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Parents Call For Legislation On Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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Victor Pena of Darien came to the state Capitol Thursday to press for legislation that would promote awareness about sudden cardiac arrest in student athletes. Pena\’s son Andy, a swimmer and track star, died on a treadmill in 2011 after suffering sudden cardiac arrest.

Malloy v. Jindal Feud, Day 2

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This has potential to be better than the Malloy v. Christie spat. The Democrats may have found their new attack dog.

Earlier today, Gov. Bobby Jindal continued with the Obama-is-king analogy:

\"jindalWhich prompted this from Gov. Malloy\’s people:

\"jindalLike Gov. Malloy, Gov. Jindal also cannot hold back:


Here is Jindal on Fox today:

The Metro North Conductor Who Apologized — 500 Times

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A Metro-North conductor\’s apology for telling passengers that an express train was coming when it wasn\’t has gone viral. NBC has the story of Michael Shaw leaving 500 apology notes. The New York Observer has a good breakdown.of a story that suggests that somebody still cares at the country\’s busiest rail line.

Meanwhile, Shaw tweeted:

Crazy day today. Everyone has been very nice, yes even metronorth. Never thought apologizing 4 something I did wrong would be press worthy.

— Michael Shaw (@Shawdogs65) February 24, 2014

Earlier in the day, passenger Ashleigh Smith helped send the story viral when she tweeted Shaw\’s apology letter:


Later, I realized I know this conductor. A few years ago, he told me all about the Quiet Car.


Gubernatorial Face-Off: Jindal v. Malloy

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Outside the White House today, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal took a swing at President Obama and the Democratic plan to raise the minimum wage:

“The Obama economy is now the minimum wage economy,” Jindal said, accusing the president of “waving the white flag of surrender” on job growth\”

At that point, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy came to the president\’s defense:

GOP Boots Tracker From Trumbull Dinner

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\"tracker\"At a Republican Town Committee event in Trumbull Sunday evening, observant politicos caught a Democratic tracker who had infiltrated the event.  It\’s understandable to see why the Democrats would want to capture remarks at the program — the event featured Tom Foley, Mark Boughton, John McKinney, Toni Boucher, Dave Walker, Heather Bond and Dan Debicella.

The picture of the tracker was posted on Facebook by Tim Herbst, who is running for an undeclared statewide office. The young man was given his money back and kicked out.


The Small Town Agenda

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Coventry Town manager John Elsesser,  vice president of COST, the Connecticut Council of Small Towns, discusses the group\’s legislative agenda:

Blumenthal Proposes College Loan Relief

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\"blumenthalSaying that he\’s leading effort to help students drowning in college debt, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal announced Tuesday that he was writing college presidents to ask for their help.

Blumenthal, in a letter released by his office, told college presidents he wants to give students a \”refinancing option\” so they can find lower rates, much like homeowners do. He said he was also \”developing an initiative to reduce student loan principal for borrowers who pursue teaching, policing, health care service and similar professions.\”

Blumenthal said he would be convening a series of meetings with college leaders to discuss his ideas further.