Sen. Toni Boucher of Wilton Exploring Run For Governor; Facing Better-Known Opponents in 2014 Race

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In a surprise, Republican state Sen. Toni Boucher announced Tuesday that she is exploring a run for governor – a formidable task against better-known opponents.

\"boucher\"A state legislator for the past 17 years, Boucher, 63, is joining an already crowded field that includes Senate Republican leader John McKinney of Fairfield and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. Political insiders fully expect Greenwich multimillionaire Tom Foley to run in a rematch against Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, but neither Foley nor Malloy has made any official announcements.

All of those candidates are better known than Boucher. McKinney has served more than 15 years in the state Senate and comes from a prominent political family that rose to power in Fairfield County through the work of his late father, Stewart, who served for 17 years in the U.S. Congress. Boughton ran statewide on Foley\’s ticket in 2010, and Foley came within one half of 1 percent of Malloy in Connecticut\’s closest gubernatorial election in more than 50 years.

Republicans clearly think that Malloy is politically vulnerable, and National Public Radio said this week that Malloy ranks among the most vulnerable in the 36 states that will be voting for governor in 2014. All four Republicans are from Fairfield County, which is the party\’s stronghold in Connecticut.

\”I grew up in Connecticut at a time when it was one of the country’s most prosperous states,\’\’ Boucher said. \”Now, thanks to the irresponsible policies of one-party rule, its economy ranks dead last. We have one of the heaviest tax burdens in the country, one of the worst environments for business, the nation’s highest per capita debt, dangerously unfunded pension liabilities, and the dubious distinction of being the worst state for retirement.
Boucher added, “I love Connecticut, and I can’t stand by while the policies of the Malloy administration and the Democratically-controlled legislature drag it to the bottom of almost every economic ranking. That’s why I am exploring the opportunity to run for governor.\’\’

Standing 4 feet 11 inches tall, Boucher is known for her impassioned speeches against marijuana at the state Capitol. She has delivered several marathon speeches in the House and the Senate through the years in attempts to stop proposals to legalize medical marijuana and decriminalize possession of small amounts of the drug.

On the House floor in 2007, Boucher spent more than three hours asking questions and speaking about the deleterious effects of marijuana. She prepared more than 50 amendments, but she stopped after the first seven amendments on medical marijuana had been defeated by the Democratic majority.

Talking to a small group of political reporters outside the Capitol, Boucher said that she had been able to live the American Dream.

\”That dream does not seem to be possible out there,\’\’ Boucher said Tuesday. \”Too many people are saying they can\’t afford to stay here.\’\’

Born at home in Italy without a midwife, Boucher moved to the United States at the age of five and worked her way up the political ladder at the local level during 10 years on the Wilton school board and board of selectmen. She once said that her father had a sixth-grade education. Boucher holds a bachelor\’s degree from American University and an M.B.A. from the University of Connecticut.

A legislator since January 1997 when she joined the House of Representatives, Boucher currently serves as the ranking member of the higher education, transportation, and education committees.

\"boucherMany insiders had expected that Boucher would run for lieutenant governor, but instead she announced she\’s exploring a run for governor.

Boucher and her team were careful to emphasize that they had created an exploratory committee, rather than a full candidate committee. Business cards that were printed said it is \”an exploratory committee for statewide office. Nothing in this document should be construed as declaring a candidacy for any office.\’\’

If the exploratory committee does not lead to raising substantial money, Boucher did not rule out running again for the state Senate.

Married for more than 40 years, Boucher has three children and five grandchildren.

(PHOTO: Boucher makes her point directly to House Republican leader Larry Cafero of Norwalk at the state Capitol).

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28 thoughts on “Sen. Toni Boucher of Wilton Exploring Run For Governor; Facing Better-Known Opponents in 2014 Race

  1. Joe Visconti

    Welcome to the race Toni! As the first declared Republican in the race I’m glad to read you as Senator McKinney have chosen to repeat my campaign theme ” I Love Connecticut” which was launched on April 4th the day I registered to run. Good Luck!!!!

    Paid for by Visconti for Governor, Susan Lavelli Treasurer

  2. Palin Smith

    Toni Boucher might get a job as assistant “water boy”, but governor, help me stop laughing! Senator Boucher is one of 26 elitist Republican snobs who sided with the Democrat gun grabbers in the General Assembly. There’s a video on you tube that identifies and mocks those 26. Many of them will find difficulty getting reelected in 2014. Governor Toni? You gotta be kidding me!

    1. Erika J

      That’s what I was afraid of. We need a Governor who will take back the ridiculous gun laws and stop attacking the law abiding citizens!

  3. Steven Rosenbaum

    At what point in time will the reporters and editors of this most august and respected media outlet cease to use the prefix “Greenwich multimillionaire” when describing Tom Foley? According to a competing media outlet,
    “4th District Rep. Jim Himes has a net worth was estimated between $2.6 million and $6 million. Himes is the 72nd richest member of the House.” Yet he is never described by the savants of the Courant as a “Greenwich multimillionaire.” Perhaps the day will come, when unemployment is low and economic activity is high, that the reporters and editors of the Courant will see the error(s) of their ways. Alas, I do not see this day coming anytime soon.

    1. Doug

      So Tom Foley spent more on his 2010 campaign than Jim Himes’ net worth. Jim Himes is a member of Congress who happened to make a lot of money in an earlier career. Tom Foley is a millionaire and little more. What, apart from his wealth and the unseemly ways he built it up, qualifies Tom Foley to be governor?

      1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

        Doug in other words is telling us that Democrat millionaires are somehow deserving and just but Republican millionaires are bad and not to be trusted. Thanks Doug for yet another lesson in liberal hypocrisy and selective tolerance.

        Also Doug, can you enlighten us given your criteria for Governor how Barack Obama was qualified to be the leader of the free world in 2008?

        1. Billy

          Only after telling me how W Bush was qualified to be Pres after screwing everything he touched in his life.

          1. Connecticut is circling the drain

            Billy, bush was a standing Governor and businessman. Tell us about your hero’s vast experience. We are all ears.

            Are the voices in your head growing louder?

          2. Billy

            Toilet Drain: by default, considering the growing senility of John MaCain, his opposition, Obama gained the presidency. Also, bury the term, “leader of the free world” or the definition will most certainly bury the US.

            Most economists have agreed that it was necessary to flood the markets with capital in order to avoid a depression. As well, most economists agree that deficit spending was the better method not reduction.

            And he passed though with much need for repair, The Affordable Health Care Act, which is now the law of the land. Get used to it or surrender your passport and find another country to live in.

            He is not a perfect president but perfection in that office doesn’t exist.

        2. Kim

          great question Drain. Don’t expect any answers resembling reason or honesty. Misdirection and attacks are more likely. Wait for it

  4. The Great Pazuzu

    Absent of Malloy running again, this is one of the last things Connecticut needs. Another wealthy, out of touch bozo’s with a massive sense of entitlement. A sock puppet for the wealthy, a voice for the uber-priveledged and n one else.

    Doucher is nothing less that Tom Fooley wearing lipstick. CT deserves a better candidate than this sawed-off walking bad idea.

    1. Connecticut is circling the drain

      Another jealous class warfare libtard heard from. The great Pissazhole has no problem with rich Democrats like Danang Dick Blumenthal but somehow rich Republicans are a problem. Don’t be fooled by this socialist 1% BS.

      1. The Great Pazuzu

        The Great Pazuzu will address this fecal spewing sphincter.

        We must indeed be in the presence of absolute greatness, of a mind unlike any other. In two small paragraphs, this Mensa candidate has deduced I am a liberal, a progenitor of class warfare, a socialist, and seemingly an advocate for the democrats.

        For the record, without going to the Rush Limbaugh or Fox News site, can you even define socialist/socialism? Let’s try liberal. I’m getting the feeling anyone who disagrees with you is a “libtard” or a socialist. You must be loads of fun at family gatherings.

        CT is indeed circling the drain and the downward spiral is being led by a fetid bowel nugget such as yourself. Be proud. Someone must lead your and your people.


        Walk on home, boy.

        1. Connecticut is circling the drain

          Wow. I’m awed by your mere presence. Not. Now address the substance of my response. Why are rich Republicans like Foley unworthy and ripped by the media while rich Democrats like Blumenthal and Himes elected? Why the double standard? If wealth is an exclusionary criteria, there would be few if any candidates for any major office.

        2. Billy

          Well said Pazuzu:

          Your incisive reporting kept toilet Drain up so long that he couldn’t get any sleep.

        3. Kim

          “In two small paragraphs, this Mensa candidate has deduced I am a liberal, a progenitor of class warfare, a socialist, and seemingly an advocate for the democrats.”

          And you’ve done and said nothing to refute this apparently spot-on description

    2. The Conn-servative

      Ah news flash d-bag. If you think that the wealthy,privilege,and upper class only defines the so called Republican party,feel free to pull your head out of your ass anytime and gives us your best Al Jolsen.
      Of the two parties,you swine are more of the elitist pigs. Living more off of cronyism and nepotism and just plain general crookedness. I have seen it with a neighbor and it is despicable. Yes,the Repubs do it to,but you libtards have it all sewn up in CT. To think this way in our state,where you scum have maintained a majority in Hartford for a very long time,it is practically impossible for the Republicans to have first place in this arena.

  5. Kim

    I see the all-powerful Rick Green censored another one of my very harmless remarks for no apparent reason other than he doesn’t like anti-liberal, anti-billy postings. At the same time he continues to let billy spew hatred and personal attacks. It was a simple Acronym like the others used here, but slanted against the liberal ideology. Nothing offensive, nothing profane, just anti-liberal.

    Maybe enought letters to his bosses will cost him his job as high and mighty decider of who gets to say what

    1. Billy Boggs

      Kim: I asked him as a personal favor to delete several of your posts. And if you don’t behave yourself we will delete you and I mean delete.

      1. Kim

        sounds like a personal threat, bonehead. If I were billy, I’d be running down to the nearest police station with my tail between my legs in fear for my very life (remember that, o courageous billy? Remember how they laughed you out of the station for the paranoid delusional you are, little sister?).

        Hopefully, someone is taking your pro-government stance and monitoring these pages. If so, they will see your obvious threat and label you – finally – as a danger to yourself and others. Your emotional instability is well-documented on the pages. As is you cowardice, untruthfulness, and ignorance.

        I have no doubt you’re in bed with Rick Green and/or someone else at the Courant (both literally and figuratively). Right after you commit some predictable act of violence the police will expose the collusion between you and them,. Then your pals at the paper who condone and even encourage your madcap behavior and rude, threatening posts (while censoring calmer opinions that only disagree with their viewpoints) can go down with you. I’ll jump at the chance to be on the jury

        1. Billy Boggs

          Kim: no personal threat expressed or intended. I only spoke of having your posts deleted. and I mean deleted.

          If I didn’t take so much time calling you out for the person you are, you would read without disruption from me that I believe the government is not to be trusted and that it must always be monitored. You have forgotten the piece that I wrote but I will cut and past and this should allow you to understand my position.

          Welcome to the United Police States of America

          In the movie “The Graduate” Dustin Hoffman’s character was advised to get into “plastics,” which was a cute double entendre on phonyness and the growth industry of that most unnatural of products in the 1960s. Today, had NSA leaker Edward Snowdon graduated from high school, an uncle at his after party might have suggested “security” as the modern equivalent of a good growth industry to enter.

          We have acclimated to the notion that our privacy loss is a product of the Information Age. We accept that our buying habits are scrutinized and exploited for commercial purposes. The US government has indulged in the preoccupation for data collection on everyone for the purposes of keeping us safe and secure.

          Danial Elsberg, the person who once leaked documents in what is forever known as “The Pentagon Papers,” wouldn’t stand a chance remaining free today. He would be prosecuted, persecuted and sent to a dungeon never to be heard from again.

          Today, we seem to accept as fact that our freedoms MUST be curtailed in an effort to combat the current war against terrorism. We agree with little protest that the government actually has a right to snoop against our news media. And the first amendment is conveniently tossed out the window as a first step in this new police state.

          Today, we ridicule the messenger for being uneducated and question his motives. But he becomes irrelevant to the issue that he exposed.

          Today we engage in wars of preemption. Wars for oil. We give our “friends” in the Middle East a blank check to ethnically cleanse and then wonder why we have enemies.

          As in ancient Greek mythology; Hydra of Lerna, the snake-like monster that grew two heads every time one head was cut off; today, we effectively kill off terrorist leadership through the drone program only to inspire and breed a new generation of terrorists.

          Now, we are them.

          The modern ethos of the United States is the Orwellian concept of constant war. The enemies change but the idea of ever present war to distract the masses and employ and grow the old military industrial complex now morphed into the government/private intelligence complex – a mad, modern and very growing  monster, remains.

          We could choose, if we wanted, to contemplate why there is such hatred against this country and the West in general and then address how to reduce or eliminate the causes of this violence through new foreign policy initiatives.
          We have traditionally approached almost insurmountable social and racial disparities in our own history and have made great advances to resolve them.
          But not a word is spoken on the topic of the causes and solutions of global terrorism – the one exception being how to advance precision killing.
          It seems that it is just too problematic to find solutions to violence.
          Besides, the profit motive for forging peace has been lost. Constant war. Loose your freedom and be secure.

          And don’t forget for Christ’s sake, God is on our side.

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