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McKinney Says Foley “Doesn’t Deserve the Opportunity to Lead Our Party Against Dan Malloy”

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With three weeks to go before the Aug. 12 primary, the two Republican candidates for governor continue to spend advertising dollars attacking one another on fiscal matters

On Monday, John McKinney released a blistering new television ad accusing his rival Tom Foley of twisting his stance on budgets and taxes.

“Tom Foley is just not being honest about my record,” an indignant McKinney says in the 30-second commercial.

“The truth is, it’s Tom Foley who won’t cut spending. I will,” said McKinney, who has served in the state Senate for 16 years.

The ad comes less than a week after the Foley campaign began airing a spot branding McKinney and Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy as “career politicians, insiders…pushing failed policies.”

In particular, Foley’s ad claimed McKinney and Malloy both back “billions in higher taxes.”

McKinney released a detailed statement along with his new ad countering Foley’s assertions. His ad also seeks to turn the tables on Foley and link him to Malloy.

“For Tom Foley to knowingly distort my voting record isn’t honest,” McKinney said. “We deserve a governor who has the highest degree of integrity and who will be truthful with the people of Connecticut. My record of fighting for the taxpayers is clear. I am offering real leadership and a plan to fix the state budget. Tom Foley has no plan. He refuses to engage in debates. He doesn’t deserve the opportunity to lead our Party against Dan Malloy this fall.”

McKinney said 19 general fund budget or budget-related tax bills have come up for a vote during his 16 years in the Senate.

“Of those bills, 4 made no tax changes, 5 were bills that cut taxes and 10 were bills that increased taxes. I voted for 4 of the 5 bills that cut taxes. And I voted against tax increases 9 of 10 times,” he said.

The one time he voted for a budget that included a general fund tax increase? That was in 2007 when the cigarette tax rose from $1.51 to $2.00 per pack, McKinney said.

The same year, McKinney also voted for a bill that authorized $500 million in Special Transportation Obligation bonds for the purchase of 342 new rail cars, plus transit buses, a dial-a-ride program for the elderly and disabled, renovations to the state pier in New London and several municipal airports.

“In order to pay for this infrastructure investment the legislature agreed to a phased-in increase in the Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax from 5.0% in 2005 to 8.1% in 2013,” McKinney said.

“Why Tom Foley is opposed to this vital investment in the infrastructure of the transportation systems in our state is beyond me,” McKinney added.


McKinney/Walker Not Attending Christie Event

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Some supporters of Republican gubernatorial candidate John McKinney are grumbling because their candidate was not invited to attend a campaign stop and fundraiser with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie this afternoon.

Christie, a Republican with presidential aspirations, is coming to Greenwich to attend two separate fundraisers for the Republican Governors Association and the Connecticut Republican party.

Christie will appear with McKinney’s rival, Tom Foley, at both fundraisers. The two men will also make a retail campaign stop in Greenwich. Sources said Foley was instrumental in organizing the fundraisers, securing Christie’s participation and finding a location for the events.

McKinney’s running mate, former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker was also not invited to the fundraisers.

Over the weekend, McKinney was highly critical of the state’s party’s role in the race, telling Susan Haigh of the Associated Press that party leadership is actively helping Foley. The Republican gubernatorial nominee will be decided by a primary on Aug. 12.

Connecticut Republican Chairman Jerry Labiola Jr. said only candidates who won the party’s endorsement at the state convention in May were invited to the fundraisers.

“The purpose of Gov. Christie’s visit is straightforward–to raise money to defeat Dan Malloy so that we can pull Connecticut’s economy out of last place.”

While Foley hob-nobs with Christie, McKinney and Walker will be in Southington attending a Republican Town Committee barbecue. They are also scheduled to travel to Danbury to attend an RTC meeting there.

Sen. Maynard Suffers Serious Injury

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Sen. Andrew Maynard is in a Rhode Island hospital after suffering “severe” and “multiple injuries”, including head injuries, as a result of a fall from an outside staircase at his Stonington home early Monday, according to police.


Stonington Police Capt. Jerry Desmond said Maynard, 52, fell “from a significant height” onto the sidewalk outside his home. A neighbor was there at the time and called police at 2:39 a.m. Monday morning, Desmond said.

Maynard was transported initially to Westerly Hospital in Rhode Island and was later transported to another hospital in that state for additional treatment, according to Desmond.

“Our initial investigation indicates an apparent accident,” said Desmond, ” but we will continue to investigate.”

Desmond said Maynard suffered injuries to his head and other parts of his body.

“Family members are with him now, at an area hospital, and are caring for him. His family is asking for privacy while he convalesces,” Senate President Donald Williams and Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney said in a joint statement Monday morning.

Maynard represents the 18th District covering eight towns in the southeastern corner of Connecticut. He is a deputy Senate majority leader and co-chair of the legislature’s Transportation Committee.

Gov. Malloy and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman also released a statement.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Andy and his loved ones,” Malloy and Wyman said.  “Working with him has been an honor and a privilege.  He is a powerful voice for his district and for the issues he cares about.  We join the rest of our colleagues in wishing him a full and fast recovery.”

Republican leaders in the state Senate also expressed their concern. “The thoughts and prayers of the entire Connecticut State Senate Republican caucus go out to Senator Maynard and his family,” Sens. John McKinney and Len Fasano said in a joint statement. “We wish Sen. Maynard a swift recovery.”


Gun Control Activists Will Protest Gov. Christie Visit to Connecticut

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When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie comes to Connecticut Monday, he will be met by protesters supporting tougher gun control measures.

Christie incurred the anger of gun control advocates last month, when he vetoed a bill that would have limited high capacity magazines to no more than ten rounds. He also refused to meet with families who lost loved ones in the Newtown school shootings.

Christie, a Republican, is coming to Connecticut to attend a fundraiser for Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley of Greenwich. The fundraiser will be held in the exclusive Belle Haven neighborhood of Greenwich.

CT Against Gun Violence is organizing a coalition of groups to participate in the demonstration. The group sent out an email blast to supporters asking them to attend the protest.

“Foley is no friend of common-sense gun laws, having stated ‘If I’m governor, any further attempts and restrictions on law-abiding gun owners by our legislature will stop at the governor’s office,”’ the email stated. “Our response is to be there with as large a group as possible to let them know what the Connecticut Effect looks like.”

McKinney, Foley Spar at Courant-Fox CT Debate

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By Matthew Q. Clarida

The gloves came off as John McKinney and Tom Foley, two Republican hopefuls for governor, squared off on the economy, spending, and Common Core in a debate Thursday.

The hourlong forum was held at the Courant’s offices and moderated by the paper’s Christopher P. Keating and Laurie Perez of Fox CT.

McKinney, a state senator from Fairfield and the Republican leader in the senate, was aggressive from the start, attacking Foley for a spending plan McKinney claimed would offer little change from Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s. Foley pledged to hold spending flat, while McKinney has consistently proposed cuts.

“We need to be honest with the people of the state of Connecticut: I have the only plan to reduce spending, in real dollars, in the state of Connecticut,” McKinney said.

McKinney stayed on the offensive when asked about his tax plan. Like Foley, he said that he would cut taxes, but he attacked his opponent for a recent advertisement which said that McKinney has voted with Malloy to raise taxes.

“[Foley] is running as an outsider but his commercial is like that of a typical politician, distorting the facts,” McKinney said.

Foley continued his charge that McKinney, who has served in the state Senate since 1999, is part of a dysfunctional insider’s club in Hartford.

“John McKinney has been in the legislature for 15 years. He’s part of the problem,” Foley said.



Trinity Prof: Blumethal Need Not Say “Pretty Please” on Contraception Mandate

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U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal made headlines earlier this week with his request that Hobby Lobby DEO David Green comply with Connecticut law and provide the company’s employees with contraception coverage–despite a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision saying it did not have to.

But according to Trinity College professor Mark Silk, the state’s senior senator did not need to ask so nicely.

“Connecticut is within its rights to demand that Green provide the full range of contraceptive services to his women employees” in the state, writes Silk, professor of religion in public life and director of Trinity’s Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life.

Read more on Silk’s blog, Spiritual Politics, which appears on the Religion News Service website.


McKinney Receives Public Financing For Gubernatorial Campaign

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As expected, the State Elections Enforcement Commission on Wednesday approved Republican candidate for governor John McKinney’s application to participate in Connecticut’s public campaign financing program.

“Our campaign has gained significant momentum over the last two weeks,” said McKinney, the Republican leader in the state Senate. “Today’s good news will allow us to continue making a case for real change.”

Approval of McKinney’s application comes as the Republican gubernatorial contest enters a more contentious phase in the waning days before the Aug. 12 primary. McKinney’s rival, Greenwich businessman Tom Foley, released a new attack ad targeting both McKinney and Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who is seeking a second term.

“It’s not lost on us that Mr. Foley has decided to launch his first attack ad on the day of our approval,” McKinney said. “We look forward to a competitive primary race.”

The two Republicans will face one another in a debate at noon Thursday at the Hartford Courant. The event is not open to the public but it will be streamed live on and It will also be broadcast on Sunday at 10 a.m. on Fox CT.

McKinney and his running mate, former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker, are set to receive $1.35 million in public money for the Republican primary. In order to qualify, the two candidates raised a total of $250,000 in contribution $100 or less.

“He’ll get the money within two days,’’ attorney Joshua Foley, a spokesman for the State Elections Enforcement Commission, said.

McKinney had announced last week that he would be receiving public financing, but the formal approval did not come until Wednesday.

In addition, 14 of 24 candidates received authorization from the commission to receive public financing for their campaigns.


Walker Begins Airing First TV Ad, Cites Internal Polling Showing Him in the Lead

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David Walker, a Bridgeport Republican running for lieutenant governor, unveiled his first TV commercial Tuesday.

The 30-second ad highlights Walker’s background as a CPA and Reagan appointee who “led the fight to reduce spending an reform government.”

Walker, who has forged a political alliance with gubernatorial candidate John McKinney, told a friendly crowd of Bridgeport Republicans Tuesday night that he is the Republican front-runner in the lieutenant governor’s race, beating his two rivals, Penny Bacchiochi and Heather Bond Somers.

“I’m the leader and I’m the person who should win the lieutenant governor nomination, provided that I can get out my background as compared to the other candidates,” he said, citing internal polling. “I’m leading right now but if I can get my background out as compared to the other candidates, I win comfortably.”

“And interestingly,” Walker added, “I win women by a wide margin.”

Walker says his name recognition is as good or better than that of his two competitors — even in the 2nd Congressional District, which is home to both Bacchiochi and Somers.

“I was really surprised by that because they’ve lived their whole lives,” Walker said. “They’ve been in politics for 10-plus years. I’ve lived in Connecticut for four and a half years…and I’ve never been in politics before. So I think that is encouraging.”

The three lieutenant governor candidates are scheduled to debate on Sunday Aug. 3 in a debate hosted by WFSB and featured on the station’s political show, “Face the State,” Walker said.

Republican Candidates for Governor To Debate Thursday

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The two Republicans running for governor of Connecticut will face one another at a debate in Hartford on Thursday.

Tom Foley, a businessman from Greenwich and former U.S. ambassador to Ireland, and John McKinney of Fairfield, the Republican leader in the state Senate, will square at the Hartford Courant office at noon. The debate is not open to the general public but it will be streamed live on and

It will also be broadcast at 10 a.m. Sun., July 20, on FOX CT’s “Political Power Hour.”

Foley, who won the party’s endorsement at the Republican convention in May, and McKinney are competing in the Aug. 12 primary. The winner will face Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy in the November general election. Independent candidates Joe Visconti and Jonathan Pelto are also working to qualify for a spot on the November ballot.


Hard-Hitting McKinney Ad Takes Aim at Malloy and Foley

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Republican candidate for governor John McKinney’s first TV ad of the 2014 cycle is 30-second blast that criticizes both Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Tom Foley, McKinney’s Republican opponent.

“Dan Malloy raised taxes, increased spending and now Connecticut is broke,” McKinney says. “Tom Foley says he won’t cut spending…that’s not going to fix the problem.”

McKinney, the Republican leader in the state Senate, said he “led the fight against Malloy’s policies and I voted to cut spending and taxes.”

Foley won the Republican party endorsement at its convention in May but McKinney won enough support to qualify for the Aug. 12 primary.

Still, McKinney has persistently lagged behind Foley, the GOP’s 2010 nominee, is public polls. A May survey by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute put McKinney 31 percentage points behind Foley among registered Republicans. Moreover, 71 percent of all voters said they hadn’t heard enough about McKinney to form an opinion.

McKinney’s ad, which begins running Tuesday, is a sharp contrast to the warm and fuzzy tone of Foley’s first TV ad. That spot, which started airing earlier this month, depicts Foley as a suburban Everyman, playing with his young twins on the lawn and fixing a car with his oldest son.

The Malloy campaign also released its first ad today. You can watch that here.