wife scream and a mans voice and as I went up to see whats happening. I saw a man stripping my wife and hitting her. I called 911 and tried to help her but was over powered by another man I didn’t see. I was forced to watch my wife being raped for 15 min. Then they found my son and he was beaten badly. If only I had gotten my pistol permit instead of waiting. My wife took pills sometime later. The first response was 20 min there was a fire and only 1 responder in my town.

  5. Jack

    “save some of the tens of thousands of lives lost every year”…. then go to your nearest abortion clinic. By the time I read the article and write this another Sandy Hook has occurred across the country. Every 11.4 minutes. Fetuses don’t come out as inanimate objects… they are alive in the womb.
    Only 12% are done because of the woman’s health ; 1% are done because of rapes. 1.0+ MILLION a year . http://www.abort73.com/abortion_facts/us_abortion_statistics/ Newtown people, here’s a big opportunity for you – bigger than gun violence. Will you step up to it ?

    1. Alexander Hamilton

      Why do anti-abortion wieners think they can post off-topic remarks where they do not belong? Do I go on your funny-mentalist holy-roller blogs and post messages about gay marriage? Get lost. Every topic is not your pet topic.

      1. Jack

        Alexander Hamilton : Sorry, nice try, it is the same topic – it’s about killing. To say otherwise is to be in denial. If I have to put up with limits about my rights to defend myself at home or against a tyrannical government then maybe the killing for convenience via abortion has to stop too. By the way, it FAR OUTNUMBERS the gun violence problem – the statistics are all there to see. It DOES belong here – to pursue one the smaller problem and ignore the huge problem is, well, hypocritical. I’m sure in your superior mind you can connect these dots.

      2. Aaron Burr

        Hamilton: Why do you think anyone here gives a crap about what you think? These blogs are not your personal chalkboard, as much as you’d like to think so

        1. Alexander Hamilton

          Aaron, yeah, it would be great if you could understand that you are supposed to try and stay somewhat close to the overall topic. There is no way abortion relates to this topic. I know you idiots are one-issue voters but take it someplace else.

  6. Paul

    Hitler would be proud of the minority of Newtown residents favoring this BS.
    It is unbelivable that a group of people think that their self serving interst is enough to dictate what the rest of thecountry can and cannot do.

  7. kuma138

    know what’s funny? they passes SB1160 a bill that turns law abiding citizens into fellons and puts human lives in danger. one day after that, the house proposes hb6690, a bill that provides safety to animals that are in homes involving criminal proceedings. so take people’s security away but give security to cats and dogs or even gerbils. nothing wrong with this picture at all

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