Blumenthal, Murphy Denounce Government Scrutiny of AP Phone Records

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One day after U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal expressed outrage at the Internal Revenue Service\’s apparent targeting of conservative groups for federal tax scrutiny, the Democrat from Connecticut said he was \”deeply troubled\” about reports that the U.S. Department of Justice was collecting phone records from the Associated Press.

“I am deeply troubled by reports of the federal government’s apparently sweeping information collection from Associated Press bureaus, including Hartford. I am concerned that this investigative action may fail to meet the government’s high burden when invasion of privacy and chilling effects on First Amendment rights are at risk. Long accepted and strongly established constitutional principles of free expression and profoundly important public interests protect the press from government interference and intrusion. The Department of Justice must be forthcoming with the facts as soon as possible.”  

UPDATE: U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy also released a statement on the matter:

\”We rely on the Department of Justice to enforce federal laws in our country and help keep Americans safe, and we trust that the leadership there is working steadfastly to accomplish that mission. It\’s incumbent on the Justice Department to explain why they\’ve seized telephone records from reporters and editors at The Associated Press so that their actions don\’t have a chilling effect on the freedom of the press.\”

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10 thoughts on “Blumenthal, Murphy Denounce Government Scrutiny of AP Phone Records

  1. enness

    With some individuals, I rejoice when they get something, anything right. It’s a shame something so egregious had to happen to bring people together.

  2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    “I am deeply troubled ……. By reports of our senior US senator not being truthful about his service in Vietnam.”

    “We rely on………..our elected officials telling the truth so we can trust them to make decisions that affect all of us.”


  3. Himmler

    Just like I said get rid of the 2nd ammendment and the first will follow. If you speak out against the POTUS you will go down. Laws mean nothing to this President he will do what he wants and blame the little guy. It will only get worse big government will destroy the US.

  4. Kim

    Mr Blumenthal: Are you beginning to understand what the 2nd Amendment is about yet? If not, you should catch up and fast

  5. Disgusted former Democrat

    Semper Lie Blumenthal and his lightweight protege Murphy should remove Holder (who did an armed takeover of the ROTC building while a communist in training at Columbia) before the TelePrompTer king gets impeached!! The parallels between Hussein Obama and Nixon are eerie.

    1. The Conn-servative

      What’s not common between the Commander in Thief and Nixon is that with Nixon,there were no fatalities during Watergate. If nothing happens to this chucklehead Obama,then a new despicable standard will have been set.

  6. Midas Mulligan

    I note 3 posts under different names but all made by the famous Kim. Why, Kim? Do you think that by multiple posting you will convince others of the over whelming positions that you take?

    1. Kim

      great post from billy gollum disguised under one of his 16 (so far) names. To top it off, he’s plagiarizing my words to him on this subject. Your hypocrisy is only matched by your belief in your crystal ball, as evidenced by your pretending to know who is who on these pages.

      good for your gollum.

    2. Kim

      and just to show how wrong you are (as usual gollum), I have only posted under my name here.

      Now answer your own question but direct it at yourself – I’ve asked it of you often enough for you to adopt it here as your own: why the Midas Mulligan name instead of gollum or bill katz?

      Never mind, the answer lies in the question you plagiarized from me – you realize your position is untenable so want others to think that you have support for them. You even have 3- and 4-way conversations with yourself on these blogs, asking and answering your own questions.

      Such a pathetic, lonely creature – well deserved, I’m sure.

  7. Kim

    Seeing me around every corner again, billyboy? Can’t get me out of your little mind? Must be painful when all you have in life is me haunting your every waking moment, popping out of shadows to taunt you, dogging your every step. Boooo!! LMAO

    How’s your shrine to Kim coming along? Let me guess – it’s in the rest room that you are so obsessed with. What a perfect subject for Criminal Minds you are becoming – a patehtic little toadie consumed with someone he’s never met.

    Time for a fitting for a long-sleeved jacket

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