Blue State Symmetry: California Legislative Session Looks A Lot Like Connecticut\’s

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\"california\"Mattress recycling, a hike in the minimum wage and driver\’s licenses for undocumented immigrants.

Those are all bills that cleared the Connecticut legislature this year. They also won approval from lawmakers in California on Thursday, the final night of the legislative session in Sacramento.

Under the bill approved by the California legislature, the state\’s minimum wage would rise by 25 percent over two years, to $10 an hour on Jan. 1, 2016. That would be the highest in the nation under current rates. Read more about the debate in the Los Angeles Times. Gov. Jerry Brown has said he will sign the measure.

Earlier this year, the Connecticut General Assembly approved — and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed — a bill raising the state\’s hourly minimum wage from the current rate of $8.25 to $8.70 on Jan. 1 and $9 in 2015.

Gov. Brown also indicated he will sign the immigrant driver\’s license bill, which would allow undocumented citizens to obtain a specially marked license. Like Connecticut, the California licenses cannot be used for identification purposes. (Connecticut\’s bill takes effect in Jan., 2015.)

The Golden State also follows the Nutmeg State in mandating mattress recycling. The Connecticut legislature passed a first-in-the-nation law mattress recycling law earlier this year; the measure will assess a fee, likely between $8 and $12, to consumers buying mattresses to cover disposal costs.

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15 thoughts on “Blue State Symmetry: California Legislative Session Looks A Lot Like Connecticut\’s

  1. Richard

    Unlike last session when Jerry Brown and the Democrats ended a good percentage of the state pension abuses by eliminating all spiking, loading and acceleration deals. Base salary only and raised the retirement age and instituted a cap.

    Brown wanted a liwrt cap (median income) and another 5 years for has duty retirements (62 instead of 52) and split the difference at age 57 and a 110k pension cap.

    In CT? The Democrats are bought and sold by the unions. Pension reform? Will never happen when politicians are bought and sold like mongrels at Petco.

  2. Connecticut is circling the drain

    Is nice to know that liberal CA and CT, with large structural debt and deficit issues, are always willing to protect undocumented Democrats, state workers, and urban entitlement voters. They also work hard at social engineering to ensure that they continue their respective death spirals with recycled mattresses and medicinal pot at the ready.

    Meanwhile, the tax paying mules of our states continue to bend over and feel the sting of the tax and spend village idiots who run them (into the ground).

    Well done liberals. You must be so proud.

  3. Kim

    uber-liberal Daniela reports this as if it’s something to be proud of. Is there any wonder why BOTH states are so screwed? The media have abdicated their responsibility to objective journalism.

    Next, Daniela will opine about how proud she is of Obama’s handling of the Syria issue, and how well he’s done at maintaining the U.S. reputation throughout the world. Cheering incompetence and failure is the new way

  4. Kim

    All this crap is getting depressing. I think we need billy to pipe in here with some of his side-splitting political acumen – I could use a good laugh. Every time I read his words, I picture a bozo-looking character in a skirt, with balding head, orange hair, big red nose, huge floppy feet, crap-eating grin, sitting in a men’s room on the NJ turnpike waving his hand under the stalls, and offering money to any takers who’ll allow him to perform. There, it’s helping already

    1. Mr Bill

      No, I won’t go there about you. And understand, I’m not the one who pestered a Carl Solomon in these blogs for days asking him to give you some head until I drew up a psych profile on you relating this need for cuddling to insufficient maternal nurturing in early childhood. Only after I expressed this did you stop pestering Carl Solomon.

      Do you remember? Did you tell your wifey about this hankering of yours?

      Sick dog. At least the FBI has a profile on you in case you threaten anyone. You should not be allowed to have guns. You are too unhinged.

      One more time; do you acknowledge the request once made to Carl Solomon?

    2. Connecticut is circling the drain

      Kim, That outfit is familiar. Billy was once a rodeo clown but he got fired for scaring too many people with his Hillary mask. He now is content selling velvet clown paintings as a small business owner.

      1. Mr Bill

        Drain; You know whaT, though. Kim just illustrated that this back and forth is only a game – a game of wits – who can outwit the other. It is not about life and death. It is not about freedom. It is all bout a gotcha moment. That is all. No need to wrap emotion in it. i can play the game well. but it clearly is not about constitution aNd reason and reaching the heights of truth.

        Kim has proven that it is all about bull crap. So I will shove it right back at him. And you.

        No problem. I don’t loose sleep over it.

          1. Mr Bill

            I understand. but don’t hide behind things stupid such as guns maKing one free. it is the stupidest argument I have ever heard.

            Anyways, what more can be said of a guy named Kim who once begged Carl Solomon for a head job for days. I think it says a lot of your ally, doesn’t it, Drain. do you want to associate with a guy who wants another guy to give him head. I’m just saying. I’m not moraLizing but I think you should try and choose your allies better. Don’t you agree, Drain?

          2. Kim

            “it is the stupidest argument I have ever heard”. If that’s true billy, then you must not be listening to yourself. Virtually everything you post falls under the category ‘stupidest argument ever heard’. See, even YOU can excel at something

  5. peter

    And don’t forget those evil, wicked assault guns, bullets, pistols, magazines, clips, belts, bayonets. They hate those too. Did I forget anything?

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