Bushmaster Says: We Can \”Seriously Increase Your Fun Factor\”

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From the folks at Bushmaster, who make the assault weapon used in the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School:


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5 thoughts on “Bushmaster Says: We Can \”Seriously Increase Your Fun Factor\”

  1. Da Troof

    Rick, would you mind posting similar ads portraying all the great fun associated with violent video games, action movies, violent rap music, and TV shows? That way we can all share ALL the things that make our culture what it is.

    Yeah right, didn’t think so. You have a liberal narrative to advance.

    1. Joe

      Agree that an ad posting the latest violent video game is just as ironic. However, a .223 Bushmaster was just used to kill 26 people, and was also the weapon of choice by the DC sniper. Mental illness clearly is a factor in both cases, but I dont think that there is one simple fix. Of the 20+ children in China who were attacked on the same day many survived, because it was not a high velocity rifle round that struck them.
      There are trends among mass shootings. I think we should look at those as clearheaded as we can, and take action: including changes to our behavioral health system (did you note its being cut today in the budget package voted on by the legislature?!), school systems and pediatric care (pedi care paid by medicaid also being cut), and a tighter assault weapon ban.

  2. Lee

    Guns are not the problem. People are the problem– including people who are determined to push gun control laws, either in ignorance of the facts or in defiance of the facts.

    1. Jimmy Boggs

      Lee: Right. Guns don’t kill. People do. Is that how I read your false semantic or that spoken by the NRA?

      The solution is nothing less then repealing the 2nd amendment. It may not occur for awhile but this is the solution to our pathetic country.

  3. Lee

    There is innocent ignorance and there is invincible, dogmatic and self-righteous ignorance. Every tragic mass shooting seems to bring out examples of both among gun control advocates.

    Some years back, there was a professor whose advocacy of gun control led him to produce a “study” that became so discredited that he resigned from his university. It was predicted at the time that this discredited study would continue to be cited by gun control advocates. But I had no idea that this would happen the very next week in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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