Blumenthal Says Impact Of Cuts Will Come in Waves; Seeking To Avoid Tweed Airport Cuts

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Chris Keating sends this dispatch:

NEW HAVEN – Facing possible furloughs of air traffic controllers, Connecticut\’s two U. S. senators came to Tweed New Haven Airport on Friday to oppose any federal budget cuts that could hurt the airport.

The senators oppose the automatic spending cuts that are imminent across the country because of an overall lack of agreement between Congress and President Barack Obama in the process that has become known as \”sequestration.\’\’

At the nation\’s airports, no furloughs would take place for at least one month – and Tweed could be spared if other airports are chosen for cuts.

Tweed is currently on a list of about 200 airports, and 100 might be chosen if Congress fails to reach a deal.

If there is any disruption at Tweed, that would push more traffic to places like LaGuardia Airport and JFK Airport in New York City. \”There will be long lines. There will be canceled flights,\” Sen. Dick Blumenthal said.

He added, \”The great enemy is uncertainty and confusion.\”

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27 thoughts on “Blumenthal Says Impact Of Cuts Will Come in Waves; Seeking To Avoid Tweed Airport Cuts

  1. sam

    “Again” Maybe if our politicians had been doing their jobs, they could have sat down and found areas where cuts could have been made that would not hurt as bad. They have had over a year and a half to figure this out. But no instead they were grandstanding for media attention most recently with the anti gun groups. I read the free phone program cost taxpayers 2.2 billion tax dollars alone, that should be your first item you cut. How about we put all federal politicians paychecks on hold until they go back to Washington and straighten out this mess “THEY CREATED” , and have them fix it “WITHOUT RAISING TAXES” and then only start paying them again when they pass a “Balanced Budget”. Its time these politicians we send to Washington start doing their jobs.

    1. Patrick_Henry

      some of those free phone recipients have 4 or more phones. The problem is that the companies providing the phones have only the incentive to provide them – no incentive to be honest or to cut out cheating, etc.

      Here’s an idea: If they can’t balance the budget every year they forfeit the opportunity to run for reelction

  2. Richard

    Has CT enacted Pension Reform? Capped state employee HealthCare cost increases at 1% below general inflation? Halted the cycle of grotesque enrichment in the 6 figure state employee job classifications and appointee classes? Accepted the $300 million in Race to the Top education funds offered? Allowed the merger of St Mary’s and Waterbury Hospital to allow $400 million in construction to go forward?

    What? We don’t need any of that money? We already have all the money we need in CT

    What would CT do with the money? End homelessness? Increase home ownership? Rebuild urban housing? Raise the mnimum wage and offer full employment on demand?

    No? The money would simply be used to do the same things the state does now? And more of it?

    No, Dick, let the sequester happen. CT needs to learn to budget and prioritize. It might force a Democrat to become a visionary and rethink government. Or a third party. Anything but the status quo Dick. Anything.

      1. Kim

        we can add ‘harry hoku’ to the list of personalities under the wildbill/jimmyboggs/rally/ entity. I think that makes it 8 now. Just a couple more and he’ll be competing with Sybil

          1. Harry Hoku

            Hey buddy, I’m not that cretin, JimmyBoggs or any of his other personalities. He is just playing smoke and mirrors. Don’t let him upset you. You’re a good person. For this reason, I don’t often post here. Anyways, I have other obligations.

            But I’ll continue to add my 2 cents once in awhile.

  3. The Conn-servative

    The video shows a bunch of stupid politicians elected by an even stupider electorate. Not a day goes without the Bloomin’Onion getting his mug in the news.

  4. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Is this the Danang Dick Blumenthal fan club? How on earth did this guy get elected to the US Senate?

  5. justme

    The International Olympic Committee announced today that it has taken back the gold medalpreviously awarded to American skier Lindsey Vonn and given it to U.S. President Barack Obama. Olympic officials said Obama deserved the medal more than Vonn because no one has ever taken a country downhill faster than he has.

  6. Paul Memoli

    Do you really think that the Democrats and the GOP could not come up with a budget? They did, and the Sequester is it. This way when necessary cuts have to be made, like those in Greece, both sides can sigh and blame the other side for all the domestic turmoil that is going to erupt, but really, both sides decided early on that it was for the best.

  7. Sharpshooter

    Ah…there’s our Blumey…in ‘shield’ mode hoping to protect us all from the sky falling. I didn’t hear one word from him in his first term indicating that the Senate should pass a budget…you’d think an abused war hero would speak up for the responsibilities he swore to uphold…

  8. sam

    This is just politics as usual, what else can we expect from these people. Its always some one else’s fault. These people are elected to do a job and they are paid very well with benefits like no one else has, but unfortunately all they seem to do is campaign for the next election. The funny thing is thet majority of voters just keep voting these people into office. If these people instead of posing for the media and for these photo ops, actually did the job they were elected to do and sat down and went thru each agency and looked to eliminate waste they could probably find more than 85 billion. The most hillarious thing is here we are cutting 85 billion and in the last 4 days we have promised to give 65 milion to Siria and 250 million to Egypt. F### those countries we need that money our country has its own financial problems we dont need to be giving away money we dont have.

  9. Kim

    Please note that billyboy/jimmyboggs/rallyforguncontrol is now posting under my name. If you have any doubts, I think my positions have been quite clear. Any sudden turnarounds or changes of heart should be attributed to this newest cowardly act by the blog joker.

    Rick Green, if you want to control something here’s a good place to start. I’m sure you would take an interest if users started calling themselves Rick Green. Hmmmmm, something worth considering……

    You would think that with all the censorship going on on these blogs, the Courant would at least make it impossible for someone else to use your name. The simple and obvious message would be: ‘this user name or login ID is already in use – please choose another’.

    1. Kim

      The above message, although I agree with it, is not mine. I’m will call out that imposter rallybillyboggs every time he does something to me. I’m feed up and I’m not gonna take it any more.

  10. Bill

    Kim. poor Kim. You must feel so bad. You are running to the Hartford Courant to complain. I can’t believe it. You actually bother these journalists about these posts? Do you need your mommy?

    Poor Kimmie.

    1. Johngaltwhereru


      Maybe Advocacy Journalists. Otherwise, the term you are looking for is Propagandists or Opinionists.

  11. Kim

    The truth about Budget Politics:

    “At the local level, the first response to budget cuts is often to cut the police department and the fire department. There may be all sorts of wasteful boondoggles that could have been cut instead, but that would not produce the public alarm that reducing police protection and fire protection can produce. And public alarm is what can get budget cuts restored.

    The Obama administration is following the same pattern. The Department of Homeland Security, for example, released thousands of illegal aliens from prisons to save money — and create alarm.

    The Federal Aviation Administration says it is planning to cut back on the number of air traffic controllers, which would, at a minimum, create delays for airline passengers, in addition to fears for safety that can create more public alarm.”

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