AFL-CIO Mailer Hits McMahon, WWE on Treatment of Workers

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Big Labor is jumping into Connecticut Senate race.

The national AFL-CIO, a federation of unions with more than 12 million members, has sent out mailers to 38,000 state voters attacking Republican Linda McMahon\’s treatment of workers during her days as CEO of WWE.

\”Linda McMahon doesn\’t care about working people,\” states the headline on the mailer.

The mailer is just one facet of the union\’s aggressive effort to boost Democrat Chris Murphy. Labor will also dispatch canvassers to Manchester, Norwalk, Norwich and New Britain this weekend and union activists will be staffing phone banks in support of Murphy.

The mailer goes on to claim that WWE laid off 10 percent of its workforce while accepting millions of dollars in state tax breaks. It also alleges the Stamford-based wrestling and entertainment company denied health benefits to workers and expected \”female employees to submit to sexual humiliation for the sake of…profit margins.\”

WWE issued a lengthy response earlier this month when Murphy produced an ad that levied similar criticism against the company.

WWE did lay off 10 percent of its workforce in 2009, “due to one of the worst economic downturns in history,” the company said, adding that it has since hired and now employs about 700 people, 100 more than it did three years ago.

The company also fought back against charges that it does not provide health care to its employees.

“All 700 full-time WWE employees have always had health insurance as well as generous benefits provided by WWE. All WWE in-ring performers, ‘Superstars,’ also have health insurance as a requirement of their contract with WWE. In addition, WWE pays for all medical treatment related to any in-ring related injuries and associated rehabilitation costs,” the company said.

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13 thoughts on “AFL-CIO Mailer Hits McMahon, WWE on Treatment of Workers

  1. Kim

    you know McMahon is the right person for the job when the AFL-CIO feels the need to jump in against her. The fact that they have to lie through their teeth while doing so only adds to their poor reputation.

  2. Thundercleese

    “All WWE in-ring performers, ‘Superstars,’ also have health insurance as a requirement of their contract with WWE.”

    Insurance that they must acquire and pay for themselves, not company insurance.

    1. Kim

      private contractors generall do pay for their own insurance. As do owners of companies, consultants, etc. You appear to have a problem with that. Why?

  3. Sharpshooter

    I’m assuming that WWE is not a union shop….sounds like sour grapes to me…but if the AFL-CIO is ‘anti’….then I’m ‘pro’

  4. Molly

    I just saw a great nickname for Linda McMahon. Someone posted her name as “Linda McSCAM”. Pass it along folks because the name fits!!!

  5. LauraC629

    This argument about no healthcare for wrestlers is a joke. People are going to complain about well paid performers and the fact that they have to purchase health insurance? It really has become an entitlement country. WWE covers for injuries related to wrestling, that seems pretty generous. I don’t think the record labels pay for Rihanna’s or Taylor Swift’s health insurance…

    As far as I can tell, no one forced any of these wrestlers to choose a profession in wrestling. They all knew what they were signing up for and the benefits. This is just another attempt to distract voters from the truth–the democrats equal government handouts, big unions, anti-business and miserable economic record.

  6. David

    In the 14 months that composed Linda McMahon’s last campaign, seven wrestlers died – most of them under the age of 50. Steroid use was rampant and quality healthcare was unavailable because Linda McMahon was willing to use people to get rich. We just can’t afford to send her to the US Senate for six whole years.

    1. Kim

      You’re right david, linda killed them and shot them full of drugs. Therefore, we’ll overlook your lie about the unavailability of healthcare.

      Please recuse yourself from the voting process. Ben Franklin was talking about you when he said the continental congress was creating a republic – if the citizens could keep it.

    2. LauraC629

      Use people? Really? Because all of these wrestlers were picked up off the street and forced to get into the profession? Just like you and me, they freely chose the wrestling profession. Do you blame Warner Brothers, Universal Studios for the drug abuse in Hollywood? Is it the movie studios and record labels fault because so many young actors and singers have died? If unions are so great, why do so many in Hollywood have drug problems and die young? Don’t these actors belong to SAG or some other phony group?

      There are so many holes in the Democrats’ talking points and the press just eats it up without holding these political operatives accountable for their statements.

  7. Kim S.

    I am so tired of the lies from both McMahon and Murphy. The questions is “WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO FOR US?” who cares about them throwing insults at each other. People need jobs, and health care!! Murphy should be ashamed of his track record of missing so many days. I don’t feel McMahon is truthful either. So when we vote the lesser of two evils?

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