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DCCC Launches Web Ad Against Mark Greenberg, Other GOP Candidates

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is hitting 5th District Republican Mark Greenberg in a new targeted web ad on healthcare.

The interactive ad, modeled on the game of Life, accuses Greenberg and Congressional Republicans of pursuing a damaging agenda on healthcare.

\”Whether it\’s being able to afford an emergency C-section, making sure kids get the right nutrition, ensuring women don\’t have to pay more for their care or guaranteeing Medicare\’s future, Mark Greenberg wants to join a Republican Congress that plays reckless games that hurt your health at every stage of life – all because they would rather stack the deck for their special interest buddies,\” Marc Brumer, DCCC spokesman, said in a press release. \”Now you can see just how much of a mess Mark Greenberg would make of your health care – but one spoiler alert: in this game, you can\’t win.\”

Watch the ad here:

Greenberg, a Litchfield County businessman, is the leading challenger to freshman Democrat Elizabeth Esty in the 5th District. Greenberg has been endorsed by 220 Republican leaders in 5th District and 18 members of General Assembly.



DCCC Unveils New Web Ad Defending Obamacare

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has a new ad out hitting Republican congressional candidates for pushing to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

The ad takes aim at Mark Greenberg, the Republican businessman running in Connecticut\’s 5th District.

\”For every statistic, there are millions of seniors who are saving thousands on prescription drugs, countless Americans who won\’t face bankruptcy because of health care, and millions of sick kids who are guaranteed coverage – and those are the people who Mark Greenberg is hurting with his obsessive repeal efforts,” said DCCC spokesman Marc Brumer in an email. “Not only would Mark Greenberg’s repeal hurt millions of middle class Americans, his leaders refuse to put forward an agenda to solve these problems. The costs of Mark Greenberg’s repeal are simply too high – and these are the faces of those who will hurt the most.”

The one-minute ad features images of ordinary Americans–none from Connecticut –talking about how Obamacare has helped them. While the spot only mentions Greenberg on the title page, it critiques the insurance industry.

\”Don\’t let insurance companies do whatever they want,\’\’ says the ad. \”Drop my coverage, deny my care, raise my costs.\”

It\’s unclear how that strategy will play in a district that borders America\’s Insurance Capital.


Shutdown Emerges as an Issue in CT5

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Democrats are slamming Republican congressional candidate Mark Greenberg for staying \”shamelessly silent\” on the partial government shutdown.


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says Greenberg is more focused on politics than policy because he has been sending out press releases highlighting his endorsements but has remained largely silent on the shutdown. Greenberg, a businessman from Litchfield County, is running against Democratic incumbent Elizabeth Esty in the 5th Congressional District.

\”Instead of firing off emails touting his political endorsements, Mark Greenberg should admit that he would have voted for this irresponsible plan that has shut down the government,\’\’ said Marc Brumer, Northeast Regional Press Secretary for the DCCC. \”The focus of Mark Greenberg’s entire campaign is dismantling Obamacare and now that his mission has shutdown the government, he’s gone into hiding.”

Bill Evans, Greenberg\’s campaign manager, said the Republican candidate would have voted for every continuing resolution to open the government put forward in the House since the shutdown began.

\”Mark has said at several events that real leadership of any party would not have let this, or any other similar situation get to the point of crisis,\’\’ Evans said. \”The sequestration, [government] shutdown, and the upcoming debt ceiling issues have been known about for some time. To wait until the 11th hour to even begin a conversation (or not begin one) is a recipe for disaster and why regular people have such a low opinion of DC.\”

The DCCC\’s \”rant,\’\’ Evans said, \”is a prime example of why Washington is broken.\”


Officials Outraged About 7,000 Veterans Furloughs; 56 Regional Offices Closed

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Officials were outraged Tuesday that the partial government shutdown has prompted the national veterans administration to furlough 7,000 workers.

As a result, benefits such as vocational and educational counseling, outreach activities and upgrading an electronic benefits management system will be suspended until the federal shutdown ends.

At the same time, veterans are still receiving their pension, employment, and other benefits, but U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal is concerned that money might dry up if the shutdown continues through the end of the month.

“This self-inflicted, unnecessary shutdown is causing real harm to real people, including countless veterans who risked their lives in service to our country,’’ Blumenthal said in a statement. “In continuing this reckless shutdown, the House GOP is turning its back on brave men and women who have already been subjected to unconscionable delays in receiving critical, hard-earned benefits. This important work should be expedited and prioritized, not held hostage or used as a bargaining chip in disingenuous piecemeal proposals. I am calling on Speaker of the House John Boehner to let the House vote on a clean continuing resolution and to reopen the entire government immediately.” Continue reading

Esty\’s 2014 War Chest Grows

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Freshman U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty raised more than a quarter million dollars in the second quarter of 2013, bringing the 5th District Democrat\’s total campaign balance to nearly $400,000, according to her latest filing with the Federal Election Commission.


Fueled by contributions from political action committees and donors from outside the district, the Democrat\’s war chest dwarfs that of her chief Republican opponent, Mark Greenberg, who received about $60,000 in contributions in that same three-month span. Greenberg also loaned his campaign $35,000. A third contender for the seat, Sal Stephen Ross Lilienthal, did not submit a report.

Up for reelection in 2014, Esty brought in $289,385 during the filing period, which covered the months of April, May and June. Continue reading

Former House Speaker Chris Donovan Still Not Talking About Race Vs. AFL-CIO\’s John Olsen

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Former House Speaker Chris Donovan has avoided speaking about his potential race against longtime AFL-CIO president John Olsen.

Olsen has held the state\’s top labor post since 1988, but Donovan\’s supporters are pushing to have him replace Olsen, who turns 63 in March. Olsen says he has not yet decided on whether he will seek another term, which expires in September.

Donovan refused to return three telephone calls from Capitol Watch, and he has avoided reporters multiple times since his campaign manager and finance director were arrested last year in a political fundraising scandal before Donovan lost the Democratic Congressional primary to Cheshire\’s Elizabeth Esty. Donovan has not been charged in the investigation, which is still continuing.

But Donovan showed up in person this week at The Russian Lady nightclub in New Haven for the announcement that longtime mayor John DeStefano will not be seeking reelection after 20 years in office.

When asked if he wanted to speak about his race with Olsen, Donovan replied, \”Nah.\’\’

When asked again, he declined to comment. Continue reading

Two Cheshire Residents: New Look D.C. Delegation As Murphy, Esty Sworn In

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The small town of Cheshire has fewer than 30,000 residents, but the community was standing tall Thursday when two residents stepped forward into major political positions in Washington, D.C.  Democrat Christopher Murphy joined the U.S. Senate and former town council member Elizabeth Esty joined the U.S. House of Representatives on her first day as a member of Congress.


Both Murphy and Esty won hard-fought primaries and general elections this past year, and they represent the new faces of the seven-member Connecticut delegation.

The best part of the day, Murphy said, came during a ceremonial swearing in that was held with families after the traditional swearing-in on the U.S. Senate floor. Murphy\’s immediate family had gathered, including his wife, two sons, nieces and nephews for the private ceremony with the vice president.

\”Biden said to raise my right hand, and my one-year-old raised his hand,\’\’ Murphy said of his son, Rider. \”It was so disarming that Biden stopped the oath halfway through because he was laughing so hard.’’ Continue reading

House Speaker Boehner Raises Money For Roraback In Tight Race With Esty

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Sensing a chance to pick up a Republican seat in a Democratic state, U.S. House Speaker John Boehner came to Hartford Tuesday to raise money for Republican Andrew Roraback in a tight battle for Congress.

Roraback is locked in a struggle with Democrat Elizabeth Esty in a sprawling, 41-town district that stretches from Simsbury to Meriden to Danbury to Salisbury. The seat has switched back and forth through the years in the swing district with Democrat Christopher Murphy of Cheshire carrying the district after longtime Republican Nancy Johnson of New Britain won it following redistricting.

Boehner declined to speak to reporters Tuesday, but his spokesman said that he would not have traveled to Hartford if he did not think the race was winnable for Republicans.

\”The Speaker\’s visit here in the final 30 days of the campaign does speak to the competitiveness of this race, and the importance of electing Andrew Roraback – and other candidates like him – who will fight to help create a better environment for jobs growth,\’\’ said spokesman Cory Fritz.

More than 80 people attended the luncheon fundraiser at the private Hartford Club with a maximum contribution of $2,500, including executives from major corporations like Aetna, Travelers, United Technologies Corp. and The Hartford. The campaign raised more than $50,000 from the event.

Boehner has been traveling around the country to help Republican candidates, and his latest swing covered New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. That included a breakfast fundraiser Tuesday for Richard Tisei, an openly gay Republican in Massachusetts whom Roraback says has a solid shot at winning. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: House Speaker Boehner To Raise Money For Roraback Tuesday In Hartford

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U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, one of the most powerful leaders in the country, will come to Hartford next week to raise money for Republican Congressional candidate Andrew Roraback.

The two Republicans will appear at a luncheon fundraiser at the Hartford Club on Tuesday with a maximum contribution of $2,500 per person. Roraback said Wednesday night that he did not know how much money would be raised in an event where word is still spreading and responses are still coming in.

\”The speaker is coming to Hartford to help me raise the money I need to compete in this race,\’\’ Roraback told Capitol Watch. \”My opponent has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in help from the DCCC because this race has the attention of a lot of people.\’\’

Boehner\’s appearance clearly shows that national Republicans are seriously watching the battle between Roraback and Democrat Elizabeth Esty, a former state legislator who won a three-way Democratic primary in August to gain her party\’s nomination.  Republicans are trying to win back the seat that they had held until 2006 when longtime incumbent Republican Nancy Johnson of New Britain was defeated by Democratic challenger Chris Murphy of Cheshire in a sprawling district that stretches from Simsbury to Danbury to Salisbury.

\”The Speaker is not in the business of spending his time unwisely, and he offered help, and we said, \’Thank you,\’ \’\’ Roraback said in an interview. \”I\’m excited to introduce him to Connecticut to begin to enlist his support for helping to solve Connecticut\’s problems.\’\’ Continue reading

Democrat Elizabeth Esty Has Raised More than $2.1 Million For Campaign; 650K in 3rd Quarter

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With her best fundraising quarter yet, Democrat Elizabeth Esty has now raised more than $2.1 million for her Congressional campaign.

The third-quarter numbers closed on Sunday night, and Esty announced Monday that she had raised more than $650,000 in July, August, and September. That includes money that was collected in July before the primary against Democrats Christopher Donovan and Dan Roberti on August 14.

Esty, a former one-term state legislator, is facing Republican Andrew Roraback, who has served in the state legislature for 18 years. Continue reading