As Democrats Launch Final Push on Immigrant License Bill, A Top Republican Says He Open to the Idea

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As top Democratic lawmakers launch a final push for a bill that would permit undocumented immigrants to obtain a Connecticut drivers license, the Republican leader in the House said he is open to the idea.

\"caferoLarry Cafero, R-Norwalk, said he is \”intrigued\” by the proposal and would consider backing it provided several \”safeguards\” were added.

\”I\’m very interested in it,\” Cafero said of the bill. But, he added, \”just like everything else in this place, I have to see the language.\’\’

Cafero met Monday with Rep. Juan Candelaria, the New Haven Democrat who is a leading champion of the idea, along with members of the group Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut.

\”The fact of the matter is, we have a lot of people residing in this state and they drive — this isn\’t a state known for its mass transit — and they\’re driving without a license and without insurance…it\’s a matter of pubic safety,\’\’ Cafero said.

But before he can fully embrace the measure, Cafero said he\’d like to see protections put in place to guard against fraud and abuse. Cafero said people seeking licenses should undergo a background check conducted by the state to ensure they are who they say they are.

Cafero also said the licenses obtained by undocumented immigrants should contain a special notation to make sure they aren\’t used to register to vote. And they should have a be valid for a shorter period, perhaps three years, than a conventional license.

Supporters say allowing immigrants without the proper documentation to obtain a license will improve public safety, lower insurance costs, help law enforcement and generate new revenue for the state. Several states, most recently Illinois and Maryland, have enacted similar laws.

The legislature\’s transportation committee held a hearing on the concept earlier this year; more than 2,000 people attended. However the idea failed to make it out the committee.

But members of the broad coalition behind the proposal, including Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney, House Speaker Brendan Sharkey, religious leaders and mayors, say they aren\’t giving up hope that a bill will be passed in the 2013 legislative session, which ends on June 5.

\”It is about common sense,\” New Britain Mayor Tim O\’Brien said at a press conference at the Capitol Monday morning.

Undocumented immigrants are already driving in the state, even though they lack training, licenses and insurance. But because they fear being deported, they are more likely to flee after an accident. \”It doesn\’t make sense for us to have a system of laws that encourage people to leave the scene of a auto accident,\’\’ O\’Brien said.

In addition to the public safety benefits, Sharkey said the proposal sends a powerful signal that Connecticut embraces its diversity. He pledged to \”do everything I can do as speaker\” to ensure the bill is passed.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy did not attend the press conference but he expressed support for the concept.

The governor said Monday that he wants to make sure all motorists have the skill-set required to drive.

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24 thoughts on “As Democrats Launch Final Push on Immigrant License Bill, A Top Republican Says He Open to the Idea

  1. Palin Smith

    Stop calling them undocumented immigrants! Call them what they really are – foreign invaders.

  2. Truth Teller

    Call ‘em what Jay Leno calls ‘em: Undocumented Democrats. Anyone with a brain in his head (even half-wit Billy) can see this is a play by Democrats to lock in illegal immigrant votes for generations to come.

    More free stuff for votes- the Democrat mantra. Welcome to the USSA. Last one turn out the lights.

    1. bill

      Kim the Troll:

      You can be sure that the hoards will be voting for democrats. But it is only a counter-weight to the gerrymandering and other forms of vote restrictions meant to advantage conservatives that republicans have so well taken advantage of.

      Tough luck, Ahole. We will have the national elections both houses of congress and the presidency for decades. We will soon have a majority of a liberal Supreme Court to carry out our activist wishes. Pro-choice, gun control… you name it, baby.

      1. Kim

        Seeing me around every corner again, billyboy? Can’t get me out of your little mind? Must be painful when all you have in life is me haunting your every waking moment, popping out of shadows to taunt you, dogging your every step. Boooo!! LMAO

        How’s your shrine to Kim coming along? Let me guess – it’s in the rest room that you are so obsessed with. What a perfect subject for Criminal Minds you are becoming – a patehtic little toadie consumed with someone he’s never met.

        Time for a fitting for a long-sleeved jacket

      2. Betrayed Democrat

        Is this the same Bill that doesn’t visit these pages anymore because he has a life? The same Bill that doesn’t read these blogs or post here? Yet your childish musings are all over these pages on a daily basis under many names including your own.

        How delusional can one person be katz (or in your case, many persons)? We’re finding out, aren’t we? Such a sad, sad creature. I think I’ll call you Gollum from now on.

        1. Forest Chump

          GOLLUM!! I LOVE IT! The name suits billyboy perfectly. Pathetic, spineless little creature wandering around muttering to himself, obsessed with Kim instead of a ring. ROFLMAO – what a great visual.

          A much-deserved reputation billyboy. Nicely done, FC

          1. I Heart Obama

            I think Kim the Troll and Johngalt as MidasMulligan’s heads are going to explode when Stephen Cobert’s sister wins the runn-off in South Carolina. I say, ‘one seat at a time.”

          2. Kim

            what’s that gollum katz? still slinking around looking for your ‘preciousssss’ Kim?

  3. William Landers

    Has Larry Cafero, R-Norwalk finally lost his mind or is he really showing his true colors (Dem) and that he has been behind the State’s downfalls for the last 20 years and 5 years as the Republican Minority Leader in the state house?

    1. Richard

      It means Larry is open for business! Call him with an offer! What kinds of endorsements and campaign cash comes with this issue? At minimum its a better Spring 2014 issue going into the election.

    2. Finster Baby

      Hey William…saw your “performance” recently on Face the State. Don’t think you should be making any political commentary about anyone…especially after your “bathroom bill” comment to argue against the GOP’s “War on Women.” If you are the “voice” of our CT’s Conservatives then we got some real serious problems.

  4. raving_mad

    Can’t wait until one of these illegal aliens commit a terrorist act and are found with a CT DL. This is unbelieveably foolish.

  5. Jeffry Wright

    Great idea provided it is tied into a path to full of legal immigration AND full tax paying status . Otherwise it just a cheap ploy to pander for votes. Non of which will work in the long term.

  6. dynks

    Are all these illegals going to pay for their licenses or are they going to get them for free like the rest of the free handouts the government gives them already?? What about insurance?? Can all these people afford car insurance, which is certainly far from cheap. There are already way too many people out there that drive without car insurance already. Adding to that population will only screw over the honest hard-working taxpayers of this state.

  7. Johanna Galt

    Larry Cafero is out of his flipping mind! The only thing illegal aliens should be given is deportation. Period.

  8. The Conn-servative

    We shouldn’t even be having this discussion. They’re here illegally. Any attempt at making things better for them is a violation of federal code ####.## and is considered aiding and abetting,which is a chargeable offense. So, all of these political hacks are CURRENTLY breaking the law. Arrest them. What started off as Destefanos sanctuary city and illegal’s id cards has now snowballed into this.
    There is a method to coming to this country legally.We don’t need to circumvent that process by allowing anyone to cut in front of millions of others who are playing by the rules. At look at the chuckleheads in Boston. You political idiots are willing to turn a blind eye to that issue in the name of vote grabbing. This is why I am more concerned about the clowns in Hartford and Wash DC than Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. All of you leftist crybabies are screaming that you can’t label all illegals the same as the two idiots in Boston. But,you certainly don’t have a problem labeling all gun owners ,the way you have done post – Newtown. Liberalism is a mental disease.

  9. ace8888

    These politicians are DELUSIONAL!!! They recognize that illegal immigrants are breaking the law by driving so their answer is to change the law so it’s not illegal??? Do these people get a lobotomy when they take the oath of office?

  10. Adam

    I can’t wait to teach the pistol permit class to one of these newly adopted Government children & I’ll even teach it for FREE!!!
    theres nothing like giving undocumented immigrants access to purchase & carry guns legally. ————————————————-it will be Malloys own little piece of Fast & Furious right here in CT

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