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GOP Slams Dems on Esty–and Dems Slam Back

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Zak Sanders, spokesman for the Connecticut Republican party, is raising questions about the timing of state energy and environment commissioner Daniel Esty.

\”This is the Commissioner who was chastised for tipping off investment bankers who had an interest in Northeast Utilities about his new energy plan before state lawmakers were told,\’\’ Sanders said in an email.

Esty\’s spouse, U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty \”was forced to return tainted campaign donations by NU, a company that Commissioner Esty regulated and by whom he was formerly employed,\’\’ Sanders said. \”And Gov. Malloy has his own \’pay to play\’ problems without having to worry about what other tainted contributions may come to light from the Esty household.\”

James Hallinan, spokesman for Connecticut Democrats, called the assertions \”baseless\” and \”ridiculous.\”

“It’s pretty apparent that Tom Foley is now the de facto leader of the state GOP,\’\’ Hallinan said in an  email, referring to the potential Republican gubernatorial candidate. \”He’s now using them to do what he’s been doing for months: lob baseless, ridiculous charges and allegations out there in the hopes that something will stick. How sad.”

Foley Fact Check: Something Illegal Or Just Politics?

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Republican Tom Foley, an \”exploratory\” candidate for governor, has made a series of allegations about the ethics of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. Foley — who offered his indictment on Face the State Sunday — has offered no on-the-record evidence and said the governor must respond on TV today.

Here\’s a breakdown:

1. Foley alleges Malloy hired Dan Esty as Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection as \” a favor.\” Foley charges that Esty either hired or made an illegal campaign contribution to Malloy during the 2010 campaign. In return, Foley alleges that Malloy then appointed Esty to the DEEP job.

Esty\’s response:  \”Tom Foley\’s suggestion that I employed Dan Malloy … is flat out untrue. Any suggestion of this sort is irresponsible.\”

Foley: \”This is something I heard.\”

2. Foley charges that former Malloy aide Roy Occhiogrosso won a \”totally improper\” state contract to provide public relations work for the state\’s new health exchange program. In fact, Occhiogrosso\’s firm, Global Strategies Group, won the contract. Occhiogrosso works for Global Strategies.

Tanya Meck, executive vice president of Global Strategies:  Global Strategy Group participated in a competitive process to become the public relations consultant for Access Health CT … The contract was pursued and executed properly – legally and ethically.

3. Foley said that Gov. Malloy and his \”close buddy,\’\’ Andrew McDonald, engineered a conspiracy to force municipalities to hire McDonalds\’ law firm,. Pullman & Comley. The firm has won a number of lucrative state and municipal contracts under Malloy.

In March of 2012, the Courant reported that Brian J. O\’Dowd concluded that Pullman winning a contract with the Connecticut Airport Authority did not violate state ethics statutes merely because of the existence of \”social relationships with a few people who work at Pullman & Comley.\”

4. Foley said that the University of Connecticut Foundation\’s contribution toward Malloy\’s trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is \”an improper use of funds.\” Before the governor left for Switzerland, his spokesman, Andrew Doba said the governor\’s office received a $4,500 contribution from the private UConn Foundation to cover airfare and hotel.

\”We were mulling over the invitation, and we were looking for partners,\’\’ Doba said in January of 2012. \” The whole point is to bring academics and leaders together. We reached out [to the UConn Foundation].


Parkapalooza: 11-days, 169 miles, 20 State Parks

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\"sojournThey are calling it \”SoJourn,\” in honor of the 100th birthday of our state parks, but an 11-day trek organized by the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection through 20 state parks seems more like a Parkapalooza.

The journey begins on Thursday at 8:30 from Quaddick State Park in Thompson, where the group will set out for Mashamoquet Campground in Pomfret Center. Here\’s more from the DEEP:

We will have a “core” group for the SoJourn – approximately 20 people who will participate in this journey from start to finish. For those who would like to link up with the “core” group along the way there will be plenty of opportunities.

The “core” group will be traveling about 20 miles/day. Most of the route will be done by bike, but we will also be paddling down the Connecticut River, riding the Essex Steam Train, hiking, and camping along the shores of the Connecticut River, on the beaches of Long Island Sound and at Beardsley Zoo.

At our final destination, Sherwood Island – Connecticut’s first state park – a celebration will be held to recognize everyone who completed the journey and kick-off the next phase of the State Parks Centennial Celebration.



Esty\’s 2014 War Chest Grows

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Freshman U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty raised more than a quarter million dollars in the second quarter of 2013, bringing the 5th District Democrat\’s total campaign balance to nearly $400,000, according to her latest filing with the Federal Election Commission.


Fueled by contributions from political action committees and donors from outside the district, the Democrat\’s war chest dwarfs that of her chief Republican opponent, Mark Greenberg, who received about $60,000 in contributions in that same three-month span. Greenberg also loaned his campaign $35,000. A third contender for the seat, Sal Stephen Ross Lilienthal, did not submit a report.

Up for reelection in 2014, Esty brought in $289,385 during the filing period, which covered the months of April, May and June. Continue reading

Fees For Events at State Parks Could Go Up

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The legislature\’s finance committee endorsed a bill on Monday that would sharply raise the fees for special events, such as weddings, conferences and family reunions, at state parks.

Senate Bill 1011 would empower state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Daniel C. Esty to raise the usage fees by up to 135 percent of the current rates. The rate increase would not be retroactive; it would only apply to contracts not yet signed.

\"eolia5\"There are several facilities in the state park system that are available for rent for special events. Current fees range from $220 a day for use of an open-air picnic shelter to $4,450 for five hours of use of the first floor of Eolia, an elegant mansion overlooking Long Island Sound in Harkness Memorial State Park.

The bill passed the General Assembly\’s environment committee earlier this year; it now heads to the full Senate for consideration.

Two Cheshire Residents: New Look D.C. Delegation As Murphy, Esty Sworn In

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The small town of Cheshire has fewer than 30,000 residents, but the community was standing tall Thursday when two residents stepped forward into major political positions in Washington, D.C.  Democrat Christopher Murphy joined the U.S. Senate and former town council member Elizabeth Esty joined the U.S. House of Representatives on her first day as a member of Congress.


Both Murphy and Esty won hard-fought primaries and general elections this past year, and they represent the new faces of the seven-member Connecticut delegation.

The best part of the day, Murphy said, came during a ceremonial swearing in that was held with families after the traditional swearing-in on the U.S. Senate floor. Murphy\’s immediate family had gathered, including his wife, two sons, nieces and nephews for the private ceremony with the vice president.

\”Biden said to raise my right hand, and my one-year-old raised his hand,\’\’ Murphy said of his son, Rider. \”It was so disarming that Biden stopped the oath halfway through because he was laughing so hard.’’ Continue reading

DEEP Chief Dan Esty Says He\’s Not Going Anywhere, Now That His Wife\’s Headed To D.C.

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Dan Esty said Thursday that he plans to remain as Gov. Dannel P. Malloy\’s commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, despite some public speculation that he might end up in a federal post in Washington, D.C., now that his wife, Elizabeth Esty has won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

\"\"Elizabeth Esty, a Democrat, defeated Republican Andrew Roraback in Tuesday\’s election for the 5th Congressional District seat being vacated by now-U.S. Sen.-elect Chris Murphy.

In response to a question about Dan Esty\’s plans, DEEP spokesman Dennis Schain issued  this statement:

\”Commissioner Esty serves at the pleasure of Governor Malloy … and he plans to remain as Commissioner for as long as the Governor requests. Commissioner Esty thoroughly enjoys his work as the head of the agency and has no plans to do anything else.  The Commissioner believes that as a result of the leadership and support of Governor Malloy, Connecticut is emerging as a national leader on environmental and energy issues and he wants to keep building on this foundation. He is encouraged by the real and positive progress Connecticut is making in applying a 21st century approach to environmental regulation and in bringing cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy to our state’s residents and businesses.\”