Blumenthal Joins Woman Fighting Monster Drinks

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\"monster\"U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal is joining forces with a Guilford woman who told parents not to avoid high-sugar energy drinks in a newsletter she distributes. Monster Beverage is threatening to sue Deborah Kennedy for warning parents in a newsletter she produces. Kennedy did not mention specific drinks in her newsletter.

Blumenthal will hold a press conference with Kennedy today. He is demanding that Monster apologize to Kennedy.


\"monsterLed to this:


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14 thoughts on “Blumenthal Joins Woman Fighting Monster Drinks

  1. wildbill

    Rick: You mean, “to avoid” the drinks?

    for anyone who feels that regulation stifles business, no, it protects the consumer. If we allow the distribution of products that not only causes disease and costly medical in which all of us as a society must eventually pay one way or another, but obesity can lead to death.

    I know Dr Picklehead will respond that everyone one to their devices and vices. and that everyone should pay his/her own medical without the benefit of medicare and medicaid. As a Libertarian, he is off the chart in his ideal society.

    1. wildbill

      And let me further state that the young girl in question did not identify the maker of the energy drink. I do not believe that the term “energy drink” has been or can be trademarked.

      End of story. The drinks are indeed poisonous. So let them sue me. Foolish industry.

    2. Kim

      “If ‘we’ allow…..’

      There goes billy again trying to run everyone’s life. Fix your own first. When that’s done, mind your own business.

    3. Steve (CT)

      That’s correct wildbill, we can’t allow people to harm themselves because that hurts the collective. We can’t allow people to make their own choices because they’re too stupid, the well educated technocrats must make rules & regulations to control everyone’s life.

      Remember, you don’t own your body, the state does.

      1. We are Doomed

        That’s true Steve except in the case of a woman’s right to choose death for her unborn child. We must make exceptions where it is politically expedient.

        1. Professor

          The mad mad little world of Kim the troller, aka Patric Henry, We Re Doomed and I guess a few other twisto personalities yet to be identified.

          It is medication time. Stop wearing your mother’s dress in the mirror.

  2. We are Doomed

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Danang Dick would stop being an AG and start being a US Senator?

  3. SAM

    When does the senator actually work? Is he even thinking about our counrties unemployment or our huge national debt or our states shrinking economy? I guess those items do draw as many cameras and media attention.

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