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Holder-Winfield With a Big Win

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State Rep. Gary Holder-Winfield is moving to the legislature\’s upper chamber.

The New Haven Democrat handily won election to the state Senate Tuesday, beating Republican Steven Mullins of West Haven in the 10th District.


\”I\’m very pleased with the results,\’\’ Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney said shortly after the votes were tallied. According to unofficial numbers, Holder-Winfield took 77 percent of the vote, Looney said.

\”Gary will be a strong and able voice for urban Connecticut,\’\’ added Looney, a fellow New Haven Democrat. \”He does have big shoes to fill.\”

Holder-Winfield will fill the vacancy created when then-state Sen. Toni Harp was elected New Haven mayor. Holder-Winfield was initially a candidate for mayor, but when Harp got into the race, he got out.

Nancy DiNardo, chairwoman of the Connecticut Democratic party, called Holder-Winfield a \”dedicated, smart public servant\” and noted his commitment to social justice issues.

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Hartford, New Haven Among Top Cities for LGBT Equality

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Hartford and New Haven were among the top cities for LGBT people to live and work.

That\’s according to a new report by the Human Rights Campaign, the nation\’s largest gay civil rights group.

HRC\’s Municipal Equality Index looked at a number of criteria when determining a city\’s rating. New Haven achieved a perfect 100 percent score, based on its non-discrimination laws, relationship with the LGBT community and the strength of municipal services (it has both a human rights commission and a LGBT liaison in the mayor\’s office.)

Hartford earned a 92 percent score, though the city was awarded seven \”bonus points\” for its openly gay municipal leaders (including Mayor Pedro Segarra) and the services it provides to vulnerable parts of the LGBT community.

Hartford\’s weak point was law-enforcement, according to the survey. The city lost points because the police department does not have an LGBT liaison or task force.

Still, both Hartford and New Haven outpolled the two other Connecticut municipalities on the list: Bridgeport and Storrs (Mansfield.) Bridgeport received a score of 61, and Storrs received a 58.

h/t Meghan Freed and the Connecticut LGBT Law Project

Arrrgh! Pirates At New Haven Mayoral Debate

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A couple of pirates showed up at the New Haven mayoral debate Tuesday night between state Sen. Toni Harp and Justin Elicker … perhaps to remind people about a particular candidate whose family hasn\’t paid all their taxes?

Harp is the Democratic nominee while Elicker is a petitioning candidate in the Nov. 5 election. Harp\’s late husband\’s business owes the state $1.1 million in sales taxes.

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Confirmed: State Will Buy, Operate New Haven Open

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A renamed tennis tournament will be sponsored and run by the state of Connecticut. Initially, the state will be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A source said Thursday that the tournament was on the verge of moving out of state before the Malloy administration stepped in to keep the tennis in New Haven.

The move will certainly bolster Gov. Malloy\’s political base in New Haven, a city that helped put him over the top in 2010. Earlier this week, the Malloy administration rescued state Head Start programs in Bridgeport at a cost of $800,000.

A press call with the Capitol Region Development Authority is scheduled for this afternoon.