\’Blue Collar\’ Boughton Slams Tom Foley

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\"boughtonApparently Ronald Reagan\’s 11th Commandment will be suspended for the next year or so. Mark Boughton, who like Tom Foley is \”exploring\” a run for governor, put out a statement Thursday mocking Foley for opposing public financing for campaigns before embracing the idea this week.


\"foleyPointing to Foley\’s comment this week that he might take advantage of the state\’s generous public financing program for gubernatorial candidates, Boughton noted that Foley has disdained the Citizens Election Program in the past.

\”Why should I pay for my own campaign,\” Foley told reporters in Bridgport Tuesday.  On Thursday, Team Boughton reminded Republicans that in 2010, the Foley for governor campaign stated that \”we don\’t believe it is a proper use of taxpayer dollars to pay for political campaigns…”

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6 thoughts on “\’Blue Collar\’ Boughton Slams Tom Foley

  1. Sharpshooter

    ‘Blue Collar’ Boughton ….you have to be kidding me….I think he’s done a good job in Danbury….but he’s never had a ‘blue collar’ job in his life…guess he’s going for the union vote that doesn’t exist in Danbury..

  2. Mitch Beck

    I have held a lot of respect for Mr. Boughton. I think he is the best Mayor in the state by a country mile and he did a terrific job as the Lt. Governor candidate the last go round.

    However, Mr. Boughton is VERY flippant with his words and is desperately trying to carve out a position at the state level regardless of what he needs to do to get there. He’s touted himself the conservative and yet when the gun-bill came up, he supported it…not exactly a conservative tact to take. And then later he got into an exceptionally childish Twitter war with Roy Occhiogrosso that diminished both men and was questionable in terms of it’s integrity given that Mr. Boughton uses the handle MayorMark to do his fighting. The citizens of Danbury are not and should not be represented in that fashion. If Mr. Boughton wants to Tweet, he’s 100% in his right to do that, although if he’s on working hours it seems pretty questionable for him to be tweeting anything other than Danbury business when he’s on the clock. But so be it. I think Mark should be on his own name when he’s on Twitter because as “Mayor Mark” his comments represent the entire town and I’m certain many don’t agree with all that he’s tweeting.

    But back to this point…

    Mr. Boughton, like John McKinney are looking to have things both ways. Tom Foley would be criticized to death if he self funded, but putting aside the endless, “He’s trying to buy the election” comments – which are stupid enough – now he tries to offer a level playing field and they’re still harassing him. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!

    I would suggest that Mr. Boughton, Mr. McKinney an Ms. Boucher should spend less time attacking Mr. Foley and spend more time making a case to the Republicans of this state why they would make a better candidate to represent the Party against Dan Malloy.

    Is it POSSIBLE to run a positive campaign anymore? I guess we’ll find out who these people want to be soon enough…

  3. Connecticut is circling the drain

    Looks like blue collar Boughton was caught trying to pinch a loaf in the parking lot. Not a good look for you Mark.

  4. Gompers

    Foley’s comments were an insult to the public. “Why should I pay for my own campaign,” smacks of the Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake” quote. Foley has contempt for public financing. Foley made a fortune as a “vulture capitalist” – plundering companies for their assetts and laying off thousands of workers without a concern for their future. Foley is completely unfit to be a candidate for any elected office in a democracy. That is why he is trying to turn America into a plutocracy.

  5. mark

    I wish I was as cool as mitch. Everyone should live by his bloviated opinions according to him. This is a different campaign. That was last campaign. Its politics. It will leave malloy with less to battle with.

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