Biden Visit: Invitation Only

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\"joeThere\’s an important caveat to this week\’s gun-control forum at Western Connecticut State University where Vice President Joe Biden will speak.

It\’s by invitation only.

The list will include Newtown residents, law enforcement, mental health experts and others.

So while it\’s certainly historic that Biden will come to Connecticut to talk directly to families, first responders and others, this event isn\’t an open discussion about Newtown and gun control.


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16 thoughts on “Biden Visit: Invitation Only

  1. post 5,500 gun control rally bill

    Left out is whether the press is allowed in. Presumably, it is. If the meeting was for families of lost loved ones,mental health and law enforcement, I would agree. But being a resident of the town shouldn’t be an exclusivity to the exclusion of the general public.

  2. Sharpshooter

    Just wondering why Chris Murphy’s mentor (former senator Chris Dodd and now head lobbyist for the Motion Picture Industry) wasn’t invited to give the keynote address to this select group of people. I’m sure it’s not because he ‘frowns’ or rather ‘bristles’ at the thought that Hollywood has played any part in the subject matter of the meeting

  3. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    The truth is he does not want to be embarrassed when 3 times as many pro gun people come versus anti gun people. Would not look good for his narrative.

  4. Mike Robinson

    Gaffe? Oh, you mean like when the last Vice President shot his friend in the face with a shotgun. That kind of gaffe?

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      No, a gaffe like when the Clinton’s killed Vince Foster. Oops. Never mind. That is just a crazy conspiracy theory, not a gaffe.

      Although, I bet we find out a little more about Mr. Foster’s “suicide” sometime around October of 2016.

    2. Connecticut is Dying Too

      No, I’m talking the idiotic verbal diahhrea kind of gaffe everytime uncle Joe opens his mouth. You know, the ones the press ignores while crucifying Republicans who misspeak? Those kind of gaffes.

      Thanks for playing.

  5. sam

    This terrible tragedy in newtown has become a big photo oppurtunity for our politicians. “Hey want to get some air time and your picture in the paper jump on the anti gun band wagon”. These people are clueless none of this gun banning legislation will curb gun violence. The legal gun owners that all this is aimed at are not the problem. None of this addresses the illegal gun ownership by criminals and mentally ill people. If the politicians address the real problem like for example; the acceptance of everyday violence in the media, the protection of the privacy of the mentally ill, the moral deterioration of our society as a whole, or the social economic issues involved in this. None of those issues will get these grand standing politicians as much air time and newspaper coverage as the anti gun band wagon. Lets face it this is all becoming all about politics and votes and slowly moving away from the real tragedy and real issues that should be addressed. Legal gun owners are not the problem here and if these politicians dont know this then they should resign from office. The state of connecticut already has some of the strictest gun laws pertaining to law abiding gun owners and adding more is going to do nothing to help. Smile for the camera.

  6. Patrick_Henry

    The Obama Administration Reality:

    1. We don’t have a spending problem
    2. You don’t need a gun to protect yourself from rape. That’s why we have call boxes. It’s why we have safe zones. It’s why we have whistles
    3. We’re going to go through our books page by page, line by line to eliminate waste and inefficiency
    4. Food stamps are a sure-fire way to stimulate the economy
    5. This is the most transparent administration in history.
    6. If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan
    7. We will cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term in office
    8. Nothing we are proposing should increase our deficit by one single dime. Not one dime

  7. Patrick_Henry

    President Obama:

    “It’s not bigger government we need”. (Media is silent)

    “And those of us who care deeply about programs like medicare must embrace the need for modest reforms….” (Media is silent)

    “Already, the Affordable Care Act is slowing the growth of health care costs….” (Media is silent)

    “We pay our bills on time and always uphold the full faith and credit of the United States of America….” (Media is silent)

    “After years of talking about it, we are finally poiised to control our own energy future. We produce more oil at home than we have in 15 years….” (Media is silent)

    Media after Marco Rubio speech: “LOOK AT THAT! HE’S DRINKING WATER”!

    Author: unknown

  8. Margaret Stratford

    A legal gun owner owned all the weapons that Adam Lanza carried with him into an elementary school. The weaponry was so powerful that even a locked doorway could not prevent him from entering SHES. Gun owners are certainly a problem when their own guns are taken easily – and these guns are so powerful that multiple shots kill multiple persons instantly – no time to reload – just shoot. Of course background checks should be done with all gun purchases- but the NRA, if you look at their history, makes sure that gun laws are ineffective and even prevent a new director for the very agency that is in charge of amunitions, tobacco, liquor – they ensure no one replaces an empty post – they make sure no one challenges their right to do whatever they want to do – regardless of the consequences. No one is taking away their guns – these new provisions aim towards a future to protect the innocent. If it’s a matter of being armed – then the sharpshooter who was just gunned down would never have died – a weapons expert killed instantly – but someone with far less expertise in handling guns. Something must be done – parents of these children deserve answers, deserve changes – their losses cannot be calculated in the joys of gun ownership that precludes any notion of discussion, implementation of rules that work – and a ceasation of preventing any measures from seeing the light of day.
    Cheney certainly did shoot his friend – Clintons were never in consideration of anything to do with guns – but then again, the NRA never picks valid arguments, just cries over any change at all.

    1. Kim

      Margaret: It is the NRAs’ job to fight back against government attempts to water down the Second Amendment. I for one and grateful for them in that regard.

      You speak of protecting innocents. Are not those who are victims or potential victims of armed criminals, innocent? Are you implying that innocence requires sacrificing yourself to criminals who would harm you? Don’t innocent people have the right to defend themselves? Are you aware that thousands of ‘innocents’ every year are saved from victimhood because they – or someone nearby – was legally armed and came to the rescue? Criminals are bullies and only attack the helpless – do you wish us all to remain helpless in order for you to feel better about restricting gun ownership by legal, responsible, citizens?

      You claim that new laws being proposed will not take anyone’s guns. Can you not concede that laws that make someone’s gun virtually unusable amount to the same thing as taking it away?

      If a law was passed that tires could no longer be sold, what good would buying a new car do for you? If a new law said ‘all existing tires are illegal’ or ‘each person can only own 2 tires’, you would get to keep your car but what good would it do? The end result would be – you can’t use your car? That’s what some of these laws hope to accomplish – they want us to believe that our rights will remain intact while in actuality they are restricting them more and more.

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