Biden: Gun Fight Not Over Yet

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\"biden\"Vice President Joe Biden, who led the administration\’s push for gun control after the Newtown massacre, wrote a Sunday op-ed in the Houston Chronicle, promising to continue his efforts. Meanwhile, the NRA was holding a convention in the same city to celebrate their successful defeat of gun control measures in the U.S. Senate.

In a pointed piece, Biden argued in support of a measure to expand background checks, that failed to earn a 60-vote super-majority when introduced as an amendment to the senate\’s gun bill.

\”As the National Rifle Association slogan goes, guns don\’t kill people, people kill people. So why not close giant loopholes in our laws that allow criminals and other potentially dangerous individuals to arm themselves?\”

Despite failure last month, Biden wrote, the fight is not over:

\”We fell short on our first effort to pass Manchin-Toomey in the Senate, but we will not be deterred by one setback. We have an obligation to make sure that the voices of victims, not the voice of the NRA, ring the loudest in this debate.\”

And, as many advocates have done since the measure was defeated, the vice president attacked by name those who voted against it and vowed to hold them accountable:

\”Those very senators are discovering that the political landscape really did change. They are learning that Newtown really did shock the conscience of the nation and that inaction will not be tolerated by Democrats, Republicans or independents.\” Read the full op-ed here.

Efforts to keep gun control alive exist not just in Houston but here in Hartford as well. On Friday, the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force will hold a field hearing hosted by Rep. John Larson. 


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9 thoughts on “Biden: Gun Fight Not Over Yet

  1. Jeb

    There is only one reason why they want gun control. They know what the our country is heading for a complete meltdown. The fed is printing in excess of $85 billion a month. The Kenyan in chief is doing everything possible to jack up the welfare rolls including advertising our welfare programs to the hordes south of the border. Anybody who denies the unsustainability of our current system is delusional. People are buying weapons because they know, at least on some level, that things are breaking down. The little display in Boston was a test of the marial law that is sure to come.

  2. Midas Mulligan

    Kim, aka; America is Dying, Truth Seeker, Patrick Henry:

    You are a married man as you exclaimed and my question is; did you ever tell your wife that you had requested last year that a poster named Carl Solomon go down and do the nasty on you? And you asked this for several days. But wait, you will probably deny this, too.

  3. Richard

    Joe wrote that for the Houston Chronicle? Further proof Joe’s senile.

    When Joe was in touch with his voting base the “Congressman from MBNA” was pushing through credit card friendly legislation to further the aims of lending predators headquartered in Delaware. That’s your home base Joe. Onerous collection methods that would make a grown man cry.

    Gun Control in Houston? Yeah. Right. Did Obama dispatch Colonel Klink to the Russian Front?

    1. bill

      Richard: Instead of yapping about senility + why not deal with the issue? The proposed legislation on background checks is so water-down but certainly a first step in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.

      Our gun control side will get this legislation. Then, hopefully, we will go on to ban all assault weapons across the board. sorry that it might inconvenience you frompop pop popping your little pea shooter on a Saturday morning out on the range.

      but these little pea shooters also kill people. My guess is that you don’t care until or unless it happens to your family.

      1. Richard

        Spare me the sactimonious crap. When CT’s legislature Addresses the 2-mile radius kill zone surrounding the Gold Dome in Hartford then I’m willing to listen to these gun control issues.

        I’m not a gun owner. Never been. Never will be. I detest them. I detest bad legislation just as much. This legislation will not get done what needs to be done. There’s no reason to paint the ugly pig they are pimping as effective gun control.

        1. bill

          bla bla bla…Wich gold dome are you speaking of? The Russian Orthodox Church in Hartford?

          Sometimes, we are unable to enact sweeping and effective legislation do to our all wise founding anal-retentive founders. So we must put forth legislation, compromised and watered down to ineffective levels, little by little, until we have 100 yards of law and then maybe the aggregate of laws become more effective.

          Little by little is the best that can be had.

  4. Sharpshooter

    Joe Biden is right…the fight against the Second Amendment is not over….thank God…

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