Blumenthal, Murphy Turn Up Heat On Guns

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Connecticut\’s Chris Murphy and Richard Blumnenthal joined Newtown families at a morning press conference today:

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21 thoughts on “Blumenthal, Murphy Turn Up Heat On Guns

  1. Kim

    if you look closely you’ll see the puppeteers strings leading to the White House.

    Malloy is controlled more directly, on the other hand (pun intended)

  2. peter

    It’s easy subject to get a lot of press on. God knows if they’ll do anything constructive like stop spending in Washington. It’s all about image, me, me, me.

  3. Sharpshooter

    So surprised….most Vietnam war Veterans are NRA memebers and understand the value of responsible gun ownership…yet, here we have a man who says he was spat upon when he returned from Vietnam and disgraced as a Veteran(his next visit to Vietnam will be his first)and teams up with a mallowed mouth little boy who has probably never held a gun in his hand in his life….says a lot about our ‘senior’ senator

  4. ben shapiro

    It’s amazing how they all quote this made up nonsense that 80%-90% of Americans want more restrictive gun laws. I really want to see the numbers and how they were collected. I call BS.

      1. johngaltwhereru


        Why do 60+ Senators, including at least 15 Democrat Senators, oppose the Assault Weapons Ban if there is 80-90% support for such a measure?

        Is it your opinion that none of them want their seat back, but are afraid to resign, so they are purposely trying to piss their constituents off?

        Or is there a better answer for the enormous gulf between Quinnipiac’s opinion polls and politicians being willing to act upon them.

        1. wildbill

          I don’t know why I want to waste time with an expat, but my answer is to watch and you might learn something.


  5. sam

    What kind of assault weapon do you think bloomy carried in the vietnam when he was there? lol

  6. The Conn-servative

    These Senators will try to attach an awb to a Senate bill amendment next week and will fail. I wonder if they would be equally aggressive in meeting with pro-life groups incessantly,and pushing for a pro-life bill amendment in the coming weeks. Sound of crickets chirping………..

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      The party of compassion has no difficulty killing 55 million unborn babies. Another example of libtardian hypocrisy.

  7. Mike

    2009 & 2010 there were 70,000 people each year arrested for Federal gun aw violations. Each year less than 100 prosecuted. From 2001 to 2007 in CT there were 27,000 people arrested for gun law violations. 71 percent not prosecuted. West Webster NY a man beats his grandmother to death with a claw hammer and somehow is on the streets to ambuse and kill firemen. We need more gun laws?

  8. sam

    This was a horrendous tragedy in Newtown but I think we all are missing the big picture here, all this anti gun BS is keeping other major issues out of the spotlight that have been facing our state long before this happened. Such as high unemployment, out of control WASTEFUL spending, the biggest tax hike in state history and still the state is running in the red, no real budget in site, politicians that dont have a clue what they are doing etc.. etc.. The contolling party in hartford doesnt want this out of the news because then maybe people may start asking what they are actually doing about these other major issues facing our state. Do you really think our politicians want to address the real issues when they can be grandstanding and getting all this media attention with this gun control controversy?

    1. The Conn-servative

      Wholeheartedly agree.The gun grandstanding is serving as a smokescreen for the hi unemployment,budget deficit,tax hikes,etc.

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