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A New Name in Secretary of the State\’s Race

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Fifteen years ago, as a student at UConn, Michael McDonald interned in the secretary of the state\’s office.

Now McDonald, a Republican from Windsor, is running for the seat. McDonald filed papers recently with the State Elections Enforcement Commission. He joins attorney Peter Lumaj, a fellow Republican who entered the secretary of the state\’s race several months ago. Democratic incumbent Denise Merrill also announced she was seeking reelection to a second term.

McDonald, who is 36, served on both the board of education and the town council in Windsor. He is a member of the Republican State Central Committee and made an unsuccessful run for Congress in Connecticut\’s 1st District in 2012.

McDonald said Friday that he is running to bring change to the secretary of the state\’s office. \”Our elections are getting hijacked by special interest,\’\’ he said.

As the president of a security firm, McDonald said he would also bring a business perspective to the office, which is responsible for chartering corporations and registering trademarks.

McDonald interned in the office in 1998, when Miles Rapoport served as secretary of the state. He said he performed a number of tasks, including representing the office at youth awards ceremonies. The internship was just about getting coffee, he said.



Merrill to Seek Reelection

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Secretary of the State Denise Merrill is running for reelection. It was a low-key announcement, made via press release Wednesday morning, although Merrill later came up to the state Capitol pressroom to brief reporters on her plans in person.

\”I am very proud of the work I have accomplished thus far to modernize and improve the Secretary of the State’s office,” Merrill, a Democrat, said in the release. “In just three short years, we have worked to shore up the integrity of our elections, modernize voting for all Connecticut citizens, and expand voting rights to increase participation in democracy.  We have also greatly improved business services, better utilizing technology to improve responsiveness, efficiency and transparency.

“While we’ve seen substantial results, there is more important work ahead.  I would like to complete the expansion of online business services and continue modernizing our election process.  I also want to find more ways to increase civic engagement among all citizens, so people feel a sense of ownership of their government.  And, I want more and better civic education in our schools, an issue I have championed for many years,” Merrill said.

Attention Voters: Check Out Your Ballot

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Ballots for the Nov. 5 election for all cities and towns may now be viewed online, courtesy of the Secretary of the State.

Click here and see your town or city\’s ballot.

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, meanwhile, urged voters to check out her website and see who is on the ballot:

I want to remind the voters of Connecticut that Election Day is around the corner in your town or city, so now is the time to find out with what offices and candidates are on the ballot. Many important decisions concerning town budgets and schools are going to be made in your community based on who wins the elections on November 5th.


Well I Think I\’m Registered To Vote …

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It\’s primary day in Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford and 20 other municipalities.

“It is very important to go out and vote today, because local government is where critical decisions are made regarding local schools, roads, the environment and in general the future of our communities,” said Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, Connecticut’s chief elections official.  “These primaries will choose Democratic and Republican general election candidates for November, and we have some very interesting races at the municipal level this year.  We have our phone and email hotline up and running should any voter encounter a problem at the polls.  Make sure your voice is heard and that you exercise your right to choose the future leaders of your community.”

Click HERE to see if you are registered.



Primary Day On Tuesday

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Yes, there is voting on Sept. 10. Here\’s a breakdown from the Secretary of the State\’s office:






First Selectman, Selectman, Police Commission



Common Council Districts 132-1, 132-2, 135-1, 135-2, 135-3, 136-1, 136-2, 136-3, 137-1, 137-2, Board of Education



Town Council

East Haven


Mayor, Town Council Districts 1-5, Bd of Ed, Bd of Finance



Councilman at Large




Town Clerk



First Selectman, Selectman, Town Clerk, Town Treasurer, Board of Finance, Board of Assessment Appeals, P&Z Comm, ZBA Fire Comm, Reg. Bd of Ed-2yr. Vacancy



Board of Education



P & Z Comm



Board of Education

New Haven


Mayor, City Clerk, Alderman districts 2, 4, 7, 8, 11, 14, 19, 20, 22, 26, 27

North Haven












South Windsor


Town Council



Mayor, Council 3



Mayor , Board of Representatives Districts 6, 13







West Haven


Mayor, Treasurer, Tax Collector, Bd of Ed, Bd of Assessment Appeals, Council at Large, Council districts 1-10



First Selectman

Mourning The Death of Democrat Julia Tashjian, Former Secretary of the State

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Politicians around the state are mourning the death of former Secretary of the State Julia H. Tashjian, a well-known figure in state politics in the 1980s.

Tashjian, a Windsor Democrat who served as the state\’s chief elections official for eight years from 1983 until 1991, died of a heart attack Thursday. She would have turned 75 on June 8. Continue reading

Connecticut Senate Gives Final Approval To Constitutional Amendment On Early Voting

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By Daniela Altimari, Hartford Courant

In November of 2014, Connecticut voters will consider amending the state Constitution to eliminate restrictions on early voting and allow greater access to absentee ballots.

The referendum is the result of a joint resolution approved by the state Senate just after 11 p.m. on Wednesday. The 22-14 vote was the last legislative step in the two-year, bicameral process required when the state Constitution is amended. Continue reading

Nearly 80 Percent Of Successful 2012 Candidates Were Publicly Financed, Report Finds

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More than 77 percent of successful candidates in 2012 and all current statewide office holders were publicly financed, a report released Monday found.

Fresh Start: The Impact Of Public Campaign Financing In Connecticut,  was authored by Miles Rapoport, president of left-leaning policy center Demos and former Secretary of the State. In addition to the report, Rapoport and current Secretary of the State Denise Merrill wrote a letter to New York lawmakers, urging them to adopt a public financing system in their state.

Connecticut\’s voluntary public financing system was launched in 2008 as part of the state\’s 2005 legislative response to the corruption scandal of former Gov. John Rowland. Named the \”Connecticut Citizens\’ Election Program,\” the program offers grant money to candidates who raise a certain amount of money through small donations. Continue reading

UConn Seeking Momentum For $2 Billion Next Generation Plan; After $2.3 Billion Allocated

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About 36 hours after the women\’s basketball team won the national championship, University of Connecticut\’s leaders came to the state Capitol on Thursday to tout a proposed major expansion of the university that includes dormitories at the Stamford campus.

They held a press conference to announce growing support for Next Generation Connecticut, a plan pushed by Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy that would spend $2 billion over 10 years in state and university funds to expand programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

UConn provost Mun Choi told the crowd in the packed Old Judiciary Room that the university was \”the home of the national women\’s basketball championship.\’\’

He quickly added, \”We\’re not here to talk about basketball or athletics. We\’re here to talk about an investment\’\’ in the university\’s future.

That plan includes increasing the enrollment of the state\’s flagship university by one third, expanding the number of engineering graduates by 70 percent, hiring more faculty, new research laboratories, and moving the West Hartford campus to downtown Hartford.

The plan is virtually assured of approval because it has the support of Malloy, Senate President Pro Tem Donald Williams, House Speaker J. Brendan Sharkey, and numerous members of the legislature. Continue reading

Democratic Committee Votes To Change Law On Ballot-Line Position After Losing Unanimously At State Supreme Court

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For months last year, state Republicans fought hard to gain the top spot on the election ballot in an expensive legal struggle.

The Connecticut Supreme Court finally ruled in their favor in a unanimous decision and placed Republicans on the top line for last November\’s election.

Now, having lost in court, the Democrats who control the legislature voted Wednesday, on a party line vote at the committee level, to change the law back to their original interpretation. Republicans were outraged.

\"SAS0615V-schoolboard1.jpg\" Continue reading