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Tom Foley, Gun Control & The General Assembly

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A reminder to would-be (and almost) Gov. Tom Foley: hire a good vote counter if you win this November.

\"CCDLFoley, displaying his trademark independent streak, told members of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League that he would block any further restrictions on gun control.

Futher, he said that \”had I been governor, the outcome in Connecticut would have been different.\”

He might want to count the votes. Last year\’s gun control legislation passed by a veto-proof margin of 105-44 in the House and 26-10 in the Senate.

Here\’s a clip from Tom Foley speaking in Middletown last night:

Wethersfield Winners: A Rell And A TV Star

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\"mikeIn Wethersfield, the Courant\’s Christopher Hoffman reports that Michael Rell is working on a political dynasty.

Rell is former Gov. M. Jodi Rell\’s son, a first-time candidate and a Republican. He just missed getting enough votes to make him mayor.

\"jodiBut it was another Jodi who grabbed the most votes Tuesday in Wethersfield.

Capitol staffer, Capitol Report panelist and former journalist Jodi Latina was elected to the board of education in town. Latina, who once worked for Linda McMahon, is also a Republican.


Sen. Toni Harp Makes History As First Woman Mayor In New Haven\’s History

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State Sen. Toni Harp made history Tuesday night after a bruising campaign, becoming the first woman mayor in New Haven\’s 375-year history.

“It’s a historical day,’’ Harp told Capitol Watch in an interview after her victory. “What means the most to me is when I see the little girls in their classroom and they say, ‘Oh, that’s Toni Harp,’ and I think what that means to them and they know that they can be that some day or they can be more than this.’’

At the start of her speech at Kelly’s restaurant in downtown New Haven, Harp asked her happy supporters to listen closely.

“That is the sound of a glass ceiling shattering,’’ Harp told the crowd.

Harp was helped by another longtime Democrat who has won multiple elections for decades - Edith Prague, a former state senator who is now the state\’s aging commissioner.

“Edith Prague came down here today and worked the phones,’’ Harp told the enthusiastic crowd that burst into big smiles as the results went up on the wall and the live band belted out Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.’’ Continue reading

Check Election Results Here

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It\’s 2013, so why is it so darn hard to get the numbers from yesterday\’s voting?

Here are some options for political junkies out there:

Does anyone have anything else?



Union Steps Up Opposition To Charter Expansion

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\"achievementThe American Federation of Teachers is jumping into a controversy over turning Hartford\’s Elementary Clark School to Achievement First, a private nonprofit which operates charter schools around the state.

AFT Connecticut is helping to organize a rally at \"aft5 p.m. Wednesday before the Hartford board of education meets at Milner School. The board is considering a proposal to turn Clark into a charter that would be run by Achievement First. Efforts by Gov. Dannel Malloy to create new charter schools — and particularly those run by Achievement First, has been a point of sharp disagreement between teacher unions and the governor.

\”We are simply supporting the parents in the Clark community who on their own responded to the hand over of the school to an outside operator, Achievement First,\’\’ said AFT spokesman Matt O\’Connor. \”The idea is to be supportive and to assist the parents so they have a voice.\’\’

\”In this case it is a genuine concern about the process. It is not necessarily driven by an overall position on charters,\’\’ O\’Conner said. \”We are concerned that Achievement First is being allowed to take away scarce resources from the Hartford Public Schools.\”

Working Families Poised For Big Election

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\"deFor the Working Families Party, a minor political party with big ambitions, Tuesday\’s elections mark a significant turning point.

A coalition of labor activists and other liberal groups, the Working Families Party is poised to notch a historic gain in New York City, with one of its co-founders, Democrat Bill de Blasio, holding a commanding lead in the mayor\’s race.

But a local election in Connecticut\’s largest city may prove to be an even bigger test for the party. The Working Families Party is backing three candidates for the board of education in Bridgeport in a quest to loosen the grip of the \”Democratic machine\” on the city\’s schools.

More here.