Biden: If We Remain Silent In Wake Of Newtown, We Will Be Judged As A Society

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Biden hosted a gun safety roundtable with members of law enforcement and elected officials in Philadelphia Monday. Here\’s what he said about Newtown:

\”The voices of young, babies, at Sandy Hook have been silenced…if we remain silent in the face of this tragedy, I think we\’re going to be judged really harshly as a government, a society.\”

Biden said he just got back from meeting with other world leaders, including Germany\’s Chancellor, France\’s President and England\’s Prime Minister:

\”It was amazing…our European friends–in the middle of discussions about drones and Afghanistan and what\’s going on in Mali–how they would…ask me about Sandy Hook, ask me about proliferation of weapons in this society of ours, the most advanced society in the world.\”

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8 thoughts on “Biden: If We Remain Silent In Wake Of Newtown, We Will Be Judged As A Society

  1. Patrick_Henry

    We’ll be judged alright, Mr. Biden.

    there are thousands and thousand of people every year who may have been victims of violence, burglary, robbery, and even murder, who were ‘rescued’ from this fate because either they or someone around them was able to deter the criminal by making him aware that the criminal was likely to face an armed defense.

    Making these poor victims part of a dog-and-pony show instead of having an honest discussion on the 2nd Amendment and the rights of American citizens, will certainly earn us a judgement – but it won’t be a positive one especially for the two highest office-holders in America.

    1. Mike Robinson

      Biden has been there 4 years. No “doom” yet. When does this “doom” thing happen? How will I know when “doom” is here? Will there be a Bat Signal or something?

      1. Kim

        Mike, you’ll recognize it by 4+ years of 7.9% and higher unemployment. Lower take home pay. Higher taxes. Less freedom. No budget for ANOTHER 4 years, perhaps. A 10% increase in spending in CT. Just a few clues for you.

        But then, you have to be honest enough to recognize it when it slaps you in the face. Fortunately for you, 4 years is plenty of time to ‘bring it home’ – keep an eye on your president and his smiling puppet (an objective ey, if possible).

      2. Kim

        Mike: If there were a signal and all were aware of it, I’m sure you would dismiss it out of hand if doesn’t fit into your liberal mold.

  2. Harry Hoko

    Oh no, not those mambi pambi Europeans from the old world circling around Biden. Maybe we aught to be a little more self reliant and store our provisions and semi automatic rifles next to the hearth. Dark times are ahead.

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