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April 15 Tax Day: GOP Focuses On Malloy Tax Increase; Dems Talk About Rowland

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On April 15 each year, voters and taxpayers are focused on the federal and state deadlines to get their taxes completed.

The Republican and Democratic parties both released statements Tuesday with a tax theme.

“On this Tax Day, we encourage all Connecticut families to thank Governor Dan Malloy and his record-setting tax increase for the $700 more in taxes they owe this year,” said Republican chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. “Today, we’re all receiving a painful reminder of exactly what Dan Malloy meant when he pledged to take a ‘different path.’ Instead of holding the line on taxes and reigning in out-of-control government spending, Governor Malloy increased government spending and passed the largest tax increase in state history at a time when Connecticut families could least afford it.”

Labriola continued, “In hopes of convincing voters to give him a second term, Governor Malloy has been ignoring the facts as he tours the state armed with Malloy Math and made up “facts” about Connecticut’s economy. But Connecticut voters know the truth. The reality is that Dan Malloy’s record-setting tax hikes and irresponsible spending increases have driven us further into debt and given Connecticut the worst economy in the nation.”

In response to Labriola’s comments about Malloy, Democratic Party chairwoman Nancy DiNardo focused much of her statement on the past policies of former Gov. John G. Rowland, who left office in 2004. 

“The GOP gubernatorial candidates’ tax plans are like fairy tales: fun to read, but not believable,” DiNardo said. “Nearly all of them are saying some variation of the same thing: they’ll cut taxes by more than $1.5 billion. That reminds me of John Rowland, who ran in 1994 on a promise to eliminate the income tax. We all know how that turned out.”

DiNardo continued, “Seems they’re not quite done with John Rowland yet, since all of them are trying to be just like him. Either their ‘proposed’ cuts won’t happen, or if they do, they will attempt to balance the budget by gutting funding for essential programs like education, or by laying off tens of thousands of state employees. There simply aren’t many places in the state budget where you can cut $1.5 billion.”

CT Mourns Passing of Lou Rell, Husband of Former Governor Jodi Rell

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Lawmakers and state officials are mourning the death of Louis R. Rell, the retired airline pilot and husband of former Gov. M. Jodi Rell for more than 45 years. He was 73.

Rell was an unassuming, low-key supporter of his wife who largely stayed out of the public spotlight during her 6 1/2 years as governor. But behind the scenes, Mr. Rell was a sharp student of politics who understood the nuances of the political game in the state of Connecticut.

Rell had surgery in November 2007 to remove a small, cancerous growth on his esophagus.

Rell had been diagnosed with Barrett\’s Disease – a chronic reflux disease characterized by inflammation of the esophagus. After a hospital stay, he returned to his Brookfield home and later started making regular appearances at the governor\’s mansion and other locations as his health was restored.

\”Healthwise, he\’s great,\’\’ the governor told reporters after the surgery more than six years ago. \”He gets tired easily. Like most men, he thinks when you say, \’take it easy, rest,\’ that that doesn\’t apply to him.\’\’

Rell had the same cancer and surgery as former House Speaker James Amann – leading to detailed conversations between the two about the disease and a variety of issues.

State Republican chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. said, “As a pilot in the U.S. Navy and as Connecticut’s first spouse, Lou’s life was dedicated to the support of others. He served our state and our nation with a silent humility that commanded the admiration of all who met him. His humor and his charm will be greatly missed.\’\’

He added, “Lou Rell\’s service to our state, our nation, and our party will not soon be forgotten.\’\’

Labriola\’s counterpart, state Democratic chairwoman Nancy DiNardo, described Rell as \”a great man who served his state and his country.” Continue reading

Tom Foley Reiterates Four Allegations Against Malloy Administration; Issues Another Statement Tuesday

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Republican gubernatorial aspirant Tom Foley is not backing off from the controversial allegations he launched on Sunday during a television news interview.

\"tomGov. Dannel P. Malloy and his supporters have repeatedly denied the allegations since they were made, but Foley says the denials have not been specific. Foley, who lost to Malloy in 2010 in Connecticut\’s closest race for governor in more than 50 years, has declined to reveal the names of any of the sources of his allegations.

Less than 45 minutes after Foley released his latest statement, state Democratic Party chairwoman Nancy DiNardo called once again for Foley to release the records for two times that he was arrested in 1981 and 1993. The charges were dropped in both cases, and Foley describes them as decades-old, minor incidents.

Since then, Foley was confirmed as the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland in 2006 and as a high-level administrator as director of private sector development for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq in 2003 during the administration of President George W. Bush.

\”There are no unreleased records,\’\’ Foley said in an interview. \”This has already been fully vetted.\’\’ Continue reading

GOP\’s Labriola Criticizes Malloy For Out-of-State, Out-of-Country Travel

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The Republican state chairman, Jerry Labriola, is criticizing Gov. Dannel P. Malloy for his travels this weekend to both Vermont and Quebec for conferences, saying Malloy has now made 32 out-of-state trips as governor.

“Dan Malloy might not have an impressive record on the economy, but he certainly has an impressive travel resume,\’\’ Labriola said in a statement. \”While the majority of Connecticut families are working harder and longer than ever to make ends meet, Governor Malloy is jetting off to luxury spas and resorts on the taxpayers’ dime. This latest trip will make 32 out of state trips – five out of country – and over a million dollars in taxpayer-funded costs after just over two years in office.\’\’

Labriola added, “The governor clearly isn’t learning much from his lavish excursions, because despite visiting places like Texas and Virginia – which are seeing real recovery – Malloy continues to drive jobs out of Connecticut with his insatiable thirst for government spending and record-setting tax increases. After his ‘different path’ has led Connecticut’s economy to a dead-last ranking, Dan Malloy faces a very difficult year ahead as he attempts to swindle Connecticut voters into giving him a second term. I don’t blame him for trying to get in some last taxpayer-funded luxury spa vacations while he still can.”

But the state’s Democratic Party chairwoman, Nancy DiNardo, defended Malloy’s travels. Continue reading

Dems Attack Boughton on the Eve of His Announcement

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Republican Mark Boughton isn\’t even officially in the governor\’s race yet but the Connecticut Democratic party is already attacking him.


On the eve of the Danbury mayor\’s announcement, state Democratic Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo called Boughton \”out-of-touch with Connecticut\’s middle class.\”


\”Mr. Boughton is strikingly similar to his fellow Republican candidates, Sen. McKinney and Tom Foley, when it comes to opposing issues that matter to the vast majority of people in Connecticut,\’\’ DiNardo said in a statement issued Tuesday night. \”To name just two examples, Mr. Boughton is steadfastly against a modest increase in the state\’s minimum wage, an increase that will benefit Connecticut\’s hard-working families…And somewhat surprisingly, he’s against a woman’s right to choose.\”

Latest Q Poll: GOP\’s Tom Foley Leads Gov. Malloy By 43 Percent To 40 Percent in 2014 Rematch; Q Poll Calls Him \’Mid-40s Malloy\’

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Republican gubernatorial challenger Tom Foley leads incumbent Gov. Dannel P. Malloy by 43 percent to 40 percent in the latest Quinnipiac Poll released on Wednesday morning as the two rivals prepare for a rematch.

Foley, a Greenwich millionaire and prominent Republican fundraiser who served as the U.S. ambassador to Ireland, narrowly lost to Malloy in 2010 in the closest gubernatorial election in Connecticut in more than 50 years. Foley won 128 cities and towns, while Malloy won 41, including large cities like Bridgeport that proved to be the margin of victory.

Foley has repeatedly said that he is seeking a rematch in November 2014, which is 17 months away. Polls can vary widely as the election approaches, and politicians routinely say that early polls are simply a snapshot in time.

In other matters, voters surveyed by Hamden-based Quinnipiac are opposed to the approved proposal for legalizing keno gambling in the same way that they have been opposed in the past. Keno was included in the state budget at the last minute recently with no public hearing, and it was approved by the Democratic-controlled legislature in a two-year budget that was written with Malloy\’s negotiators. Democrats blasted two similar proposals by Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell in 2009 and 2010, and a previous poll by Quinnipiac at that time showed that 70 percent of voters were opposed.

The poll also shows that voters favor the state\’s new gun-control laws, which were signed into law by Malloy following the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The approval of those laws was 57 percent to 37 percent.

Dr. Douglas Schwartz, the poll\’s longtime director, says that Malloy gets a \”lukewarm job approval rating\’\’ that has continued from the past.

“Since he has been governor, he has struggled with tepid job approval ratings, never rising above 50 percent,\’\’ Schwartz said. \”So it is not surprising that in our first poll on the 2014 gubernatorial election, ‘Mid-40s Malloy’ runs neck and neck with his 2010 opponent, Tom Foley.  Foley gave him a run for his money in 2010, losing by less than one percentage point.”

In a potential Republican primary, Foley leads all of his potential challengers – largely because his name recognition is high after his narrow defeat to Malloy in 2010. Continue reading

DiNardo Asks CT Dems to Help Ed Markey

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Connecticut Democratic Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo is asking party members in her state to help out a friend to the north.

\”In Massachusetts, there is a special election happening on June 25th to fill John Kerry\’s former Senate seat. While the race is taking place in Massachusetts the results will be felt, for better or for worse, across the country,\’\’ DiNardo said in an email blast to Democrats. She is asking them to make phone calls as well as travel to the Bay State to canvas in person.


Battle of the Budget

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The rhetorical battle over the state budget continued on Wednesday with the leaders of both political parties weighing in.

Republican Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. fired the first volley, which came in response to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy\’s remark that Republicans were “a bunch of people trying to score cheap political points.\”

“There are several points — none of them cheap — to make about Governor Malloy’s hypocritical comment regarding his decision to break the Constitutionally-mandated State Spending Cap in order to spend an additional $500 million in taxpayer dollars,\’\’ Labriola said in a statement. Continue reading

Tom Foley Doesn\’t Want To Talk About Guns; Instead Wants To Talk on Conflicts of Interest

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Tom Foley is tired of talking about guns.

The former Republican gubernatorial nominee made it clear Tuesday, after holding a press conference at the state Capitol complex, that he prefers talking about issues like the conflicts of interest by state legislators in their outside employment.

\”If I were governor, the gun bill would have been very different,\’\’ Foley told Capitol Watch. \”This case [in Newtown], the Aurora case, the Gabrielle Giffords case were all mental health cases, and I don\’t think there\’s nearly enough in the bill on mental health issues that lead to violence. There\’s no availability of institutionalization for a lot of mentally ill people, and families have a serious challenge. I have mental illness in my family. It\’s been a real challenge trying to find institutional support for family members who need it.\’\’ Continue reading

Obama Comes To Connecticut: Pictures From Reporters

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Here, Sandy Hook families, including Nicole Hockley in the center, arrive with their luggage at the University of Hartford. After President Obama\’s speech, they traveled with him back to Washington aboard Air Force One to lobby members of Congress for gun control.\"sandy\"president\"president