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25 thoughts on “Are You Free? Check Ranking Of States With Most Individual Freedoms

  1. justme

    I thought Connecticut would be the same as New York. It does not take a rocket scientist to know the Malloy Administration has made great advances to stifle our freedoms. Taxation is a good example. Preference to unions is another.

  2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    See what you get when you live in a liberal utopia like Connecticut? High taxes, endless spending and borrowing, a big entitlement state, state worker unions which own Democrat politicians, sanctuary for illegals, parole for violent felons, and lots of “cutting edge” social engineering.

    BOHICA. Last one out turn off the lights.

  3. We Are Blessed

    I LOVE my liberal utopia! CT is not so bad. There are 10 states ranked worse in this list.

    I do see you lying there on that turd as you circle the drain. Wave to the tiny man in the bowl.

    1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      I think you are dead wrong but I admit you did make me laugh with that comment.

    2. I Heart Obama

      I concur that CT is a blessed utopia bastion of LIBERAL heaven on earth.

      God created the most colorful springtime flowers to bloom in sweet surrender to progressive Connecticut.

      Oh Connecticut, let not those nattering nabobs of negativism tarnish thy humane qualities.

      Let not the puss-diseased dollop dogs of Libertarianism besmirch thy pureness.

      Allow that a thousand flowers may bloom for thee.

      Allow that the oak of charters grow the starlit tree.

      Cast out those tyrants who troll like trogs in the night fires and settle their grotesque forms in heaven’s hell.

      1. The Club Obama Beats U With

        I can’t wait to hear your poetry once you run out of other peoples’ money.

  4. Richard

    I don’t get the problem. Just this week Pfizer announced it was plowing under its Connecticut-based World Research Headquarters. No one on the Planet Earth wanted the 7 building facility despite lucrative Government subsidies.

    Is Hartford Life in Simsbury to join the ‘plow under’ crowd like Aetna in Middletown and Pfizer?

    1. Mr Jones

      And Kim says, “give me a men’s room with the strong scent of stale urine and feces or give me…”

  5. enness

    Fantastic. “Hey enness, you may be paying absurd amounts of taxes to a state that is nevertheless in debt, and absurd amounts of rent to live in a half decent area, but hey — you can elope with a chick!”

  6. justme

    The sad part is after snow birding in Florida, I am returning in a few weeks to the insanity and bastion of liberalism.

    1. Mr Jones

      Justme: our liberal arms are wide open but I advise you to keep eyes wide open or you may fall instead on to dirt.

  7. Billabong

    This map is idiocy.

    CT has marriage equality, transgender rights, medical and decriminalized marijuana, voting rights protected by law, anti-discrimination laws, equal access to education guaranteed by the Constitution, laws against racial profiling, abortion-rights, on and on.

    When it comes to individual liberties — the ones that count — CT is one of the freest in the nation. Most states don’t come close to the list in the paragraph above.

    The people who carp about taxes are free to send their kids to school in tax-free Valhallas like Mississippi and Louisiana.

    The people who want to “deregulate” everything are all for freedoms for corporations, no matter what they do to individuals.

    I’ll stick with CT. You’re free — to leave.

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      Very weak. Marriage equality effects a tiny percentage of the State; transgender rights, an even smaller percentage.

      Decriminalized Marijuana? It is still illegal. How very gracious of the Government not to put you in jail for putting a substance in your own body. I’ll call it a freedom or right when it is actually legal.

      Voting rights, anti-profiling laws and anti-discrimination laws are Federal Laws that apply to all States. Abortion is legal in all States.

      Equal access to education is mandated in all States. Of course, it is not really equal access to the same education. The only thing that could possibly level the academic playing field between rich white kids in Glastonbury and poor minority kids in Hartford would be a school choice voucher system. But guess what party hates that idea, and guess which party controls CT.

      CT ranks 32 in personal freedom, which encompasses the individual liberties you mentioned. Not as bad as the 40th overall, but when combined with rankings in the 40’s for all other aspects of freedom, not so impressive.

      So, cherry pick tiny cross sections of what you consider freedom if you wish, but comparative overall freedom in CT is pathetic.

  8. We Are Blessed

    Connecticut should offer incentives for gay-owned businesses to move to Connecticut where we respect their rights and allow them to marry. Put a few ads in newspapers in states that are trying to lure away Connecticut gun businesses.

    1. Circling the Drain in Connecticut

      Since you liberals have done such a great job chasing business and people out of the state, we can expect more brilliant ideas like yours to further crush this state’s economy.

  9. Joe Oberman

    Connecticut’s college educated elite could prepare a TRUTHFUL video on the the wealth inequality in Connecticut… town by town. Nah… too difficult for a geniuses.

    The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. -Albert Einstein

    The Governor and State Legislatures have no limits. Crazy taxation focused directly onto the poor and lower middle class.

    Wealth Inequality in America…


  10. johngaltwhereru

    I will start my consulting by informing you that “dildo” only has 1 “L”.

    Next, I will inform you that just like with Individual Liberty, when it comes to dildos, safety is less important than the Freedom to follow your pursuit of happiness.

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