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Malloy, at the NGA, Asked About Hillary Clinton’s UConn Speaking Fee

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The controversy over Hillary Clinton’s $250,000 fee to deliver a speech at UConn in April has followed Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to Nashville.

Malloy, who is in the Music City to attend the National Governors Association summer meeting, was asked about Clinton’s fee. The speech was paid for by the UConn Foundation, not the university.

“Private foundations have the right to spend their money the way that they want to,” Malloy said, according to a tweet from Time political reporter Zeke Miller. “I don’t think it would be a controversy if she weren’t a likely candidate for president “


Legislators Have Back and Forth on National Popular Vote

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The Government Administration and Elections Committee met Monday to hear arguments from elected officials and electoral law advocates on a bill that would elect the President of the United States by national popular vote.

\"voteThe national popular vote law has already been enacted by 10 other jurisdictions, including neighboring states Massachusetts, Vermont and Rhode Island.

Democratic Representative James Albis opened testimony to address the controversial bill\’s bottom line. \”Presidential candidates do not face a national electorate, instead a handful of voters in just eight states,\” Albis said of the current electoral college system.

\”Fundamentally this bill is about equality,\” he said. Continue reading

Blumenthal Proposes College Loan Relief

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\"blumenthalSaying that he\’s leading effort to help students drowning in college debt, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal announced Tuesday that he was writing college presidents to ask for their help.

Blumenthal, in a letter released by his office, told college presidents he wants to give students a \”refinancing option\” so they can find lower rates, much like homeowners do. He said he was also \”developing an initiative to reduce student loan principal for borrowers who pursue teaching, policing, health care service and similar professions.\”

Blumenthal said he would be convening a series of meetings with college leaders to discuss his ideas further.


Hillary Clinton Coming To UCONN

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In an email to staff today, UConn President Susan Herbst said that Hillary Clinton will be visiting campus this spring:

\"hillary… on April 23, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former  Secretary of State and Former U.S. Senator from New York will deliver remarks and participate in a question-and-answer session at the Jorgensen for this year’s Edmund Fusco Contemporary Issues Forum.

Clinton’s remarks, which will be followed by a Q and A session, will be held at the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts on UConn’s Storrs campus on April 23 at 7:30 p.m. This event will mark the first time Secretary Clinton has visited UConn.

A poll released Monday by Quinnipiac University finds that Clinton has surged ahead of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in the wake of the scandal over traffic jams at the George Washington Bridge. The pollster reports:

In the wake of \”Bridgegate,\” the George Washington Bridge traffic scandal, several measures of New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie\’s 2016 presidential prospects are down, as he trails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 46 – 38 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today.

This compares to the results of a December 11 survey by the independent Quinnipiac University showing Gov. Christie at 42 percent and Secretary Clinton at 41 percent. The December results were almost identical to those of a November 13 survey.

Clinton will speak as part of the 2014 Edmund Fusco Contemporary Issues Forum, a program designed to bring young schoolars and leaders to campus. She is being paid by the UConn Foundation, through a gift from the Fusco Family. The financial arrangements are private. The New York Times has reported that Clinton earns $200,000 per speech.

Democrats Hold Big Money Meeting In Hartford

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Who said the Democrats don\’t have their A Game when it comes to raising outrageous sums of political cash?

Democratic leaders, including Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, Gov. Peter Shumlin of Vermont and Gov. Jack Markell of Delaware will kick-off a two-day meeting with insiders and wealthy supporters at a reception at the Wadsworth this evening.

It\’s the first of series of fundraising events sponsored by the Democrats. Upcoming gatherings include a ski weekend in Montana and parties at the Kentucky Derby and Preakness stakes next year.

Paz has a good breakdown of the panel discussions in Hartford, and what corporations are on board.


Democratic Fundraising, Part II

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\"DGAWhile the governor\’s staff and the state Democratic party are keeping the wraps on a fundraising trip to California this weekend, another upcoming event illustrates the increasingly prominent role Gov. Malloy is playing in raising cash for the party.

\"malloyOn Dec. 3 and 4, Malloy and Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin will host a \”winter policy conference\” in Hartford co-sponsored by the Democratic Governor\’s Association and the Center for Innovative Policy. The Democrats are looking for \”platinum, gold and silver sponsors\” who will be given additional access to party meetings and top elected officials, according to the Democratic Governors \"shumlin\"Association website.

For $100,000, a donor can become a \”platinum sponsor,\” a distinction that provides \”access to rooms in the DGA room block at the conference host hotel\” as well as the chance to participate in policy discussions and \”preferred seating.\”  \”Gold\” sponsorships are available for $50,000, while $25,000 will get you a \”silver\” sponsorship.

Where is all this money going? Roll Call reports that the Democratic Governors Association has given $5.7 million this year to the candidacy of Terry McAuliffe, who is running a strong race for governor of Virginia.

Left & Right: Look At This WSJ-NBC Poll

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Americans don\’t think much of the far right has done to the Republican Party. They don\’t think much of Congress, Democrats included. Who\’s up, slightly? President Obama. Go ahead, blame the pollsters, but these numbers are startling.

Take a look at some of the results from the Wall Street Journal-NBC Poll:

\"WsJ-NBC\"WSJ-NBC\"WSJ-NBC\"WSJ-NBCAnd finally, six in 10 voters surveyed said toss them all:


Wisdom From ex-Gov. Rowland

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The radio host has a worth-reading blog post about what his party is doing in Washington:

This will end as a lose-lose for the Republicans in Congress, at some point they will vote to reopen government, the conservatives across the country will be mad they gave in, Obamacare will be untouched, there will be some  permanent scars and hard feelings within the Republicans in the Congress and they will get blamed for government disruption. A lot of us may be glad this all happened , but I never understood the long term strategy for Republicans, bottom line… I don’t think we can change the minds of these folks in Congress time for all of them to go….we need term limits now more than ever!!