Brother Of Newtown Teacher To Attend State Of The Union Address

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UPDATE: Friday afternoon,U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty said she was inviting Natalie Hammond, the lead teacher  teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School who survived being shot on Dec. 14. See the story here.

\"UndatedU.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro said Friday that Carlos Soto, whose sister, Vicki Soto, was killed in the Newton shootings on Dec. 14, will be her guest at President Obama’s State of the Union address next Tuesday.

Here’s her announcement:

WASHINGTON, DC—Carlos Soto, the brother of Vicki Soto, will attend the State of the Union address as a guest of Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), she announced today. Vicki Soto has been hailed as a hero for protecting the lives of her first graders in the Sandy Hook attack.

“Having Carlos at the State of the Union will be a powerful reminder that the victims of gun violence are not statistics. And they are not even just the people who are physically wounded by a bullet. They are parents, siblings, families, co-workers and friends. The Sotos and the other Sandy Hook families have shown tremendous courage by speaking out when they are still grieving. Upholding the legacy of them and their loved ones is an honor we must all try and live up to.”

Carlos, his sisters Jillian and Carlee, and parents Carlos and Donna, have established the Vicki Soto Memorial Scholarship Fund to help fund scholarships for students entering the education field. The family lives in the Third Congressional District, where Carlos attends Stratford High School.

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25 thoughts on “Brother Of Newtown Teacher To Attend State Of The Union Address

  1. Patrick_Henry

    Will there be any representatives from amongst the thousands of people over the past year alone, who did NOT become victims as a result of legal gun ownership? Will they be considered heroes as well?

    1. KES

      so you are somehow tying in Ms. Soto’s death with “non victims” i.e. she would not have been shot to death if she’d had a gun. You gun nuts, and i use that term in an insulting manner as you can imagine, know no boundaries. see my response to “patrick henry” and square it.

      1. Patrick_Henry

        KES: In as non-insulting a manner as possibl: You gun haters can’t seem to think outside of your own hate-filled parameters. You might consider a reading comprehension course along with a course on objectivity.

        All I’m saying is: there are thousands and thousand of people every year who may have been victims of violence, burglary, robbery, and even murder, who were ‘rescued’ from this fate because either they or someone around them was able to deter the criminal by making him aware that the criminal was likely to face an armed defense. Simply put (for your benefit): a crime (possibly a murder) was prevented through armed response.

        These potential victims only differ from actual victims in that they were spared because legally armed, responsible citizens were available to assist. BOTH should be considered heroes, and their stories should be added to these so-called ‘honest discussions’ on gun ‘control’ if fairness is the real goal.

        1. Patrick_Henry

          to be clear, KES: in many of these de-fused crimes, NO shots were fired and NO ONE was hurt. The very thought that they might be injured was enough to deter the criminals (as with most bullies, they pick only on the defenseless).

    2. Rally for gun control at the State Capital Feb 14 bill

      Kiss it Patrick Henry and stop using a good name as yours.

      “Gun nut isn’t the word. Freak of nature perhaps.

  2. YankeeI

    I’m amazed that supposedly intelligent people allow politicians with agendas to manipulate their behavior. If Mr. Soto thinks that either Rosa Delauro or Barack Obama are doing this because they have real heartfelt sympathy for his loss, than I am stunned at his loss of reality. Why aren’t family members of the hundreds of young people killed by criminals that Obama and his Justice system can’t get off the streets of Chicago being given the same forum? Why? Because they have no political value!

  3. enness

    Not every day I get to say this, so I’m going to enjoy it…

    What, Rosa D, you suddenly care about violence against children once they pop out?

    Look at this, folks, if you want to know what an ideologue sounds like:

    Kinda hard to go to school or get a good paying job if you’re dismembered in utero mainly because you’re a girl.

    I wonder if she has ever had such kind and laudatory words for the group Silent No More. While I haven’t conducted an exhaustive search, my guess is probably not.

    With hypocrisy this glaring, it’s hard to take anything she says at face value. Rosa D, if you are reading, don’t get P.O.d at me for pointing it out — just change.

  4. Rally for gun control at the State Capital Feb 14 bill

    The remarks are astounding here. But I am not surprised coming from that side of the divide where dwells dorf minds of a sub human reptile species.

    1. Patrick_Henry

      When reason and logic are insufficient or unavailable the only remaining recourse is to desperately try to convince others that you are right by using personal attacks and insults, as if someone elses’ character is the issue instead of the real subject. These are the tactics of those who know their position is incorrect and indefensible.

      1. The Conn-servative

        Patrick Henry is correct.The secular regressives employ this tactic in all social discussions and issues.Their thought processes on most issues should be deemed a mental disorder. Unfortunately they have convinced many a people that their beliefs are the only ones that matter,and truthfully,the tide currently is in their favor. But a RED tide it is….

      2. Rally for gun control at the State Capital Feb 14 bill

        No paddy, not quite. There is no sense trying to make sense with those who ignore or are simply unable to realize that people kill with guns therefor, guns should be removed from society. We keep going around and around and around with this issue. Yes I know, your IRA propaganda that guns don’t kill, people kill. Hey, you are partially correct. Guns don’t kill, bullets kill – when fired from a gun with a human hand around the trigger.

        Although I have no problem turning this into a cottage business of intellectual banter, I know who is on each side of this divide and the only real goal is to martial forces on my side to change the law.

        When a conservative republican gets shot as happened with James Brady under Ronald Reagan, the republican goes on to found a gun control foundation. Another way of saying this is that a similar happening in your family just might make you to reconsider your pro gun views.

        If I decide to insult you, please understand that I am not loosing any supporters here in favor of gun reform. Perhaps I drag the discussion down into the mud. But now one on my side deserts. And if I become as kind with my words as possible, I convince no supporters on the pro side.

        Finally, if we were discussing this issues in person, in all likely hood, we would be civil. But online opinions are frequently conducive to harsher words. I know because I have had such discussions with your ilk and we inevitibly remain civil.

        Okie Dokie, Smokie?

          1. Mike Robinson

            Johngalt, interesting link. It says:

            “The Brady Bill seems to have been a failure,” Cook told a sparsely attended lecture in Caplin Pavilion March 11. “But that doesn’t mean gun control is doomed to failure.”

            Cook said the real problem is the law’s “gaping barn door” for unregulated sales, mainly at gun shows, but no one knows how many guns are bought with false IDs or exchanged privately, to say nothing of those being stolen.

          2. Johngaltwhereru

            I think Universal Background Checks are a great idea as long as there is no National Registry or data base maintained which keeps track of legal gun owners.

            That being said, just because a Liberal declares that a Universal Background Check Law will be installed, doesn’t mean there will be anything Universal about that check system. There will still be massive numbers of guns bought and purchased outside the check system, and it will do nothing to prevent gun murders.

            In my view, there are only things that could realistically reduce gun homicides. Again, realistic is used because repeal of the 2nd and confiscation of weapons will not happen in our lifetime.

            The realistic ways are to deal with insanity and crime. Obstacles to institutionalizing the mentally ill need to be eliminated, and all the thugs who choose to commit crimes while in possession of a firearm should be jailed permanently. Both of these items will require defeat of the ACLU.

            Now, you may ask how a fiscal Conservative like myself would pay for the cost of Institutionalization/incarceration. The jail part is easy. Immediately legalize drugs and retroactively release all prisoners incarcerated solely on non violent drug charges. Then we would have plenty of room in our prisons at no additional cost. The Psychiatric Hospitals could be more than paid for by elimination of the DEA. Then we could have a National Ballot Referrendum, preferably at a mid-term, where the informed vote, to decide whether the left over money is refunded to tax payers, or to servicing our debt.

        1. Connecticut is Dying Too

          Best of luck with your 2nd amendment repeal. It will never happen but if it makes you liberals sleep at night, go for it. Meanwhile, 30,000 die in our streets each year at the hands of guns- many of which are illegal. How come you ignore that reality? Did you ever consider that a complete ban on guns will never stop these killings?

          By the way, how’s the great society “investment” working out for you? Trillions later, all we have to show for it is urban entitlement zones filled with poverty, crime, drugs, illegitimate baby factories, and despair. As long as these entitlement zones keep electing Democrats like Obama though you’re good with it, right?

          Your quest to ruin this country is on track. Families, morals, religion, and education are on the decline. Personal responsibility and initiative are replaced by dependency and handouts from the Government. Its bread and circus in the new Roman empire with President Nero Obama playing the harp.

          Thanks to liberals like you, America’s best days are behind us. Keep up the great work.

        2. Kim

          Typical liberal double-speak and hypocrisy, along with a healthy does of pretense by claiming you know what you clearly don’t, rally.

          A civil conversation with someone is impossible when you refer to them as ‘your ilk’. You might refrain from using such insults during a conversation, but your better-than-thou attitude drips from ‘you and your ilk’ with every word and mannerism you display during what you like to pretend passes as ‘intellectual conversation’.

          Pretending on these threads that you offer anything resembling reason and/or civil discourse is only that – a pretense. And rational people love to see it in print because it exposes ‘your ilk’ for what you really are. You’d have to drag the conversation ‘up’ to reach the level of ‘mud’, rally.

          Thanks and keep up the good work.

  5. sam

    It is really very sad that these politicians are taking advantage of this terrible tragedy to further their careers and get their names in the paper.

  6. sam

    Response to “Rally for gun control at the State Capital Feb 14 bill” The second amendment gives “law abiding citizens” who want to own guns a the right to purchase and own them for whatever reason whether it be for self defense, sport, hunting etc… Apparently you dont own guns so the second amendment right means nothing to you. So tell me after you get your way and you take this 2nd amendment right of ours away, what other rights are you willing to alter or give up? Maybe you would like to give up our right to free speech or maybe our right to free assembly. Where does it end once you open the door to take away one do you think it will end there? You probably dont want to touch free speech or free assemby because that would effect you and your little rally on Feb 14th. The only thing you gain by making more “feel good” gun laws and outlawing these guns is that “law abiding citizens” wont be able to purchase and “legally” own these guns, “BUT” the criminal element and the wackos and nut jobs in our society will still be able to aquire them the same way they do now “ILEGALLY”. So what have you gained by banning certain guns and making them illegal? Criminals dont pay attention to our laws thats what makes them criminals. If you dont believe me that gun laws wont work, just look how well all our “feel good” drug laws are controlling the flow of illegal drugs in our country. Lets face it they have no real effect what so ever. If you really believe that passing more gun laws will eliminate gun crime and killings in our country then you are very very naive.

    1. Kim

      Sam: the drug laws do have an effect. They create a blackmarket of drugs worth so much money that criminals are willing to kill over them. This affects all honest, law-abiding citizens by putting them at constant risk of harm from the drug cartels all the way down the line to the junkie on the street who needs to rob us in order to buy the next ‘fix’.

      This is what can be expected with any new regulations banning ownership of guns by responsible people. The price of them will go up and the violence will get worse – remember Prohibition, Capone, etc? THAT is what criminalizing does to things.

      1. sam

        Thats right Kim, Mr rally doesnt seem to understand that all these “feel good” laws will do is up the price of the guns and make another product that black market smugglers can make money on. The laws will have no effect on gun crime or the availability of these guns on the street. This will just add another another money making product for “criminals” smuggle across our borders. After this is all over and these gun control nuts get their way there will still be gun crime and criminals and wackos will still have guns.

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