Cafero Wants More Disclosure From Police on Newtown Massacre

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House Republican Leader Larry Cafero is calling on state police to brief legislative leaders on the details of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

Such information is crucial as lawmakers craft new policies on gun-control, mental health and school security in response to the massacre, he said.

\”We are making decisions based on the best information we have in front of us,’’ Cafero said in a statement. “One of the major concerns that I believe many of us had from the outset was that we would be putting this legislation together without ever having seen the police report on what took place. That is a huge issue.’’

Cafero noted that news leaks about the shooting have been dribbling out, most recently in a New York Daily New column

Cafero said state police Col. Danny R. Stebbins has an obligation to share details that he provided at a public safety conference New Orleans. Some of those details wound up in the Daily News. 

“As legislative leaders who are working every day to come forth with legislation I believe the state police are now obligated to brief us, given that much of what was exchanged at the New Orleans conference wound up in the press,’’ Cafero said. “We don’t have the benefit of potentially critical information that was obtained somehow by the media.’’

State police have said the details revealed by Stebbins were not intended for publication.


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7 thoughts on “Cafero Wants More Disclosure From Police on Newtown Massacre

  1. Progressivism is a Mental Disorder

    We can’t be bothered with the facts when another Connecticut liberal agenda item hangs in the balance. Get with the program Larry.

  2. Harold

    We all would like to know but if only the Legislators can know then I hope we can trust them. There are too many wild theories out there – one is there is evidence being with held as to the actual weapon used, and how many multiple wounds were caused by one round.

  3. Justin

    Why don’t we just wait until the full report is out to discuss gun control at all? I mean, why do something reasonable as politicians?

  4. peter

    You’re on a need to know basis, and we’ll release the information in due time. First all firearms must be registered, expand the assault weapons ban to include WWII M1 carbines within this ban and make it impossible to own any firearm. After that is done, we will release this information. Hail Melakon.

  5. Kim

    I wonder who the state police take their marching orders from? Could it be the governor? How would the governor benefit from keeping the facts about Sandy Hook, secret? Is it possible that the governor has an agenda?

    Maybe ‘leaks’ are the only way the state police can get this information out to the public and the legislators without an outright disobeying of Malloys’ orders? Are they patriotic enough to care that much? Does the leadership of the state police have an agenda? Perhaps the rank and file don’t agree with any agenda?

    Funny how the legislators don’t mind stonewalling the public as the neede arises, but have fits when THEY are getting stonewalled. Maybe this will prompt more honesty from our elected officials? ROFLMAO

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