Analysis Says CT Teacher Unions Only \’Moderately Influential\’

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A study by the the conservative education thinktank Thomas B. Fordham Institute finds that Connecticut\’s teacher unions, when compared to other states, don\’t have as much juice as critics suggest:

Connecticut boasts the highest teacher union membership in the nation. Its unions enjoy a broad scope of bargaining and favorable state policy environment, and they have garnered a reputation among stakeholders as moderately influential.


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2 thoughts on “Analysis Says CT Teacher Unions Only \’Moderately Influential\’

  1. Richard

    Looks to me the referendums, vouchers, and choice states are closer to the top. In other words where the governor is putting the heat to the teachers and the courts are giving heat to the state.

    Malloy is on slow broil. Christie has them fiery hot, while Pennsylvania has the war between charters, vouchers and the “costing-out” study advocates funded by the legislature. Ahh! PA is $4.8 Billion underfunded says the “costing out” group! Philly by $1.3 Billion! “Screw property taxes” says the Philly teachers union. “Just turn your homes over to us!”

    I expect all the players will be here in CT over the next two years with the Sheff review coming up in 2013 and the CCJEF v. Rell equity lawsuit in 2014. With the state deficit and a looming recession, two over-reaching court orders should move CT nicely into the top 8.

  2. Lee

    This study is hog wash and dated. The unions have never been more powerful in this state thanks to Malloy. Democrats do not care about the kids– only their power and political contributions from the unions.

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