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Q Poll Gives Malloy Top Marks for Storm Management, Weaker Ratings on Economy, Jobs

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Good on snowstorms, not so good on budgets, the economy and jobs.

That\’s one finding of a new Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday on Gov. Dannel P. Malloy\’s handling of various issues facing the state.

First, the good news for the Democratic governor: 86 percent of voters, including 84 percent of Republicans, approve of the way Malloy is handling this winter\’s snowstorms.

But, according to the poll, Malloy gets weaker grades on economic and budgetary matters. Fifty three percent said they disapprove of the way Malloy is handling the budget, and 63 percent disapprove of the way he is handling taxes.

Almost two-thirds of voters — roughly 60 percent — disapprove of the way Malloy is handling jobs and the economy; 33 percent approve.

Malloy\’s plan to use a portion f the state\’s budget surplus to give state taxpayers a $55 tax refund was branded as a \”political gimmick\” by 63 percent of respondents. Twenty three percent called it \”good public policy.\”

About a third of voters said Malloy\’s economic policies have hurt their personal financial situation while just 6 percent said they have helped — and 57 percent said they have made no difference.

On Malloy\’s education policy, respondents were split: 41 percent approve of his handling of education and 43 percent disapprove, according to the poll.

In an open-ended question, allowing for any answer, 36 percent of voters say the economy and jobs should be the priority for Malloy and the legislature while 14 percent said it should be taxes and 11 percent, education.

Asked to assess the state of Connecticut\’s economy, nearly 75 percent rated it as \”not so good\” or \”poor.\” Just 24 percent rated it \”good.\”

The poll also asked about keno, a bingo-like gambling product for bars and restaurants that state lawmakers approved last year and are poised to repeal this year. Sixty-five percent of respondents said they do not think the game should be permitted while 29 percent support it.




Gambling Competition: No Reason To Despair?

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A southeastern Connecticut business leader, Tony Sheridan, says the state\’s two casinos will overcome new competition:

\"casinoAlthough we must remain vigilant, there is no reason to despair. Economic recovery and job growth is slowly occurring in our region and indeed the entire state. During the late 1980s and the 1990s, there is no doubt that the Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribes provided a much-needed economic boost when they built two of the world\’s largest and most successful casinos.

… Consider other initiatives the Mohegans are making. Internet gaming is a challenge that can\’t be ignored. New technologies are making unregulated on-line gambling more accessible than ever before. In response, the Mohegan tribe is working with Congress to develop regulations that would protect consumers. There also is opportunity here.

The reason the casinos are so successful is that they had a monopoly on gambling in the Northeast. That monopoly is ending.


One-Two Killer Casino Punch

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It\’s a done deal that there will be a casino north of the border in Massachusetts, but another looming threat to Connecticut\’s golden gambling goose is the vote in New York tomorrow. Voters will be asked to approve a constitutional amendment allowing up to 7 New York casinos.


Keno, Everywhere

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\"kenoThe game critics call highly-addictive will soon be available in convenience stores, bars and restaurants everywhere.

Read Daniela Altimari\’s story on the coming roll-out of keno gambling:

The contract approved by the board calls for the addition of up to 600 new retailers, such as bars and restaurants. Keno would also be available in some of the lottery\’s roughly 2,800 current retailers.

AG Jepsen: New Rules Could Mean More Tribes

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\"jepsen\"In formal comments submitted to the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, Attorney General George Jepsen has warned that changing tribal recognition rules might well mean as many as three new tribes in the state.

The BIA is considering a draft proposal — which could lead to proposed new rules — that would allow for tribes from Connecticut previously denied federal recognition to re-apply. Jepsen said that simply having a state reservation could be a ticket to federal recognition. Federally-recognized tribes may operate gambling casinos as an economic development tool.

In his comments to the BIA, Jepsen said, in part:

A new “expedited favorable finding” process would allow groups to satisfy the community and political authority criteria by simply showing that a state reservation was maintained for the group since 1934. This is uniquely significant for Connecticut. This change could effectively reverse prior decisions denying recognition to the Eastern Pequot, Schaghticoke and possibly the Golden Hill Paugussett petitioners, contradicting findings in previous recognition decisions that determined that the maintenance of state reservations itself offered no evidence of community or political authority.
“The continuous existence as a distinct community and the continuous exercise of political influence or authority within the group are central to the decision to acknowledge an Indian tribe and to place them in a government-to-government relationship with the federal government,” the Attorney General wrote. “These two core criteria are derived from a long line of judicial precedent that emphasizes both community and political authority as essential attributes to the existence of a tribal sovereign entity.”

John McKinney: Pull the Plug Now on Keno Gambling; \”Keno is a bad idea.\’\’

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Senate Republican leader John McKinney is calling for the Democratic-controlled legislature to reverse course and drop any plans for legalizing electronic keno gambling.

McKinney, who is seeking his party\’s nomination to run for governor against Democrat Dannel P. Malloy, said that bailing out now would be easier because the state-sanctioned games have not yet started. Keno could be available in as many as 1,000 restaurants, bars, and convenience stores next spring.

\”As an opponent of keno, the best thing to do right now is for the governor and the Democrats to admit a mistake and put an end to it,\’\’ McKinney told Capitol Watch. \”Absolutely, they should pull the plug. They ought to pull the plug, stop keno, and move forward.\’\’

Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers have complained this week that they have not received any information from the quasi-public Connecticut Lottery Corporation or the Malloy administration about the progress toward starting the keno games.

The state budget, passed by the legislature in early June, calls for the Malloy administration to hold negotiations and award 12.5 percent of the keno revenues to the two Indian tribes that operate casinos in southeastern Connecticut. Lawmakers have been concerned for years that the tribes would sue if keno was approved by the state. The big question is whether keno is a lottery game, which would be controlled by the state, or a casino game, which the tribes contend. Continue reading

Malloy: More Tribes \’Devastating\’ To State

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In a letter sent this week to Sec. of Interior Sally Jewell, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says that changing federal recognition rules for Indian tribes could lead to \”additional mega-casinos\” in Connecticut. Malloy was writing in response to news that the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which is part of Interior, is considering revisions to federal tribal recognition rules that could make it easier for tribes that have reservations in Connecticut.

Read the letter:


Keno Could Have As Many As 1,000 CT Outlets Next Year; Lottery CEO Anne Noble Not Talking About Keno

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Connecticut could have as many as 1,000 locations around the state next year for the controversial gambling game of keno, but legislators said Tuesday that they have no details on when or where the games might begin.

Keno could be available in new locations in bars, restaurants, and taverns, as well as convenience stores that already sell lottery tickets.

Legislators and the general public have been kept in the dark as the quasi-public Connecticut Lottery Corporation has been discussing the creation of the game behind closed doors.

A recent lottery board meeting in Rocky Hill was closed for a keno discussion in executive session, and the board members did not discuss the matter when the meeting was reopened to the public. The lottery president and chief executive officer, Anne M. Noble, declined to talk after the meeting ended, and she walked away from a Courant reporter when asked about the status of keno.

With the lack of details about keno, some legislators are now raising questions.
House Republican leader Larry Cafero, one of the highest-ranking lawmakers in Hartford, said he believes that the state will eventually abandon plans for keno because the game has been widely criticized through the years by both Republicans and Democrats as an unnecessary expansion of gambling.

“It’s pretty sad when legislators, especially legislative leaders, cannot tell you one bit of news on this program,’’ Cafero said Tuesday. “It’s pretty telling. My assumption is it’s not serious at all. It was a gimmick to get by the obligation of a balanced budget. If I’m wrong, then we have another problem from this transparent administration that we hear so much about.’’ Continue reading