Angry Malloy Wants (More) Changes At Higher Ed

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Gov. Malloy is still angry about a $300,000 package of raises handed to employees at the Board of Regents for Higher Education, a spokesman said Wednesday morning.

\"\"Early Wednesday the governor sent two of his top aides, Roy Occhiogrosso and Andrew McDonald, to meet with board president Robert Kennedy (at right), executive vice president Michael Meotti and spokeswoman Colleen Flanagan early Wednesday.

\”We explored the depths of his frustration and anger over what has unfolded over the last week. There have been some really good and important changes made over there,\’\’ Occhiogrosso said. \”Something like this happens and it washed some of the good will away. We told them he was deeply unhappy and they need to fix this as quickly as possible.\”

\”They need to own up to what happened. They need to be held accountable. They need to identify what went wrong and how it happened.\”

Occhiogrosso noted that more than $5 million in savings have been found during a recent reorganization of the higher education system.



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14 thoughts on “Angry Malloy Wants (More) Changes At Higher Ed

    1. Hot Dam

      Harry, you are absolutely correct. Malloy does not care a bit about the Board of Regents, Higher Education, or anything else other than his own personal image, reputation and opportunities to aspire to higher political positions.

      What is VERY IMPORTANT is that the voters get out there on Election Day, and MAKE A HUGE CHANGE to the makeup of the current Legislature…. We need to have balance, and the current one-party (Dannel’s party) makeup of State government has GOT TO GO.

      We need a Legislature that will stand up to, and challenge, this poor excuse for a Governor that we have allowed to dictate, end-run the Legislative process with all of his “Executive Orders”, and otherwise do whatever he wants to look good in the eyes of the national political organization.


  1. Noteworthy

    And Malloy is angry that it came out or that they wasted all that money, one of the beneficiaries of which, is his good friend?

  2. msavage

    Or, Malloy is angry because, even though he knew all about these raises ahead of time, the media found out about them. And, it makes him look bad politically.

  3. William Donovan

    The real question is who do these “cowboys” report to? Some re-orgs and additional responsibilites to not always mean additional dollars. Total lack of respect. And Colleen Flanagan is earning 150K a year? This is a 75K a year position. The repubs are right, this is out of control spending and I can’t afford it anymore and I’m a Dem.

    1. Mitchell Simpson

      Hopefully you will be voting differently next time .. nationally and locally! This stuff only gets worse if it goes unchecked. Look what’s happening in DC.

  4. Peter Szymonik

    If this makes Governor Malloy angry, then he needs to take a good long look at what is going on in the state’s “family court” system, where literally in spite of the poor economy – judges are routinely funneling millions of dollars from already suffering parents into the hands of unethical GALS who do not perform the services the state assigns to them – or purposely do so slowly and poorly into order to prolong cases and increase what they get paid. This is up to and including routinely forcing parents to liquidate children’s college funds to pay these GALs and under threat of arrest. This is happening every day in our “family court” system. What about it Governor Malloy?

  5. Richard

    Remember Bell California and that scandal? The one where the town council kept approving raises until they were in line to have the state’s first million dollar pensioner? Apparently little Bell did salary comps with Los Angeles and came to the conclusion they needed to match LA salaries and exceed them because their little city of 37,000 was better run and had a higher cost-of-living.

    You need to understand these people and their mindset. The fact CT has a smallish University system with some fairly crappy results in the CC level is of no importance. I’m reasonably sure the results are being compared to states with 10X the responsibility and states with better results to set the salary baselines.

    Seen the scam before in the private sector. We need salary caps

  6. Billy

    That $300,000 could have paid for almost 24 feet of the busway!! Can’t blame Dannel for being mad.

  7. Bill M.

    Malloy is angry, for the same reason as the rest of us are. The difference is he can respond with action unlike some pathetic numbskull who can only make inane and anonymous comments on a website.

  8. MrLogical

    Malloy is angry?

    You bet he is.

    He’s angry because he knew all about these raises and he probably influenced them – especially the 27% raise for his childhood BFF, Mike “I Know Nothing About Higher Education” Meotti.

    Malloy is ANGRY because he’s afraid that when they pull the red thread, it’s going to lead right back to him.

    By strong-arming Kennedy to cancel the raises, Malloy is hoping that this will prevent any investigations into “who knew what…and when did they know it?”

    This stinks to high heaven and the fish rots at the head first.

    Anyone who thinks that Malloy didn’t know about any of these shenanigans must be smoking some medical marijuana. (That’s another of Malloy’s debacles, along with early release of violent felons.)

    Make no mistake: Dan Malloy makes EVERY significant decision in CT state government, and he knows EVERYTHING that goes on in his kingdom.

    Everything, including who get’s double-digit salary increases.

  9. Tom K.

    ..handpicked by Malloy…newly created Board of Regents for Higher Education..$340.000 annual salary for Kennedy…six weeks of annual leave for professional development..ARE YOU SERIOUS?? And then Mr. Malloy comes to me for more taxes because the education budged is higher? Governor, you are a disgrace for this state!

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