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Modern Political Ads: Tense, Sad, Negative, Male

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From Middletown, the wonks at the Wesleyan Media Project are out with some interesting (if tardy) campaign analysis.

A few tidbits:

– advertising in 2012 was negative and downright depressing. Looking just at advertising in the presidential general election, we find that 64 percent of ads were attack ads – ones that only mentioned an opponent. A mere 14 percent were positive – solely mentioning the sponsor – while the remainder of the ads were contrast (comparative) ads. The dominant emotion was anger, with fully 74 percent of ad airings making some appeal to anger. Our coders described the music in 52 percent of the ads as ominous or tense, while 34 percent of ads featured sorrowful or sad music. Only 23 percent of ads used uplifting music.

– Men\’s voices predominated. Of the ads that featured a voiceover, 62 percent of the time the voice was a man\’s. A woman\’s voice was featured 32 percent of the time, and both a man and woman did voiceovers in the remaining 7 percent of ads.

More here.


Greenwich GOP Fundraiser Supporting Joseph Kennedy III For Barney Frank\’s Seat

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Greenwich fundraiser Len Tannenbaum made a splash earlier this year with a high-profile fundraiser at his home that attracted NBA basketball star Grant Hill and Republican political candidates from U.S. Senate aspirant Linda McMahon to state Senate contender Chris Coutu.

A registered Republican, Tannenbaum stressed bipartisanship in the creation of a federal political action committee. While supporting Republican candidates in his home state, Tannenbaum says he\’s also backing one of the biggest Democratic names in politics – Kennedy. That\’s Joseph Kennedy III, the 31-year-old newcomer who graduated from Harvard Law School and is running in Massachusetts for the seat held by retiring liberal Rep. Barney Frank.

\”Joe is eloquent. He\’s independent-minded,\’\’ Tannenbaum told Capitol Watch in a telephone interview. \”I think he\’s going to win.\’\’ Continue reading

Newsday, New York Daily News, New York Observer Switch Endorsements To Romney

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Three newspapers in New York – The Daily News, The New York Observer, and Long Island\’s Newsday – have all switched their editorial endorsements this year to Republican Mitt Romney after endorsing Democrat Barack Obama in 2008.

\"\"The New York papers are among 46 nationwide that switched from Obama four years ago. Many newspapers, including The Hartford Courant and The New York Times, endorsed Obama this year.

But The Worcester Telegram & Gazette, which is owned by The New York Times Company, endorsed Romney this year after endorsing Obama in 2008.

Among the top 100 circulation newspaper in the United States, 41 endorsed Obama, 35 picked Romney, and 23 did not endorse. The Syracuse Post Standard said \”neither.\’\’ The two largest newspapers in the country – The Wall Street Journal and USA Today – did not endorse either candidate.

While some view New York as a liberal newspaper capital, The Daily News, The New York Post, Newsday and the New York Observer all endorsed Romney. Continue reading

SOTS Merrill: Expect a Deluge of Absentee Ballots

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\"\"Secretary of the State Denise Merrill tells us that she is expecting a flood of absentee ballots because of the storm last week that has forced people from their homes.

\”I would expect that we would have more absentee ballots. Because so many people left town we have an extraordinary number of absentee ballots,\’\’ Merrill said.