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Christopher Keating has been The Courant\’s Capitol bureau chief for 14 of the past 16 years and has covered the administrations of Govs. Lowell P. Weicker, John G. Rowland, M. Jodi Rell and Dannel P. Malloy. He can be reached at 860-241-6656 or ckeating@courant.com.

Daniela Altimari writes about politics for The Courant after years covering municipalities, crime, education, same-sex marriage and other issues. She can be reached at 860-241-6750 or altimari@courant.com.

Jon Lender has covered politics and government in Connecticut for more than three decades, and writes the weekly Government Watch investigative column in the Sunday Courant. He can be reached at 860-241-6524 or jlender@courant.com.

Ed Mahony has covered Connecticut, politics and legal affairs for more than three decades. He can be reached at 860-241-6532 or emahony@courant.com.

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  1. David DiBenedetto

    I would like to get a copy of all the legistors e a

    mil adress to be able to contact them is this possible?


  2. Sherlock

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Malcom X

  3. Sherlock

    OK I NOW see that Capitol Watch EDITS me…OMG…why not post all my remarks? You folks only used the one quote I left by Malcolm X and I assume you are using it in your biased reporting to support your own agenda..Arrgghhh…:)

  4. Lee

    Sherlock— Keep in mind that group think is alive and well in this deep blue state full of urbanites on the government dole :-) Many so called “extreme right wingers” have been kicked off of the Ed Page Facebook because they are eloquent with facts that counter what the propaganda that the Courant editorial wants to perpetuate. If your are a Communist or a strong union supporter you are welcome other wise keep to your self.

    1. Kim

      Lee is right, Sherlock. I can speak to the truth about being ‘censored’ even though I did not break Courant policies. It’s like you said – ‘they have the power’ and in this case, that power includes the message that they want the readers to see

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  16. john

    Citizens of Connecticut and votes
    Senate John McKinney runs for governor in 2014. He also stated he been fighting against corruption in our state.
    Only corruption McKinney been fighting is the price on cappuccino coffee.
    My understanding what I read on the internet from CTM a resided of Brookfield, CT, stated McKinney with strong ties to the Cappoziello.
    This started in 2009 when I exposé illegal activity took place in judicial branch by Director Hutton agencies by his employees who they represent a client helping Kathleen Clark who fraudulent lied about these medical expenses debt. She is trying to obtaining money for financial gain. Especially when proof was send to them, showing she is fraudulent lied. They ignored this. This calls committing fraud.
    2009 to today multiple complaints been file with chief court administrator Barbara Quinn about this in one of her agencies that she oversee. Barbara Quinn was well made aware of this illegal activity going on in Mr. Hutton agencies, No investigate was ever done in this cases. She took no appropriate action against them. In 2010 actual date was February 5. Now this crime of fraud has been committed by Kathleen Clark. She receive the money amount over $5,000
    They were Disgrace all my complaints and covering up for each other. Same with the judicial committee and other state agencies (official)
    It seems state had lot of dishonorable people working in judicial branch from the bottom all way to top official. Even Senate John McKinney Disgrace my complaints McKinney have no common courtesy to respond back to me about this. So someone in the judicial branch is weaving a web of lie trying to set me up. Why because I exposé them. CT law said those who aid in the commission of a crime before or after that actual act are called accessories to this crime. Any person who willingly and intentionally helps a person before the crime is committed is considered and accessory before the fact. Can be charged with the same crime as the principle actor who carries out the (offense) so senate John McKinney why is everyone protecting chief court administrator Barbara Quinn & Director Hutton and his employees for. (Especially Kathleen Clark who committed this crime) (Of fraud) Why should Citizens of Connecticut votes for you. When you endorse this kind of activity) People’s associates with them should be shame of them self. Citizen has no respect for dishonor people, Must be nice when all you top official covering up for each other.


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