Another Poll: Who Is The Most Unpopular Of All?

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Public Policy Polling is out with a survey that suggests that Democrats may want this shutdown mess to last a little longer:

Similar to a Quinnipiac poll released this morning, we find Democrats improving their position on the generic Congressional ballot in the wake of all the controversy about the government shutdown. Democrats lead 45/40 on it, up from a 43/42 spread in July. Two things have caused that shift- Republicans had a 39/27 advantage with independents over the summer but have blown that and now there\’s a tie with them at 34% each. Republicans have also become less supportive of their own party, going from an 82/10 intention to vote GOP to 78/13. That shift has come largely among moderate Republicans who supported their own party 72/17 in July but now do so by only a 59/22 spread.

Approval numbers for Barack Obama and the Democrats and Republicans in Congress come out about how you would expect. Obama\’s approval rating is on negative ground at 45/51, as we\’ve found in our polling for months now. Congressional Democrats are unpopular at a 39/57 approval, but Congressional Republicans are far worse off at 23/69. 

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6 thoughts on “Another Poll: Who Is The Most Unpopular Of All?

  1. DrHunterSThompson

    If all the museums and libraries and govt funded centers in DC are closed, this would be the perfect time for Nicolas Cage to steal the Declaration of Independence.


  2. Connecticut is circling the drain

    Great for Democrats. That should be the motivation they need to keep the Government shut down.

    1. Mr Bill

      the growing majority will I believe confirm that the Republicans and the most right wing of them caused this problem. And we haven’t even reached the debt issues later this or next month.

      Cruz for President of the toilet detail.

      1. Connecticut is circling the drain

        What a refreshing relief it would be if the media would just tell us all the truth about how much financial trouble this country is in instead of
        covering the gridlock in Washington.

  3. johngaltwhereru

    Here is the problem and uselessness of polls regarding the popularity of Congress: Voting Districts.

    The fact that a bunch of people in CT and other blue states don’t like Congressional Republicans is irrelevant, just as people in Red States not liking Congressional Democrats is irrelevant. The vast majority of House Seats are completely safe for the Incumbant or the Incumbant’s party.

    Nationwide polling of Congress as a whole is every bit as irrelevant as polling Iranians about their opinion of US Politicians. Polling voters in swing districts about specific candidates in their specific district would be of value. The only value this story provides is advancing the Liberal Agenda.

    1. Mr Bill

      galt: oh, stop your fiddle faddle about liberals. however, what you have said is correct. it is part of our very corrupt country.

      I hardly have any warmth in my heart for the country. but then again, I have never been a nationalist ever. ever. ever. In youth, I refused to stand when reciting the pledge of allegiance or hearing the national anthem. I am a humanist. I love my fellow man – but not always but that thought is for another time. we are all in this for the money – both you and I and every one else. some of us are worst than others. An example of amoral corruption is the big pharma industry that keeps sudefed on the market without a prescription because the meth lab dealers contribute so much money to obtain this medication. and pharma doesn’t want to lose this revenue stream. I could only hope that sons and daughters of big pharma executsives become addicted to meth.
      Against this backdrop, please don’t get teary-eyed when speaking of the great US. It is all about money. When we invade another nation, we send our naive idealistic youth to go off and die a useless death but then we bury them with stars and sell their body like used cars. (not my line)

      Galt: it is all about money. the districts are all set up to keep the same person in office. Candidates must begin raising money the day after they are elected. The corporate community owns Congress.

      Life goes on as we all pursue money.

      don’t talk to me about the US in warm and fuzzy words.

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