Blumenthal, Murphy Continue Work Despite Ricin Letter

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State Capitol Bureau Chief Christopher Keating reports:

The two U.S. senators from Connecticut learned about an intercepted envelope containing the deadly poison ricin on Tuesday afternoon but continued their work because the letter was found at a facility many miles from the U.S. Capitol.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal said in a telephone interview: “It’s in the suburbs, but there will be no regular mail for a while – at least the rest of the week. Most senators are concerned, but not unduly alarmed.

\”We’ve been briefed on the investigation that’s ongoing and assured that everything is underway to make sure that the FBI and other investigating authorities apprehend whoever is responsible,\” Blumenthal said. \”We’re assured that the FBI is devoting all the resources and attention that is necessary.’’

CNN reported that the envelope that tested positive for was intercepted at an off-site mail facility in Washington, and that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he was told it was addressed to the office of Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss.

Despite the discovery, the U.S. Senate is anticipating votes Wednesday on high-profile gun legislation in the aftermath of the Dec. 14 Newtown shootings, which left 20 children and six educators dead. Depending on the course of the debate, votes could be held on amendments Wednesday, including one on high-capacity magazines that will be offered by Blumenthal.

“Everything is business as usual in terms of the work of the Senate, but at the same time, the screening is also part of business as usual,’’ Blumenthal said. “For a brief period, they will probably stop regular delivery of all mail while they heighten the screening process.’’

When asked for details on why Wicker would be targeted, Blumenthal said that he could not comment because it was an ongoing investigation.

Blumenthal learned of the incident on Tuesday afternoon during a briefing on the Boston bombing – and authorities mentioned the ricin discovery.

Ben Marter, a spokesman for U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, said that Murphy and his staff learned about the ricin letter on Tuesday afternoon. He noted that no one on Capitol Hill was in any immediate danger because the contaminated letter never reached any Senate offices.

“All mail goes first to an off-site facility, where it’s screened and irradiated before it reaches Capitol Hill,’’ Marter said.


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68 thoughts on “Blumenthal, Murphy Continue Work Despite Ricin Letter

  1. igiveup35

    Hold on a second, Blumenthal and Murphy continued working? On what? Infringing on more people’s rights?

    1. America is Dying

      Who cares if a few liberal joggers were killed in Boston. They probably voted for Barry.

      1. Sharon Johnson

        I thought I read that Kim aka America is Dying, made a threatening statement against the administration. Maybe he is the one who has sent the ricin.

        The FBI has been called to investigate.

      1. CT Citizen

        As Harry The Ferry Reid says…”The citizens don’t need the ability to protect themselves from the government or the police” This POS needs to be removed from office immediately, tried for treason and sentenced appropriately.

    2. Green3nergy

      OMG they’re heroes! Praise Murphy and Blumenthal for continuing to work despite their lives being threatened… Such brave men! Keep up the good fight, keep revoking the rights of free citizens! You guys are so awesome, you should have the power to tell others how to live.

  2. America Is Dying

    Ok folks I believe in your right to own a backpack, but we should require background checks before you purchase a backpack. All backpack purchases should be registered so in case they are used in a bombing we can trace that backpack. Add Pressure Cookers too.

  3. Rich

    Now,tell me why them should not work,and not a word from the two of them about Boston? No chance

  4. The e-Conn-omist

    The authorities will probably take a close look at people who seem to have a strong dislike of these two Senators.

    1. Phil-Wolcott

      Hard at work? Really? Gimmie a break. These two only show up for press ink and a camera lens.

    2. johngaltwhereru


      I see you also hate the 1st Amendment.

      Are the authorities looking into Obama’s, Pelosi’s Schumer’s, Reid’s and the Courant’s cartoonists and columnists hate speech towards Conservatives as well?

  5. America Is Dying

    I can’t believe we have so many TRAITORS in our government. These people are called Senators. If we go the way of gun control believe me we will have cause for martial law and we will be guarded by the United Nations Peace Keeping Forces while our troops are out there policing the Middle East.

    1. Blorf

      Geez, your hate for this country and the people in it is resounding!

      Move, I hear Bulgaria is up and coming!

      1. johngaltwhereru

        No hate on the left, right?

        Everything was praise and sunshine when talking about Bush or the Tea Party, right?

      2. Forest Chump

        Blorf: We believe in the constitution. Those of you who don’t should be the ones who move – preferably to somewhere that shares your views on government.

        I’m sure there are plenty of places that are happy living under the control of the UN or Saudi princes, or an Ayatollah. Don’t like guns? Move to Australia or Britain. Don’t like freedom? Move to the mideast.

        Why expend so much time and effort trying to turn America into what our forefathers were running away from?

        1. Blorf

          I never once mentioned that I do not believe in the constitution! For you to make that comment and draw that conclusion out of what I posted again shows your hate for this country!

          1. America Is Dying

            I never once said this either, Geez,my hate for this country and the people in it is resounding!

            However, You are a Moron.

          2. johngaltwhereru


            Are you a Democrat? A Liberal? Do you support Liberal Democrat politicians?

            If so, wheter you are aware or not, you are supporting destruction of the Constitution.

            Democrats are advocating crushing the 1st Amendment through the fairness doctrine and limiting Conservative speech on College Campuses, not to mention forcing Christians to adhear to things which they are opposed.

            Democrats are crushing the 2nd Amendment and 4th Amendment through gun legislation.

            Democrats have been trying to crush the 10th Amendment since Woodrow Wilson.

            All the while, Liberal Democrats are ignoring the proper Constitutional Amendment process to make their changes.

            Further, Liberal Democrat Presidents appoint Liberal Supreme Court Justices who disregard what the Constitution says, in favor of what they think it should have said. This is in direct opposition to the stated purpose of the Supreme Court in the Constitution.

            So while you may say you believe in the Constitution, if you voted for Obama, Blumenthal or Murphy, your actions say something different.

          3. Jim

            I thought I read that Kim aka America is Dying, made a threatening statement against the administration. Maybe he is the one who has sent the ricen.

        2. The e-Conn-omist

          I’m not moving yet. I am going to post a bunch of messages here every day telling you how awful this place is, and reminding you that I plan to move.

      3. Blorf: They would be dangerous if they were substancial in numbers. but they are fringe and that think that by multiple posting under different names, that they show to be more popular. NOT.

        Kim, American id Dying, Circling the Drain, Patrick Henry. he keeps adding on every day and night. A real troll he is. A retiree’s dream job. Troll posting.

        1. johngaltwhereru

          How does the “fringe” that believe in the Constitution manage to gain massive majorities in the People’s House after just 4 years of control by the Democrats?

          CT politicians are the real fringe. The recent gun legislation would stand no chance of passing in the vast majority of States. Providing and advertising sanctuary to illegal aliens would not be accepted in the vast majority of States.

          1. johngaltwhereru

            Clever. But I hate what is happening to the US, not the country itself.

            Further, I left not because of taxes, but because I do not want my family to live through the disaster Obamacare will be during it’s transition to Single Payer.

            Additionally, I did not want to be a government employee, which is what doctors will become once Single Payer is installed.

          2. Fed Up

            more wildbill ‘not reading these blogs and not posting to them because’ he lives ‘in the real world’.

            What a simpleton

  6. Emily Iverson

    Those two have nothing to worry about when it comes to danger through the mail. They don’t read any mail or emails for that matter. I have been sending an email a day to both of them and a letter a week and have yet to receive any type of reply indicating that my correspondence was read.

  7. Jack

    Glad to see Sen. Blumenthal doesn’t think he was exposed to the poisoned letter personally… just like when he came back from South Vietnam. Two cheers. At least he got this one right …..

    1. John

      I guess I learned my mistake in life, should have told folks I was a US senator, instead of a REAL Vietnam Vet,can’t believe sheeple voted for him.

      1. Patrick Henry

        Absolutely right, John. Fight for your country and freedom, get spit on when you return home.

        Fight against the constitution and towards more government control while taking from the productive to give to everyone else, get respect.

        Topsy-turvy world we are living in. Even Rome lasted longer than the US will likely endure

        1. Patrick Henry

          I used to hang around the men’s rooms on the New Jersey Turnpike in the day. Nice memories. Now that I am retired, maybe I’ll give it a go again. Beside trolling, that is.

          1. jimmyboggs

            yet another example of wildbill/e-Conn/Susan etc not reading these posts and not engaging in posting on these blogs because he lives ‘in the real world’. Is it any wonder he is labeled as a compulsive liar and a troll?

            Anytime there’s a reference to rest rooms we all know who it is. Name doesn’t matter

          2. Kim

            I sit on my couch in my retirement thinking of the good ole days when I planned for a Saturday night jaunt to a new men’s room. There is nothing like the sweet scent of stale urine.

            Hum…I think I will.

          3. Betrayed Democrat

            I can’t hear you Billyboy (prentending to be Kim). The tea bag in your face is muffling your voice. OCD treatment might help you with that rest room problem of yours.

  8. Betrayed Democrat

    I read that the REAL poison in the letter were a few conservative talking points – obviously the more deadly to a couple of liberals.

  9. Steve

    Wonderful. Our Senators decided it’s so important to keep pushing to destroy the very laws they swore to protect and defend, that they will bravely brush aside something that ultimately has no effect on them. I’m even more impressed with this than Blumie risking his life with potentially dangerous Toys for Tots.

  10. Patrick Henry

    –Backpacks should not have an evil or dangerous appearance, or they will be designated as ‘assault backpacks’
    –Special taxes will be assessed on backpacks to fund the new ‘Bureau of Backpacks and Pressure Cookers’ (BBPC)
    –Backpack manufacturers should be held accountable for the actions of their backpacks.
    –Backpack owners are required to purchase insurance.
    –Only one backpack per user.
    –Only 3 pockets per backpack.
    –Only one carry method, either a handle or shoulder strap but not both.
    –Current owners should register their backpacks by 1-1-14.
    –Background checks before you can purchase anything that will be put into the backpack.
    –Backpack manufacturers are not allowed to sell in CT, but they are welcome to continue manufacturing here in the state.
    –A psychological profile will be required before you can purchase a backpack.
    –Annual registration of backpacks is a requirement

      1. Mr. T

        What when people were at least halfway intelligent. Judging by your post, you are just another right wing idiot.

  11. johngaltwhereru

    That is very brave of Murphy and Blumenthal to continue working in a heavily guarded building that did not and could not possibly recieve a Ricin laced letter.

    Almost as brave as when Blumenthal was studying at elitist Colleges and Universities even though there was a war in progress on the other side of the world.

  12. Tom

    The two most useless pieces of garbage are at work doing what? Did Blumenthal learn about bravery while “In Country”? No, he said he was “In country”, but he didn’t mean Vietnam. He meant this country. His idiot sidekick Murphy is too busy running around looking for the cameras. I would bet that both of them are playing footsie in the congressional bathroom with Larry Craig. This is what our country has come down to, media glorifying certifiable idiots. It all starts at the top.

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