Blumenthal And Murphy Urge Measures To Address Gun Violence

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Connecticut\’s two U.S. senators sent a letter Friday to Vice President Joe Biden that includes recommendations for reforming the country\’s gun laws.

Biden is heading the White House Task Force on Gun Violence.

\”The recent shootings in Newtown, Connecticut reminded Americans of the horror that is possible when one deranged person can gain access to dangerous weapons,\” wrote Richard Blumenthal and  in the letter. \”The weeks after this terrible mass shooting have been filled with grief and pain, as we have seen firsthand, but the strength and courage of the families and the community should inspire us to prevent gun violence in the future.\”

In their letter, Blumenthal and Murphy say they support a new and expanded assault weapon ban that includes a ban on high capacity magazines. They cited Department of Justice statistics in their letter, saying that a previous ban was responsible for a nearly 7 percent decline in total gun murders.

They also say they want to improve the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, institute universal background checks for gun purchases and require background checks for sales of ammunition.

The senators  say the mental health system needs to be strengthened — and properly funded, and they say they would like to see rules created that would encourage firearm manufacturers to create safer guns.

\”In doing so, we ask that you require of the gun industry what is already required of most other industries,\” the senators wrote.

Blumenthal and Murphy also asked Biden to find a way that would allow federal law enforcement agencies to keep track of gun purchases while also protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Right now, the Department of Justice must destroy records of gun purchases within 24 hours, the senators said.

Both Blumenthal and Murphy will be in Hartford later today to host a round-table discussion on curbing gun violence. State, local and community leaders are expected to participate.

1.11.2013 Letter to Biden about Gun Violence

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38 thoughts on “Blumenthal And Murphy Urge Measures To Address Gun Violence

  1. Peter

    I believe that strengthening requirements along with incorporating some safety features will be of great value to all of us. But as a gun owner and competitive shooter, I also realize that attempts to disarm the population are underway and that’s where many of us part ways.

  2. America Is Dying

    Thank you for joining the NRA. We appreciate your interest in protecting and preserving our Second Amendment rights and promoting safe, responsible gun ownership.

  3. Kim

    I have a letter for Dickie and Murphy (and the rest of them) to read:

    “The historic mismanagement and incompetence displayed by our political ‘leaders’ reminds Americans of the horrors that are possible when a large group of deranged and completely self-centered, self-interested persons can gain access to unlimited, unchecked power in the United States, and control over so many critical decisions, When that mismanagement and incompetence is directed towards the curtailing of our way of life and our essential liberties as envisioned by our forefathers, it is time for citizens of this great country to display the strength and courage necessary to limit this unchecked power and set us back on the right course.”

    These people have SWORN to Defend and Protect the Constitution of the US. When will they start doing so?

    1. CTtax13

      Excellent letter! This should be circulated everywhere and for every topic as they infringe everyday. It’s scary that the majority of the people believe that these elected officials are in Washington representing them when it’s clear they only represent themselves!

  4. Jim Johnson

    More time for Dick, and friends, this has been going on for years no all of a sudden they get off there cans? Just like all the help with storm sandy go down there and see what the people think of you? Nothing but hooooot air and BS along with the rest of the washington crew at the tax payers dime.

  5. America Is Dying

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A schizophrenic ex-Marine convicted of shooting at the Pentagon and other military targets has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.


  6. Jim

    If Murphy and Blumenthal are successful in banning high capacity magazines and demonized rifles, how many mentally deranged people and criminals will pay attention to that ill conceived law? Hmmmmmm…. none of them because criminals and mentally deranged killers don’t pay attention to laws. Try dealing with the root issue rather than punish the law abiding. You have two people here who clearly don’t have a clue about what makes guns work and how to safely handle and store them. Blumey is so concerned with getting press, he’s dropped the plot. Connecticut used to be the firearms manufacturer capital in the US until he jumped on the bandwagon to sue gun manufacturers and drive them out of state and cost Connecticut citizens their jobs.

  7. Izak Gunner

    Who in the hell voted for these two????

    Lets hope that Hoffman’s with it’s buying power can get their hands on 1,000 AR rifles the next time. As far as the Ct (poor excuse for a governor) governor’s recently named panel to look into the “gun” situation they all need to read the article in yesterday’s Norwich Bulletin about Newtown parents “wanting” armed police at their schools. The Newtown schhool superintendewnt also wants the armed police presence!!! Parents were driving around to the different schools to make sure that the police were present!!!!!!
    What if the Cheshire Pedit family had been trained with the use of a firearm??? I guarantee that the outcome of this horrific crime would have been completely different! Since this horrific crime the two murderers and rapists are still alive being fed off of the teat of us Ct taxpayers!! How did our governor with no balls respond – HE VOTED AGAIST THE DEATH PENALTY !!!!! Getting back to the Newtown Norwich Bulletin article the parents in Newtown were not happy at all with the governor’s lack of a recoomendation on the Newtown matter.
    If the governor is of the myopic position that guns do not belong in schools then why does he have an armed chauffer?? Slavery was abolished a long, long time ago!!!! For a while he was chauffered by a black CT State Trooper which made it look even worse simply because historically speaking most “chauffers” back in the day were black!
    The governor fails to realize that he is the governor of a state whose major cities have the highest crime rates in the country and getting close to having the title of a state with growing gangs and gang related problems.
    What has he done about these matters? NOT A DAMNED THING!!! Yet he wants to take guns away from usGod fearing law abiding citizens that PAY HIS SALARY!! ME MUST NOT FORGEWT THAT HE IS OUR EMPLOYEE AND WE ARE HIS EMPLOYER!!!! So many state officials forget this!!!
    Lastly, anyone out there that has a gun permit and guns and those of you that have guns and are not members of the National Rifle Association, PLEASE, PLEASE JOIN ASAP!! The NRA is the only united entity that is fighting for our rights under OUR SECOND AMENDMENT 24-7-365 days a year!!. Teh annual membership fee is only $35.00. If you go to Shooting USA, they will knock $10.00 off of the membersship fee for joining from their website.
    The NRA is facing the biggest gun battle to date and it takes money to fight the fight!! Our politicians are using OUR TAX MONEY to fund their side of the fight to take away and further restrict our gun rights!

    1. The Conn-servative

      Well said. Just thought I might add that with respect to Danny-boy,he has instituted the early criminal release program,to which two of them had been tied to convenient store murders. Where is the lame stream local media on this? Apparently this is acceptable and we should not question it.

  8. Izak Gunner

    Kim says:
    Extremely well said!!

    We have clowns running our Federal, State and most Local governments. The p[oliticians forget that they are OUR SERVANTS and serve at our discression – not the other way around!!

  9. ccbeachcomber

    Good points presented here. Also, any see a connection these despicable acts have occurred at schools or related to someone with problems at school? Would Seem Blumie and Murph’s heroic efforts would be better spent looking at just what in god’s name is going on in the schools where these heinous acts seem to take seed and germinate.

    Putting schools in a full lock down mode and creating a prison-like environment for students is not the answer.

  10. Professor Poop

    All of this gun reform will not succeed unless the 2nd amendment is repealed. It’s funny that most of those who support unmitigated access to guns are to a large degree white males who happen to be a diminishing breed (in percentage terms)in this country.

    1. The Conn-servative

      I find it extremely entertaining that no one,except for my response here,has responded to you continually ranting about repealing the 2nd amendment.There are plenty of other countries in the world that have already implemented your desire.Perhaps you should consider relocating there?

        1. The Conn-servative

          Sorry Kim, I did not see your post to his previous rant on the other blog. I stand corrected.

      1. Kim

        you’re right Conn-servative. The pooperster is one of the first to shoud ‘if you don’t like it leave’ when it suits his purspose. Not so quick the other way around. More examples of the liberal contradictions that seem to rule these days

      2. Repeal 2nd Amendment Bill

        Your statement is false. Professor Poop has been validated on these blogs. I hope you are satisfied with all the blood that you have on your hands.

        Does it feel good to now have children’s blood on you hands?

        1. Kim

          validated? By whom? How? Have you any clue what you’re talking about? I’m guessing your are the poopster, who is famous for multiple identities on these blogs.

          I have no ones’ blood on my hands. You, however, do. You have the blood on your hands of all of those who have fallen for your anti- self protection rhetoric only, at the crucial moment of their dying, realized how you misled them. How do YOU feel knowing that you led someone to their death with your lies and misdirections?

  11. Kevin R

    Blumenthal and Murphy are thinking narrow mindedly on this issue as well as the rest of the democratic leadership in this State and in Washington DC. All of the proposals I’ve heard so far will not prevent gun violence in a school, movie, or a mall. Basically what they are saying is that it is acceptable for a CRIMINAL or MENTALLY ILL person (usually a teenager or someone in their early 20’s who obtained a gun illegally) to go into one of these locations with another type of gun shoot people. Are they saying that it is acceptable (they can live with) one person or child being killed as long as it is not 30? I sure hope not, but how can you reach any other conclusion.

    Banning guns, ammo, and high capacity magazines will not solve anything, it will only take away the rights of law abiding citizens in this country who enjoy the sport and who must now suffer the consequences of our politicians rushing to judgment and implementing bad laws based on a minority of public option that happens to end up as the lead story of our news organizations and on the front page of our papers.

  12. Dr. Ph.D

    Keep in mind that aside from the stripping of rights from the law-abiding gun owners, this is also about money and politics. Banning violent video games and semiautomatic weapons (although it will have zero effect on gun crimes as we already know based on 30+ years of statistics) is much cheaper than paying for security at schools. And it sounds good to liberals who are simply ignorant about guns and gun crime statistics, and that is good for the politicians looking to get re-elected.

  13. kenny

    Hey Murphy where can I get a sweetheart deal from a bank mortagage like you got ?
    Talk about two of the most corrupt lying scumbags on the face of the earth. I can’t wait to move out of this state. I am embarassed to say I live here.
    Eveytme I see Blumenthal’s lying face I want to smash the TV sceen. I like the way WFSB sent a reporter over to Hoffamns to demonize gun buyers. Everytime they interviewed one and they tried to say something, they got cut off. Foxct61 is the only Station not demomizing gun owners. Also gunowners, see the Bill that scumbag Myer proposed ? Only guns that hold one round legal. I wish that carpet bagging POS would go back to NY where he belongs.
    Honestly with a few exceptions like Tony Gugliemi most of the CT politicians are really bottom feeding scum.

    Convicted Felons like Ernie Newton are able to hold office but I can’t hold a gun ??

  14. Izak Gunner

    QUOTE: “Professor Poop says:
    January 12, 2013 at 9:24 am
    All of this gun reform will not succeed unless the 2nd amendment is repealed. It’s funny that most of those who support unmitigated access to guns are to a large degree white males who happen to be a diminishing breed (in percentage terms)in this country.”
    The absent minded professor forgot to include the fact that …..”white males” “legally” get access to guns and “white males” have jobs and pay taxes so that their “non-white,” “non-working,” and “illegally gun toating” counterparts can eat and feed their families!!!
    One racist comment deserves a racist comment!!!

    1. Kim

      there goes the poopster, one of the foremost accusers of racism on these blogs, speaking like a racist. With no facts to support him, no less. Must be nice to be liberal – you don’t have to be committed to anything too difficult to comprehend and can take any position you want, changing your mind from day to day, without batting an eye.

  15. Tom Anderson

    Sen Chris Murphy is a liar. He was just on Fox Ct demonizing the NRA, the organization that has spend millions on gun safety for kids. Shamelessly using dead kids to push his hobby horse is disgusting. He is a fool.

  16. Tania

    Why don’t they start addressing the “drug violence” and the “gang violence” I’m sure they will lay down their guns with the new laws.

  17. Sharpshooter

    Must our esteemed elected officials always lead from behind….they better wait for the next poll before you say anything else

  18. Luciano

    I’m sorry for the 20 children and 6 adults that were killed at Sandy Hook in Newtown,CT that is something all of us will never forget.
    But Mr. Murphy and Mr. Blumenthal are using this excuse to try and play politics.
    No dought it was a tragedy but already I can see that this will not get any traction

  19. Luciano

    The Sandy Hook shootings was a tragedy no question about that and the coward didn’t even have enough brains to take his punishment like a man.
    But if Mr. Murphy and mr. Blumenthal think that they are going to make any progress in getting anything through congress they are going to have a very long wait because the NRA is already putting pressure on congress not to touch it.

    1. Repeal 2nd Amendment Bill

      Luciano; what is taking place in Congress is only the first round. After it is blocked by the obstructionists, the mid terms will roll around so that the sane part of this country can drive the conservative vipers out of office and then progress will be made.

      I suggest patience.

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