Blumenthal: Discussions \’Crystallizing,\’ Agreement in Sight

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Sen. Blumenthal said Monday morning that a deal was in sight on background checks, which have been the sticking point in negotiations as Senators have aimed to reach a bipartisan deal on new gun laws following Newtown.

\”These discussions have been going forward for some time, now crystallizing and possibly reaching an agreement,\” he told CNN\’s Starting Point Monday morning.

Over the weekend, reports indicated that lawmakers were close to reaching a deal on background checks that would expand the current system but stop short of requiring them on all firearms transactions by including some exemptions, including sales between family members. When asked if he and other Democrats, who have previously advocated for universal background checks, would support a more limited expansion, Blumenthal replied:

\”Where there are sufficient limitations it may be possible to gain common ground among all the supporters of gun safety measures…there is a compromise that is feasible and possible but also necessary.\”

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2 thoughts on “Blumenthal: Discussions \’Crystallizing,\’ Agreement in Sight

  1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    No new laws at the federal level. I live in CT and although their legislation is being portrayed as bipartisan and feel good it does nothing to improve safety or save lives. It is strictly a firearms banning, firearms registering, ammunition taxing, ammunition permitting, and firearms confiscation biil. Americans, do not let them do this to the rest of the nation. We as a nation are being dismantled on constitutional rights little by little with every new law. Write every Senator you can and make your voice heard and tell them we will make our voices heard at election time if the constitution is not upheld. Do not let them say that this is for the children, that could not be further from the truth. It has never been about the children at all. It is all an illusion for anti 2 A groups and it is digusting the pandering they are doing. No more giving in and letting them whittle away at our rights. No more laws at the federal level and send a message loud and clear.

    1. Jeb

      Fortunately this is all a waste of time. Even if it does pass the senate it stands a snow balls chance in the house. God forbid they do something useful that might move the country along for the better.

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