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Connecticut Patriot Writers Back Foley, Walker

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The Connecticut Patriot, an online newsletter that counts several prominent tea party activists among its leaders, is backing Republicans Tom Foley and David Walker.

The endorsements, announced in Aug. 7 edition, reflect the results of a survey of the newsletter’s 17 staff writers and one cartoonist.

“The results were unambiguous, reflecting support for candidates who are serious about private-sector job growth and reining in the cost of Connecticut state government,” states a brief statement accompanying the results.

Foley, the Greenwich businessman who received the GOP endorsement  for governor, received 13 votes in the survey; John McKinney, a state senator from Fairfield, received one vote.

In the lieutenant governor’s race, Walker, of Bridgeport, was the clear winner, with 12 votes. Town of Groton Mayor Heather Somers and state Rep. Penny Bacchiochi of Stafford, each received one vote.


Walker Says Somers Is Breaking Reagan’s 11th Commandment

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David Walker is accusing one of his GOP opponents in the lieutenant governor’s race of breaking Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment by trashing her fellow Republicans.

“Heather Somers continues to run a negative campaign in blatant violation of President Reagan’s 11th Commandment,” Walker said. “Her campaign is based on a series of false statements and distortions about her experience and others. As a result, of her continued false statements and distortions about me, I am providing the below information to set the record straight.”

Somers has repeatedly criticized both Walker and Penny Bacchiochi, another Republican running for lieutenant governor. Somers says both Walker, the former U.S. Comptroller General, and Bacchiochi, a state representative, are government insiders who are part of the problem in Washington and Hartford.

The Walker campaign emailed a lengthy rebuttal of Somers’ various attacks to reporters late Wednesday. To Somers’ charge that Walker is a “career Washington bureaucrat,” he said he is the opposite. “I spent 25 of my 40-year professional career in the private sector,” Walker said. “During my 15 years of federal government service, I was an executive and change agent who helped to save American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars and made major change happen in the federal government.”

The rest of Walker’s rebuttal is after the jump. Continue reading

Fedele Endorses Walker For Lt. Governor

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Former Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele today endorsed David M. Walker, the Republican who hopes to be the next occupant of the third-floor office now occupied by Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman.

Fedele photo_QB63322.jpgFedele served under Gov. M. Jodi Rell from 2007 to 2010 and ran unsuccessfully for the Republican gubernatorial nomination against Tom Foley in 2010. He announced the endorsement Thursday morning at Stamford Old Town Hall, three weeks after endorsing Foley for governor.

“Dave will bring bold change and real leadership to the Capitol,” Fedele said. “Dave has over 40 years of public, private and non-profit-sector leadership, including 10 years as comptroller general of the United States, which makes him by far the most qualified candidate to help create a comeback in Connecticut.  Dave can work with the next governor to help grow the economy, create jobs and put our state’s finances in order.”

Walker accepted the praise in stride, and returned it.

Fedele “knows first-hand the type of person Connecticut needs to serve as lieutenant governor in these challenging times,” Walker said.

Walker has not been shy about his experience at the federal level. In June, he told the Working Families Party that he wasn’t simply chasing the honor of being called “lieutenant governor” “because I’ve had better titles.”

The three candidates for the GOP’s nomination for lieutenant governor are Walker, former Groton Mayor Heather Somers and Rep. Penny Bacchiochi, R-Stafford. The trio will be in West Hartford tonight for a debate-style segment with NBC Connecticut, scheduled to air on Sunday.

Walker has pooled funds with Republican gubernatorial hopeful John McKinney, the Republican senator from Fairfield who is considered an underdog against Tom Foley. In Connecticut, there is no official “ticketing” in the primary round, meaning Walker and McKinney won’t appear together on the ballot.

Fedele is now CEO of Pinnacle Group, an information technology company he founded.


“You Don’t Want Two Clones”: McKinney and Walker Diverge on Guns

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Republicans John McKinney and David Walker forged an alliance based on a strategic need to pool resources as well as a shared vision for strengthening the state’s economy.

But that doesn’t mean the gubernatorial running mates agree on every issue facing Connecticut. In fact, they diverge sharply on gun control, one of the defining controversies of the campaign.

McKinney, a state senator representing Newtown, was a key supporter of the sweeping gun control legislation that passed in the aftermath of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shootings. For that, and for his past support of gun control efforts, the candidate for governor earned an F rating from the NRA

Senate Republican Leader John McKinney. Hartford Courant photo.

Senate Republican Leader John McKinney. Hartford Courant photo.

and was branded “a true enemy of gun owners’ rights.”

Walker, who is running for lieutenant governor, defines himself as “a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.” He earned a qualified A from the NRA. (The grade is qualified because Walker, who has not held elective office, does not have a voting record on gun-related policies, although the NRA views him as a pro-gun candidate because of his responses to organization’s questionnaire.)

The split on guns could make for some uncomfortable moments on the campaign trail but Walker shrugs it off. “You don’t want two clones,” said Walker, who is not a pistol-permit holder but does own several antique guns that have been in his family for generations.


Still, Walker is taking some precautions. His campaign has two different lawn signs, one reading McKinney/Walker and one with just Walker’s name.

“We’re going to have both because the truth is, there are certain parts of the state where a McKinney/Walker sign might be OK and there are certain parts of the state where it may not be OK,” he told members of the Bridgeport Republican Town Committee last week. “John and I are in strong agreement with regards to most policy issues on fiscal policy. We disagree on a few issues such as the 2nd Amendment. I’m a very strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment [and] that’s a big issue for certain parts of the population.”

And he reminded the Bridgeport Republicans on the way the system works: “All of you know you vote separately for governor and lt. governor
and while John McKinney and I have formed an alliance, the fact is when people go into the voting booth, they’re going to have to make a separate judgement on governor and lt governor.”



McKinney/Walker Not Attending Christie Event

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Some supporters of Republican gubernatorial candidate John McKinney are grumbling because their candidate was not invited to attend a campaign stop and fundraiser with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie this afternoon.

Christie, a Republican with presidential aspirations, is coming to Greenwich to attend two separate fundraisers for the Republican Governors Association and the Connecticut Republican party.

Christie will appear with McKinney’s rival, Tom Foley, at both fundraisers. The two men will also make a retail campaign stop in Greenwich. Sources said Foley was instrumental in organizing the fundraisers, securing Christie’s participation and finding a location for the events.

McKinney’s running mate, former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker was also not invited to the fundraisers.

Over the weekend, McKinney was highly critical of the state’s party’s role in the race, telling Susan Haigh of the Associated Press that party leadership is actively helping Foley. The Republican gubernatorial nominee will be decided by a primary on Aug. 12.

Connecticut Republican Chairman Jerry Labiola Jr. said only candidates who won the party’s endorsement at the state convention in May were invited to the fundraisers.

“The purpose of Gov. Christie’s visit is straightforward–to raise money to defeat Dan Malloy so that we can pull Connecticut’s economy out of last place.”

While Foley hob-nobs with Christie, McKinney and Walker will be in Southington attending a Republican Town Committee barbecue. They are also scheduled to travel to Danbury to attend an RTC meeting there.

McKinney Receives Public Financing For Gubernatorial Campaign

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As expected, the State Elections Enforcement Commission on Wednesday approved Republican candidate for governor John McKinney’s application to participate in Connecticut’s public campaign financing program.

“Our campaign has gained significant momentum over the last two weeks,” said McKinney, the Republican leader in the state Senate. “Today’s good news will allow us to continue making a case for real change.”

Approval of McKinney’s application comes as the Republican gubernatorial contest enters a more contentious phase in the waning days before the Aug. 12 primary. McKinney’s rival, Greenwich businessman Tom Foley, released a new attack ad targeting both McKinney and Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who is seeking a second term.

“It’s not lost on us that Mr. Foley has decided to launch his first attack ad on the day of our approval,” McKinney said. “We look forward to a competitive primary race.”

The two Republicans will face one another in a debate at noon Thursday at the Hartford Courant. The event is not open to the public but it will be streamed live on and It will also be broadcast on Sunday at 10 a.m. on Fox CT.

McKinney and his running mate, former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker, are set to receive $1.35 million in public money for the Republican primary. In order to qualify, the two candidates raised a total of $250,000 in contribution $100 or less.

“He’ll get the money within two days,’’ attorney Joshua Foley, a spokesman for the State Elections Enforcement Commission, said.

McKinney had announced last week that he would be receiving public financing, but the formal approval did not come until Wednesday.

In addition, 14 of 24 candidates received authorization from the commission to receive public financing for their campaigns.


Walker Begins Airing First TV Ad, Cites Internal Polling Showing Him in the Lead

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David Walker, a Bridgeport Republican running for lieutenant governor, unveiled his first TV commercial Tuesday.

The 30-second ad highlights Walker’s background as a CPA and Reagan appointee who “led the fight to reduce spending an reform government.”

Walker, who has forged a political alliance with gubernatorial candidate John McKinney, told a friendly crowd of Bridgeport Republicans Tuesday night that he is the Republican front-runner in the lieutenant governor’s race, beating his two rivals, Penny Bacchiochi and Heather Bond Somers.

“I’m the leader and I’m the person who should win the lieutenant governor nomination, provided that I can get out my background as compared to the other candidates,” he said, citing internal polling. “I’m leading right now but if I can get my background out as compared to the other candidates, I win comfortably.”

“And interestingly,” Walker added, “I win women by a wide margin.”

Walker says his name recognition is as good or better than that of his two competitors — even in the 2nd Congressional District, which is home to both Bacchiochi and Somers.

“I was really surprised by that because they’ve lived their whole lives,” Walker said. “They’ve been in politics for 10-plus years. I’ve lived in Connecticut for four and a half years…and I’ve never been in politics before. So I think that is encouraging.”

The three lieutenant governor candidates are scheduled to debate on Sunday Aug. 3 in a debate hosted by WFSB and featured on the station’s political show, “Face the State,” Walker said.

McKinney-Walker Say They Have Qualified for Public Financing

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Republican candidate for governor John McKinney and his running mate, David Walker, said Wednesday afternoon they have met the threshold for the state’s public campaign financing system.

The candidates said they were notified by State Elections Enforcement Commission staff that they have provided the necessary documentation to qualify for public financing, though they will have to wait for formal approval until the commission meets on July 16.

The campaign intends to release its first TV ad in coming days. The ad, shot Monday, features just McKinney, though Walker is mentioned. A campaign spokeswoman said she expects it to air soon.

“We are pleased to announce the SEEC has notified us that our campaign has successfully submitted follow-up documentation that will allow us to qualify for citizen election grant funding,” the campaign stated in a press release. The campaign said it secured a total of $250,000 in contributions of $100 or less.

“While we have received notice that we have qualified, staff has informed us that our approval will be delayed until the July 16, 2014 meeting due to internal protocols. We have also received confirmation that we may expend funds immediately, subject to the overall grant cap and the required reimbursement rules. We intend, therefore, to commence our activities this week, as originally planned.”

Joshua Foley, staff attorney for the commission, said McKinney and Walker were informed by staff that their application for public financing is complete. However, Foley added, approval can only be granted by the commission, which decides whether a candidate’s application meets the threshold.

The commission is meeting tomorrow but the application submitted by McKinney and Walker won’t be acted upon until July 16.

McKinney’s Republican opponent in the Aug. 12 primary, Tom Foley, had previously qualified for public financing, as had Democratic incumbent Dannel P. Malloy.

Foley began airing television ads this week.