AAUP Weighs In On Violence Against Women Debate Sparked By Husky Logo

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\"huskyThe American Association of University Professors wrote a letter to UConn President Susan Herbst, joining a debate on sexual violence on campus that was sparked by one student\’s response to the new Husky logo unveiled this spring.

In the letter, AAUP highlighted key points in a campus sexual assault report they released.  The debate arose after undergraduate Caroline Luby wrote an open letter to the president criticizing the new logo campaign. In her letter she listed three male student athletes who were arrested in the past school year – two of their cases involved violence against women.

\"aaup\"The university, Luby wrote, did not communicate a \”zero tolerance atmosphere for this kind of behavior\” and placed a higher priority on \”male athletic peer culture\” and corporate interests at the cost of the \”normal, everyday, non-Olympian student body.\”

According to a statement from student government, Luby became the \”subject of harsh comments, harassment and threats of rape via online blogs, Facebook, and her university email account\” after that letter.

A spokesman for Herbst said they remain committed to the issue and as recently as Tuesday held \”lengthy discussions\” to address concerns. In response to the AAUP\’s letter, the university said in a statement:

\”The authors of the letter did not seem to realize the enormous amount of work the university already does on this issue…what UConn already does actually goes above and beyond the recommendations made in AAUP\’s letter.\”

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6 thoughts on “AAUP Weighs In On Violence Against Women Debate Sparked By Husky Logo

    1. johngaltwhereru

      I agree.

      In addition, the full unabridged letter from Ms. Luby should be posted, so people can make a more informed decision on this topic.

      Next, the full database of UCONN sexual assaults and violence against women should be released. Ms. Luby states that there were 2 male student athletes arrested for violence against women in the past year. For the purposes of this agrument, we need to know the full student body’s incidences of violence against women. While violence against women is never justified, I would imagine 2 athletes out of the hundreds at UCONN does not justify Ms. Luby’s inference that the male athletic peer culture results in student athletes committing acts of violence against women at a greater rate than the student body as a whole.

      Then, the full content of Ms. Luby’s Women’s Studies courses should be posted, so the tax payers can determine if the courses they are subsidizing contain content may be fueling feelings of mysandry, and leading people to believe that cartoon drawings of dogs symbolize violence against women.

      That is a start. There are many other things that need to be evaluated before Ms. Luby’s complaints initiate any changes of any kind.

  1. Disgusted Former Democrat

    I agree. Please post the letter and names of Professors who signed it. Donating alumni can ensure the needed outcome from there.

  2. Disgusted former Democrat

    What an epic effort to make a mountain out of a molehill. Shameless self promotion by Ms. Potts.

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