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April 15 Tax Day: GOP Focuses On Malloy Tax Increase; Dems Talk About Rowland

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On April 15 each year, voters and taxpayers are focused on the federal and state deadlines to get their taxes completed.

The Republican and Democratic parties both released statements Tuesday with a tax theme.

“On this Tax Day, we encourage all Connecticut families to thank Governor Dan Malloy and his record-setting tax increase for the $700 more in taxes they owe this year,” said Republican chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. “Today, we’re all receiving a painful reminder of exactly what Dan Malloy meant when he pledged to take a ‘different path.’ Instead of holding the line on taxes and reigning in out-of-control government spending, Governor Malloy increased government spending and passed the largest tax increase in state history at a time when Connecticut families could least afford it.”

Labriola continued, “In hopes of convincing voters to give him a second term, Governor Malloy has been ignoring the facts as he tours the state armed with Malloy Math and made up “facts” about Connecticut’s economy. But Connecticut voters know the truth. The reality is that Dan Malloy’s record-setting tax hikes and irresponsible spending increases have driven us further into debt and given Connecticut the worst economy in the nation.”

In response to Labriola’s comments about Malloy, Democratic Party chairwoman Nancy DiNardo focused much of her statement on the past policies of former Gov. John G. Rowland, who left office in 2004. 

“The GOP gubernatorial candidates’ tax plans are like fairy tales: fun to read, but not believable,” DiNardo said. “Nearly all of them are saying some variation of the same thing: they’ll cut taxes by more than $1.5 billion. That reminds me of John Rowland, who ran in 1994 on a promise to eliminate the income tax. We all know how that turned out.”

DiNardo continued, “Seems they’re not quite done with John Rowland yet, since all of them are trying to be just like him. Either their ‘proposed’ cuts won’t happen, or if they do, they will attempt to balance the budget by gutting funding for essential programs like education, or by laying off tens of thousands of state employees. There simply aren’t many places in the state budget where you can cut $1.5 billion.”

CT GOP Reports Big 1st Quarter

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The Connecticut Republican party, whose financial woes generated headlines just a few months ago, is reporting a banner first quarter.


A party spokesman said the GOP raised a record-breaking total of $391,019 in the first three months of 2014, according to its combined state and federal campaign finance filings.

That brings the party\’s cash on hand to about $268,000, a party spokesman said. And that\’s before the biggest Republican party fundraiser of the year, the annual Prescott Bush dinner, which will be held next week.

The Connecticut GOP released a statement from Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, praising state party Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. and his staff.

\”Their record-breaking fundraising success has been nothing short of impressive and has far exceeded anyone\’s expectations,\’\’ Priebus said in the statement. \”Voters know the only way to restore fiscal sanity to Connecticut is by getting rid of Dan Malloy and his failed economic policies — and that\’s a cause they\’re willing to invest in. CTGOP is now in a position to field a strong get-out-the-vote operation to retire Dan Malloy and elect Republicans across the state.  I look forward to our continued partnership with the Connecticut GOP as we work together to make gains in November.”

The Connecticut Republican party has perennially lagged far behind its Democratic counterparts. Late last year, the state GOP\’s money woes were so acute that Labriola decided to forgo a salary for one, two-week pay period. He said at the time that the lost salary, about $2,000, represents his donation to the party.



With No Fanfare, GOP Surprised by “Bizarre” Announcement After Bond Commission

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Without the traditional trappings of being surrounded by family and friends behind the podium, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy abruptly announced Friday that he is running for a second term as governor.

Malloy picked the Legislative Office Building in Hartford for his announcement, which came in response to a reporter\’s question after he had spent more than eight minutes answering questions on the details of the state budget and other issues.

Word started to spread among Capitol reporters that Malloy might be making an announcement Friday morning, but Malloy first covered a series of other issues while talking to reporters. Certain selected reporters had gotten a heads-up with a telephone call to make sure they would be attending the post-bond commission press conference. Others received nothing.

Greenwich Sen. L. Scott Frantz, a member of the Bond Commission who had attended the meeting, said it was a \”bizarre\’\’ way to announce for a second term as governor.

\”I\’m really surprised that he came out after a Bond Commission meeting and announced,\’\’ Frantz said. \”There\’s not a lot of fanfare here. There\’s virtually no on from the public here – no family, no close friends outside of government. … It\’s bizarre.\’\’

On the merits, virtually no one in state government thought that Malloy would not be running.

\”It\’s the worst-kept secret since Gwyneth Paltrow\’s divorce,\’\’ said former state Republican chairman Chris Healy, referring to the well-known actress who recently broke up with her husband, Chris Martin.

Healy and others said the key reason for running now – as cited by Malloy – is Malloy needs to get started on the daunting task of raising $250,000 in maximum amounts of $100 in order to qualify for $6 million in public matching funds. That means getting at least 2,500 individuals to contribute $100 each. If some contribute less than $100, then a candidate needs more than 2,500 people – a very difficult task.

\”He wants to raise the low-dollar money and has probably been told that it will take longer than expected, even for an incumbent governor,\’\’ Healy told Capitol Watch Friday. \”It took him almost a year and a half last time [in the 2010 race for governor], and he wasn\’t sitting as an elected official with a captive audience.\’\’

Regarding Malloy\’s long delay in making an official announcement, Healy said, \”Maybe he\’s tired of the absurdity of denying the question. It\’s probably no more complicated than that.\’\’ Continue reading

Springsteen, State GOP Play Mohegan Sun On Same Day

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\"springsteenWhen the state Republican Party decided last year to hold their convention at the Mohegan Sun, they did it because their costs were cut nearly in half from their last convention in Hartford.

They picked the dates of Friday, May 16 and Saturday, May 17.

But they had no idea that they would be in the same building with Bruce Springsteen, one of the most popular rockers of all time. It was just announced Monday that Springsteen will be playing at the Mohegan Sun Arena on two consecutive nights – \"tomMay 17 and 18.

It looks like it will be a pretty busy weekend in Uncasville as the hotel is booking up very fast with politicians and Springsteen fans.

The GOP will be bringing 1,250 to 1,300 delegates for the annual convention to pick candidates for governor and multiple statewide races. When guests, candidates, and the press are all added in, the crowd could be as many as 2,000 people, said Jerry Labriola, the state party chairman. Continue reading

Jeb Bush Will Speak at GOP Fundraising Dinner

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Connecticut Republicans have lined up a big name to headline their annual Prescott Bush fundraising dinner: Jeb Bush, the grandson of the man for whom the dinner is named.

Jerry Labriola Jr., chairman of the Connecticut Republican party, called Jeb Bush a potential \”tier one presidential candidate in 2016.\”


Bush, the former governor of Florida, has received encouragement from some key Republicans in Washington (though his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, threw cold water on her son\’s ambitions by saying she does not want another Bush in the White House.)

But with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, another potential 2016 candidate, badly hobbled by scandal, some Republicans are eager to see Bush run.

\”Gov. Bush appeals to a broad spectrum of the electorate,\’\’ Labriola said, citing Bush\’s stance on immigration and his education reform agenda. \”If Jeb Bush is our nominee, he\’ll be more than a match for Hillary Clinton.\”

The Prescott Bush dinner, which will be held on April 10 in Stamford, is the state GOP\’s major fundraising event. Two years ago, the party brought in Ann Romney; last year\’s speaker was Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

This year, the party had considered Christie, but ultimately selected Bush.

\”As the son and brother of presidents and a former governor of Florida, he offers a unique perspective on current affairs,\’\’ Labriola said.

Both Bush and Christie have broad appeal beyond the Republican party\’s base, Labriola said. \”These are two candidates who can change the electoral map,\’\’ he said.


Labriola Says GOP Fiscal Woes Easing, But Party Lags Far Behind Democrats

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\"labriola\"State Republican Chairman Jerry Labriola says reports of the party\’s financial doom are greatly exaggerated.

Labriola sent an email to state central committee members about two and a half weeks ago explaining that, because of the party\’s precarious finances, he would forego his salary. But since then, fundraising has picked up, he said, and he now intends to resume cashing his paycheck.

\”I will not be paid for one, two-week period,\’\’ Labriola said. He says the lost salary — about $2,000 — is his donation to the party.

Still, the party has struggled to tap the vast storehouse of potential big-money donors who live in Fairfield County. And it has a long way to go to catch the Connecticut Democratic party, which had $403,706 in its federal campaign account as of Oct. 31, according to finance reports posted on

As of Friday morning, the GOP had $44,268 on hand, Labriola said. Exactly two years ago, on Dec. 6, 2011, the party had just $17,956 on hand, he said.

\”It\’s a cyclical business,\’\’ Labriola said. \”I\’m very pleased with the results of the municipal elections…but the tank gets a little empty afterward.\”

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Scott Brown Will Headline CT GOP Dinner

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Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown will deliver the keynote speech at this year’s Connecticut Republican Chairman’s Dinner on October 2nd in Norwalk.


Brown\’s surprsie win in 2010 energized blue state Republicans. “It is an honor to have Senator Scott Brown keynoting the 2013 Chairman’s Dinner,” said Connecticut GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. “In 2010, Senator Brown inspired us all and shocked the nation as he became the first Republican elected to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts in nearly 40 years.”


GOP\’s Labriola Criticizes Malloy For Out-of-State, Out-of-Country Travel

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The Republican state chairman, Jerry Labriola, is criticizing Gov. Dannel P. Malloy for his travels this weekend to both Vermont and Quebec for conferences, saying Malloy has now made 32 out-of-state trips as governor.

“Dan Malloy might not have an impressive record on the economy, but he certainly has an impressive travel resume,\’\’ Labriola said in a statement. \”While the majority of Connecticut families are working harder and longer than ever to make ends meet, Governor Malloy is jetting off to luxury spas and resorts on the taxpayers’ dime. This latest trip will make 32 out of state trips – five out of country – and over a million dollars in taxpayer-funded costs after just over two years in office.\’\’

Labriola added, “The governor clearly isn’t learning much from his lavish excursions, because despite visiting places like Texas and Virginia – which are seeing real recovery – Malloy continues to drive jobs out of Connecticut with his insatiable thirst for government spending and record-setting tax increases. After his ‘different path’ has led Connecticut’s economy to a dead-last ranking, Dan Malloy faces a very difficult year ahead as he attempts to swindle Connecticut voters into giving him a second term. I don’t blame him for trying to get in some last taxpayer-funded luxury spa vacations while he still can.”

But the state’s Democratic Party chairwoman, Nancy DiNardo, defended Malloy’s travels. Continue reading

Winsley Out of GOP Chairman\’s Race

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Two days before the state Republican party is set to elect a chairman, one of the candidates running has bowed out of the race.

\"wayneWayne Winsley, the motivational speaker and former congressional candidate, announced in an email to members of the party\’s State Central Committee that he was no longer seeking the post and is throwing his support behind current Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. The election is Tuesday night in Bristol.

\”Based on my own due diligence and conversations with Chairman Labriola, I believe that our current Chairman is ready and determined to move forward with a new energy and vigor to address those pressing concerns which necessitated my entry into the chairman race and all of the other challenges ahead, Winsley wrote. \”I look forward to working hand-in-hand with our Chairman and the state Central Committee.\”

In addition to Labriola, tea party activistRon Wilcox is running. Former party Chairman Chris Healy was being urged to consider a run but tonight he tweeted that he is opting out. \”Grateful 4 interest, support from CTGOP activist to serve Party. Humbled, grateful but not running for chairman. Ready to help in other ways,\’\’ @ChairmanChris wrote.

The full text of Winsley\’s email is after the jump.

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