Biden: VAWA Crucial, Domestic Violence Linked To Mass Shootings

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\"biden\"On Thursday, the House voted to renew the Violence Against Women Act, extending its protections for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault to undocumented immigrants, LGBT individuals and Native Americans, who were not covered under the previous law. The Act, which became federal law in 1994 and expired in 2011, has been held up in Washington for more than a year due to those expanded provisions. In a rare display of bipartisanship, the House agreed first to vote on and then to pass the Senate bill with added provisions. 87 Republicans joined all the Democrats in the House to send the bill to the President\’s desk.

The Vice President issued a statement praising Congress for passing the act. Biden, the member of Obama\’s administration who has become the face for aggressively pursuing gun control after Newtown, linked VAWA to gun violence, citing a statistic that nearly half of mass shootings stem from domestic violence:

\”The urgent need for this bill cannot be more obvious.  Consider just one fact—that 40% of all mass shootings started with the murderer targeting their girlfriend, or their wife, or their ex-wife. Among many other important provisions, the new VAWA will increase the use of proven models of reducing domestic violence homicides.\”

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One thought on “Biden: VAWA Crucial, Domestic Violence Linked To Mass Shootings

  1. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Its all coming together for me now! These things are linked to illegal immigration and gay rights and medical marijuana and Obamacare and paid abortions for all and contraception on demand and global warming for none and the muslim brotherhood and nukes for Iran and occupation of wall street and the need for more spending and taxation and borrowing and quantitative easing to pay for all of the above. Its all part of the liberal utopia and I can’t wait until we all hold hands and sing kumbaya together with rainbows in the sky and free stuff for all!

    Thanks Barry and Joe. I get it now. You two are totally awesome!

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